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How fleet management software gives you the power of visibility

A lack of visibility represents the single greatest challenge for fleet managers. To effectively carry out their responsibilities, fleet managers must know the status of all of their assets, including trucks, trailers and auxiliary equipment. 

Effectively managing these assets becomes virtually impossible if managers lose sight of them. Manually tracking fleet assets is impractical. Using disjointed technologies is equally as ineffective. 

Fortunately, you can leverage the power of fleet management software to achieve true asset visibility. Keep reading to find out how this is possible.

What is fleet management software? 

Fleet management software is a comprehensive technology solution that includes various tools and features for overseeing fleet assets. This technology suite includes a user-friendly interface through which fleet managers can access valuable data about their assets. 

An all-in-one fleet management solution includes data about the following information:

  • Maintenance schedules
  • Fuel consumption
  • Vehicle locations
  • Driving habits
  • Vehicle performance 
  • Available resources
  • Maintenance and repair expenses

With fleet management software, managers can effortlessly view all of this information from a single platform. They can use the platform to generate reports, review trends and identify cost-savings opportunities.

How does fleet management software work? 

Fleet management softwares offer various technologies and frontline hardware to gather extensive asset data, provide compliance and tracking. Some of the technology includes:

  • Warehouse management software
  • Electronic logging devices (ELDs)
  • GPS vehicle tracking devices
  • Telematics technology

Fleet management solutions use the data gathered from these sources to assist with maintenance procedures. They can also conduct a fuel analysis for each vehicle to identify potential performance issues. 

Additionally, this software provides pinpoint location and operational data about fleet vehicles. Data of this kind can help managers obtain better fleet visibility so that they can allocate resources more effectively.

How to get the power of visibility through fleet management software

Fleet management software includes a robust set of tools, features and capabilities. Modern fleet managers can capitalize on the power of visibility that this technology confers by utilizing assets, examining vehicle usage, integrating telematics, ensuring driver compliance and implementing remote maintenance monitoring. 

Utilizing assets

If fleet managers want to achieve a real return on their investments, it is vital that they use it to monitor asset utilization. This term refers to the number of assets that are actively being used during a given shift.

If asset utilization is low, profitability will suffer. Conversely, if an organization is using nearly 100% of its available assets, it will experience a stronger return on investments in its fleet vehicles and generate greater total profits overall. 

Examining vehicle usage

The GPS tracking capabilities of fleet software allow managers to monitor vehicle usage closely. They can pinpoint the precise location of all vehicles, determine the average speed each vehicle traveled during a given run and identify ways to use their assets more efficiently. 

Integrating telematics

One of the biggest value propositions of fleet management software is its ability to integrate with telematics technologies. This broad term refers to various onboarding technologies that can be installed in fleet vehicles. 

Telematics technologies include GPS devices, ELDs, cameras and other Internet of Things (IoT) equipment. Cumulatively, these devices gather comprehensive data about vehicles and driver habits. They transmit this data to the fleet management solution so that organizational leaders can closely monitor the state of their fleets. 

Ensuring driver compliance

Fleet management software can also be used to enhance driver compliance. Electronic logging devices, GPS hardware and dash cameras can gather essential compliance data and upload it to the fleet management solution.

Active fleet managers can use this data to ensure that drivers adhere to relevant legal requirements and company policies. They can promptly address any potential safety concerns that may endanger drivers or expose the business to liabilities.

The driver compliance monitoring capabilities of fleet management technology also allow managers to reward top performers. Managers can create rewards programs to incentivize drivers to practice good vehicle operation habits. This set-up can boost employee morale while also reducing the likelihood of workplace accidents.

Implementing remote maintenance monitoring

Missed maintenance appointments are a recurring nightmare for countless fleet managers. Regularly scheduled maintenance can reduce total repair costs and extend the service life of fleet vehicles.

With fleet management software, managers can remotely monitor the status of all vehicles in the fleet. They can receive alerts when vehicles are nearing maintenance deadlines and coordinate with drivers to ensure that any preventive maintenance procedures are performed on time.

What to look for in a truck fleet management solution

Truck fleet management technologies can be a catalyst that helps you achieve your organizational goals. This suite of software can provide you with unmatched insights into the state of your fleet assets. 

You can leverage this information to decrease overhead expenses, optimize asset utilization and stabilize cash flow. With that being said, it is critical that you carefully vet each prospective solution before implementing them across your organization. 

If you are not sure where to begin, check out this review of the best fleet management companies in the nation. The FreightWaves Ratings team has provided a breakdown of several top technology providers so that you can find the ideal solution for your business.


What Are the Benefits of Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software can help your business precisely track and monitor all of its fleet assets, including trucks, trailers and support equipment. This data can allow you to allocate resources more effectively and embrace cost-saving opportunities along the way.

What Is the Most Important Aspect of Fleet Management?

The most important aspect of fleet management is visibility. Knowing the status of all of your fleet assets allows you to more effectively manage and allocate various resources.

What Is Fleet Management Strategy?

A fleet management strategy is the overarching plan for leveraging fleet resources. Your strategy should address everything from vehicle allocation to maintenance and even fuel expense management. 

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