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What is the best truck parking app?

After a long day on the road, your eyes are starting to get tired, and you need somewhere to rest for the night. But where? You don’t know when the next rest stop will come, or if there will be space to park your truck. You’ll have to pull off and waste time trying to find a place to catch some sleep. Trying to find parking is one of the hardest parts of a truck driver’s job. In fact, the lack of trucker parking is considered a national safety crisis. But with an app that finds it for you, you can save precious time and find a secure place to rest. Check out these top truck parking apps and see how they can make life on the road just a bit easier.

Quicklook: Best truck parking apps

  • Best for planning ahead: Trucker Tools
  • Best for extra features: Trucker Path
  • Best for parking solutions: Park My Rig
  • Best for long-route drivers: Park My Truck
  • Best for live user updates: Truckbubba

6 best truck parking app options

The best truck parking apps aid truckers in finding reliable parking while also integrating a number of other features. After driving for long periods of time, truck drivers need a place to rest. That’s why they turn to parking apps.

When trying to find the best parking app, truck drivers should look for key features like live updates, repair stops, restaurants, hotel information and automatic route loading. Here are our picks for the six best truck parking apps of 2023. 

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools offers a range of platforms that are designed to help carriers, including a parking locator on the mobile app. Truck drivers can find, pay and reserve paid parking spots, identify free parking locations and locate truck stops. The range of options on this truck path app helps truck drivers plan for their rest and know there’s a spot waiting for them.

Best for: Planning ahead

Special features

  • Pay and reserve for paid spots
  • Filters to help find a spot when and where you need them
  • View security measures around spots
  • Best Walmart truck parking app


  • TruckPark’s parking network
  • Scale locator and route optimizer
  • On site amenities filter
  • Free


  • No other locations like hotels, gas and restaurants shown

Pricing: Free

Trucker Path

From fuel price comparisons to truck routing to the best parking locations, Trucker Path has positioned itself as the truck stop app with a variety of features.

Best for: Extra features

Special features

  • Rest stops and truck stops included
  • Walmart truck parking availability shown
  • Real-time information


  • Information on:
    • Weigh stations
    • Truck washes
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Repair shops 
  • Navigation setting
  • Real-time parking status
  • Night mode
  • Job searches


  • Some complaints of errors
  • Problems that didn’t exist in the beta version

Pricing: Free to download, monthly membership cost to access features

Park My Rig

park my rig

Based on the book, “The Ultimate Truck Parking Guide,” this app strives to connect drivers with parking spots, places to eat, fuel pumps, showers, laundry and more. This app is great for drivers who are on the road for days at a time and need more than just parking.

Best for: Long-route drivers

Special features

  • Exit-by-exit lists of places to stop
  • Large database of truck stops, grocery stores and restaurants
  • Made by truckers for truckers


  • Large network of locations to stop
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to search by types of restaurants, places
  • Affordable monthly fee


  • Outdated interface and cluttered appearance
  • No navigation capabilities


  • $2.49 per month or $24.99 annually 

Park My Truck

Developed by the Truck Parking Leadership Initiative, Park My Truck is a free option for truckers to find parking within a 250-mile radius. Click on a facility or parking location to see space availability. This app allows you to navigate to or call a parking facility.

Best for: Free apps

Special features

  • As easy as pressing a button
  • Free 


  • Developed in association with the American Trucking Association
  • Private and public parking providers on the app
  • Lists parking space availability 
  • Emphasizes security of parking locations


  • App often shows no parking availability per user comments
  • Some issues with the app not updating
  • Low reviews

Pricing: Free for all users


Advertised as a truck driver’s must-have resource, Truckbubba relies heavily on user updates for real-time information. Get the latest information on parking availability, hotel and restroom status. Additional features to find fuel or weight stations and updated traffic status along the route are available.  

Best for: Live user updates

Special features

  • Safety info included 
  • Real-time user updates
  • Access to free load boards


  • Safety and repair updates
  • Updated route information
  • Easy to use
  • Features include:
    • Free load board
    • Speedometer
    • Fuel prices and locations


  • Smaller network
  • Hasn’t been recently updated

Pricing: Free

What is a truck parking app?

A truck stops app helps truckers locate parking spaces within a 25- to 250-mile radius. Truck drivers can reserve spots ahead of time so they aren’t waiting until the end of the day to find a place to rest. These apps may offer special features, including information on showers, restaurants, truck washes, weigh stations, hotels and repair shops. A truck parking app saves truckers time searching for a place to park for the night. 

How do truck parking apps work?

Using GPS technology and information shared by rest stop locations and other truckers, truck path apps share updated parking space locations and availabilities. Truck drivers can then use this information to find a place to rest near them or on their route.

What to consider with truck parking apps

The best truck parking apps give up-to-date information on parking locations, along with additional features. A great user interface and an easy-to-use app make the best apps stand out. Here is what to look for. 


Having a wide range of parking locations in-network is crucial for a parking app. From truck stops and rest stops to Walmart parking lots, the greater the network of parking covered, the greater the options.


If you’re looking for a basic truck parking app, there’s no need to look beyond location. But if you’re going to be on the road regularly, updated information on restaurants, CAT scales, weight stations and fuel stops will make your life as a driver so much easier. 

Look for easy-to-use directions and GPS in your parking app of choice. The best apps are feature-rich, offering truckers an abundance of information at their fingertips.

Ease of use

You don’t want to waste time trying to get the app to work. The best truck parking apps are easy to use and intuitive. Look for an app that immediately makes you feel comfortable and appears regularly updated.

Social user interface

No one understands life as a truck driver better than other drivers. Apps that allow users to give feedback, ratings and other key information are the most useful. That way, you know what to expect when arriving at a parking location and can make informed decisions about where to rest.

Save time and money with truck parking apps

When you’re a truck driver, time is money. So stop wasting precious minutes looking for parking. Use one of these apps to find and reserve parking and locate truck stops, showers, restaurants and hotels. You’ll have a more streamlined route, know where to rest for the night and have an easier time on the road.


Where do truckers park their trucks?

Truckers park their trucks at rest stops, truck stops, hotels with truck parking and some Walmart parking lots. A truck parking app helps drivers find nearby overnight parking. 

Can I park my truck at Walmart?

With permission from the individual location, you can park your truck at Walmart. Trucker Path’s app includes all verified Walmart locations that allow truckers to park there overnight. Or choose from several other Walmart truck parking apps. 

How do truck drivers find parking?

Truck drivers can find parking using a truck parking app, which identifies safe and viable parking locations. Drivers can see if there are spots available and reserve one for the night.

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