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Can Real-Time GPS Tracking Support Business Growth?

Real-time GPS tracking tells businesses where their assets are at all times. It’s generally a crucial aspect of a quality transportation management system (TMS), which aids in managing customer relationships and commitments, checking shipping status and offering visibility into shipping and procurement. When fully integrated with fleet management tools, GPS tracking is one more way you can predict supply and demand needs while servicing customers. Learn what GPS tracking is and how it benefits your business.

What Is Real-Time GPS Tracking? 

GPS tracking uses a network of satellites that orbit the earth to locate an asset. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and was originally developed for military use but is now available for business and personal use.

Asset tracking is an essential element of any transportation or fleet business. The business will know at any given time where an asset is located and can better ensure the safety of that asset and the team in charge of it.

Office staff can review a map showing GPS locations for all assets at any given time. This feature can also aid in rerouting from a road closure or other unexpected delays. If the truck experiences a mechanical breakdown, the office team can send a maintenance crew to the truck’s exact location with incredible ease and speed.

6 Ways Integrating GPS Tracking Can Grow Your Business

Real-time location tracking for transportation businesses can aid in growing the business in several ways. Here’s a look at the many benefits vehicle trackers offer.

Reducing Fuel Costs

High fuel costs are a challenge that all transportation businesses are constantly facing and seeking solutions for. While you’ll never eliminate the expense, GPS asset tracking can offer insights into ways to reduce fuel consumption.

For example, some systems can notify the driver when the vehicle has been idling too long as a reminder to turn it off. GPS can also tell managers where the driver is purchasing fuel so that the office staff can guide the driver to an area with better prices. GPS history also offers valuable information about effective routes for the best fuel optimization to avoid routes that cost the company more money.

Tracking Assets

The most important role of GPS tracking in your business is to protect company assets in case the truck is stolen. Your company will have real-time data about where the stolen truck is to recover it in case an unfortunate incident takes place.

You can prevent illegal activity by reviewing where a truck is and if it goes off its expected route. It allows you to watch for unsafe areas and alert the driver to a new route to get them out of the unsafe area.

Promoting Safety 

With the help of telematics, GPS trackers can also offer insights into a driver’s behavior. This feature allows managers to coach the drivers toward safer behaviors to reduce speeding, erratic driving or hard braking.

By collecting the data, you have tangible information to share with the driver as you coach them toward improvements. Having driver safety data offers your business peace of mind and data into the safety of company assets and employees.

Increased Productivity

GPS tracking offers clear insights into when a truck will arrive to prepare for unloading and reloading it. That way, you have a dock and workers ready to receive the goods and get the truck back on the road for the best productivity.

When GPS tracking integrates with other software, you’ll also have a full view of your company’s productivity to make adjustments where necessary to improve and grow.

Specific asset locations can also speed up the process of getting roadside assistance to a driver to get the vehicle back on the road quickly to reduce downtime.

Reduced Operational Costs

Vehicle maintenance is another large expense category transportation companies face. GPS trackers can help monitor and report vehicle data, such as odometer readings to ensure your team completes preventative maintenance before the truck goes on the road.

Plus, you’ll get efficient route data and insights into an asset’s performance when completing a load to maximize the use of an asset and ensure the best truck is on the road for efficiency purposes.

You can also reduce unnecessary mileage or mileage when a driver is using a company truck for personal purposes. This feature will further reduce expenses and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers can also see valuable data when you use GPS tracking on your trucks and assets. When your company runs more efficiently, it gets products to customers faster, which improves customer satisfaction and retention. 

But it also helps the customer plan when they can see regular updates on the location of their goods. It’s a form of seamless communication without requiring your drivers or office staff to call or message the customer with updates.

Asset Tracking for Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Asset tracking can optimize several areas of your business, including some of the most expensive aspects of fuel costs and maintenance. But it also helps reduce customer turnover because customers can see where their goods are at any point and prepare for changes or adjustments in delivery timeframes.


Why is real-time tracking important?

Real-time tracking is important because it speeds response times, improves productivity and increases customer satisfaction.

Does time tracking improve productivity?

Time tracking for your employees can improve accountability and productivity.

What are the types of GPS tracking?

When looking at GPS tracking devices, you have three types to choose from: hardwired, plug-in and battery-operated.

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