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How Much Is a Dry Van Trailer?

As an owner-operator or fleet manager, you make major decisions every day. One of those decisions might be whether you should buy or rent a dry van trailer for your business. 

You need to know you’re making the right choice for your operation and budget. The question still begs, how much is a brand-new dry van trailer? Let’s compare some prices and benefits to help you make an informed choice.

What Are Dry Van Trailers Used For?

Depending on the type of freight you haul, a dry van trailer may be the best choice for your hauling needs. A dry van trailer is completely enclosed to protect cargo from the elements. Shippers prefer these trailers for transporting non-perishable products such as: 

  • Household goods
  • Electronics
  • Clothing 
  • Machinery
  • Automotive parts
  • Food and beverages

Dry vans are a secure, affordable, and versatile solution for truckers who haul these types of products. Any product that is not temperature-sensitive can be shipped in a dry van. Any licensed, experienced trucker can drive them.

The most common dry van trailer is 53’ in size. This kind of trailer can carry up to 45,000 pounds of cargo and accommodate up to 26 standard pallets. 

Various Costs of Dry Van Trailers

Price is a primary concern for any company. You need to consider how much you can afford. Also, you should know which trailer aligns with your needs. 

So how much is a brand-new dry van trailer? Let’s compare the costs of new, used, or rented trailers to help you make an informed choice.

Average Cost for Buying a New Dry Van Trailer

The average cost of a new dry van trailer ranges from $30,000 to $60,000. The specifications you choose will determine the final price. 

For example, you can choose a 53’, 48’, or a 28’ straight truck. Each dry van trailers come in a standard width of 8 feet.

Average Cost for Buying a Used Dry Van Trailer

A used 53’ dry van trailer that is less than a year old can range in cost from $23,500 to $27,000 per trailer. However, an older one can be purchased for much less. With an older trailer, you end up paying higher maintenance costs. 

Average Cost for Renting a Dry Van Trailer 

How much does it cost to rent dry van trailers? Renting a dry van trailer can cost as much as $600 to $750 per month for an old trailer. It’ll run about $1,500 a month for a new one, depending on size.

Costs to Consider

If you’re thinking about buying a new or used dry van trailer, the purchase price might be your first concern. But you should also think about other costs that will squeeze your budget later. For example:


How much is a dry van trailer? The price depends on the size and whether the trailer is new or used. You can expect to pay anywhere from $23,000 to $60,000 upfront. 

However, this upfront cost is not the only expense you’ll have. Owning a trailer is a big responsibility and the additional costs, like insurance and maintenance, can add up quickly.


A dry van is basically a big, mobile box, so you wouldn’t expect it to incur many operational costs. However, repairs and maintenance are needed to keep the trailer in top operating condition. 

Components like brake shoes, drums, liners, and adjusters need routine maintenance. Also, wheel bearings must be lubricated regularly to prevent problems.

Preventive repairs and maintenance help you avoid costly breakdowns, and they keep you safer on the road. These expenses run about $1,500 a year. When you’re asking, “How much is a brand-new dry van trailer,” you need to consider these extra costs.


Accidents involving dry van trailers can be costly, especially if the van is fully loaded. Commercial drivers who pull dry van trailers must have coverage while operating the vehicle and trailer. 

However, some trailers aren’t owned by the company transporting them. This means that the company requires dry van trailer insurance. This coverage assures them that their asset is protected while in transport. 

This insurance covers mandatory motor carrier general liability. Depending on your area of operation, driving history, and other variables, you can pay from $6,000 to $10,000 a year for coverage.


Miscellaneous costs can add up quickly, especially those you didn’t count on! About two-thirds of the cost of running a CMV is vehicle-based, including the trailer. These costs can include parts, labor, supplies, tires, tools, and oil. Permits, tolls, fines, and other fees are other costs associated with driving dry van trailers. 

Purchasing vs. Renting

How much is a dry van trailer? It depends on whether you purchase new, find a used one, or rent one. 

A new trailer can be bought for about $30,000 to $60,000. A used 53’ in good shape will cost about $23,000 to $27,000. The average monthly rental is $1,500. 

However, most of the time this does not include maintenance costs. When you partner with KSM Carrier Group, you’ll have access to affordable dry van trailer rental options. For example, you can rent a newer Wabash & Great Dane dry van trailer for $270 per week, including maintenance, as an owner-operator. 

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