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Best transportation management system software

Managing a transportation network can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but with the help of modern technology, it doesn’t have to be. Transportation management system software can simplify the process and make it more efficient for businesses. By optimizing various aspects of transportation operations, this software can save companies money while streamlining their processes.

With dozens of transportation management system software options available on the market, it’s crucial to select the right one for your business needs. By doing so, you can make a significant difference in the success of your transportation operations.

Quicklook: Best Transportation Management System Software Options

5 Best Transportation Management System Software Options

Currently, there are a number of great transportation management system software options on the market. While some easily stand out among the crowd, the best TMS for your business may be one with a specific or specialized feature. 

The following transportation management systems are the most highly reviewed and used. However, these TMS options also have specific features and tools that make them unique.    

Truckbase TMS


Truckbase lets small trucking companies grow their fleets without increasing complexity. The software is affordably priced for smaller trucking companies looking for a simple, easy TMS to automate their back-office.

Manage dispatching without any excess data entry. Automate load building & dispatch with a PDF importer, send to drivers via text, and let drivers upload BOLs directly with integrated mobile scanning. Use instant invoicing and financial reporting tools to improve cash flow. Build trust with drivers with simple driver settlements without extra hassle or data entry.

MercuryGate TMS

As a TMS, MercuryGate serves as the perfect combination between real-world dynamics and technology. The team that created MercuryGate consulted with multiple domestic and international companies. In doing so, they created a TMS with multimodal and multi-leg planning that is perfect for optimization and execution. 

MercuryGate also offers excellent decision support, reusability for setup and onboarding, configuration options, adaptability, and mobile capability. 

Oracle TMS

Like MercuryGate, Oracle offers a comprehensive TMS. It is fully integrated through cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems. 

Some of Oracle’s best features include application integration, scalability, powerful performance, advanced security, and a low cost of ownership. Oracle’s multiple operation systems also provide users with an unrivaled ability to build the most optimized infrastructure possible. 

Blue Yonder TMS

The TMS from Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Transportation & Logistics Management Solutions) is another great option. Blue Yonder’s TMS automates and streamlines business processes. It significantly reduces both administrative and operating costs. In doing so, Blue Yonder’s TMS and its automation reduces the need for manual user override. 

The system is able to automatically detect and resolve most issues and only requires intervention in a few situations. 

Load Logix TMS

load Logix Logo

Load Logix’s transportation management system uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data and provide real-time recommendations for load planning, dispatching, and carrier selection. By automating and optimizing these processes, Load Logix’s platform can reduce costs and increase operational efficiency for its customers.

How Does Transportation Management System Software Work? 

Transportation management system software (TMS) manages the four key processes of transportation management: Planning and decision-making, transportation execution, follow-up, and measurement. 

TMS will find and create the most efficient transport plans according to the things that the user or business defines as being the most important. This means that TMS can prioritize transport plans by the cost, shorter lead-times, or fewer stops en route.

What Makes a Good Transportation Management System Software? 

A transportation management system needs to be a comprehensive solution. Aside from managing transport activities, a TMS also comes with tools and reports for businesses to plan and optimize their routes, conduct audits on freight, manage their yards, view orders, make payments, and execute transport operations. 

An all-encompassing business tool, like a transportation management system, must have these 5 things to be beneficial: 

Intuitive Dashboards

To be useful, a TMS must have an intuitive dashboard. This dashboard must be easy to understand and use. The dashboard should also have access to anything a user may need. It should enable users to view orders, shipments, and inventory, make changes to orders as necessary, and more. 

Fleet Management

Any good TMS should provide users with the ability to manage their fleet. This includes managing drivers, vehicles, carrier rates, and financial performance. Some transportation management systems can even automate fleet management, lowering administrative costs. 

An Optimization Engine  

Optimization of transportation networks is what transportation management software is designed for. A quality TMS should provide information on ways to make logistics networks, shipments, orders, and routes more efficient. 

Payment and Billing Tools 

To improve operations, your TMS should include tools for payment and billing. The TMS should help to calculate transportation rates, track claims, report on costs, adjust costs when necessary, allocate expenses, match invoices, and make automated payments. 

Mobile Capability 

TMS users cannot always be in front of a computer. Good TMS companies offer mobile versions of their software, so users can manage their networks wherever they are (or wherever they need to be). 

Save, Streamline and Track with TMS

Utilizing TMS software can help businesses save money by optimizing various aspects of transportation operations and providing real-time tracking. However, with so many options available, it’s crucial to invest in a TMS that offers features that align with your business needs. Some of the key features to consider include an easy-to-use dashboard, fleet management, optimization tools, payment and billing capabilities, and mobile capability.

Several top-rated transportation management systems on the market offer these features, including MercuryGate, Oracle, Blue Yonder, MPO, and Descartes. These systems have received high rankings from both users and industry experts, making them a reliable choice for businesses seeking to streamline their transportation operations.

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