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8 best fleet management software systems in 2024

Fleet management software is a critical tool for businesses that rely on vehicles to operate. It can help you track your fleet’s location, fuel consumption, maintenance schedule, and driver behavior. You may benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved safety.

There are a number of different fleet management software solutions available on the market. In this article, we will explore some of the best fleet management software systems in 2024.

Quicklook: Top fleet management software in 2024

  • Best for flexibility: Rose Rocket
  • Best for small- to mid-sized fleets: Truckbase
  • Best for real-time truck fleet tracking: Trimble
  • Best for freight brokers: Trucker Tools
  • Best for real-time visibility: Samsara
  • Best for driver management: Motive
  • Best for last-mile deliveries: Onfleet
  • Best for user-friendliness: OpenRoad TMS 

8 best fleet management software platform options

Rose Rocket

rose rocket truck fleet management software

Rose Rocket’s platform is the ultimate solution tailored for the most unique and intricate transportation businesses. Designed to adapt to the individuality of your operations, it offers customization right from the start — allowing you to create workflows, tools, and widgets that seamlessly evolve with your changing business dynamics. The platform features include custom panels and templates, as well as order automation to streamline your business’ efficiency. Rose Rocket’s fleet manager software stands out as the choice for those seeking a fully customizable solution without the complexity, to elevate their logistics operations

Best for: Flexibility


  • Historical lane data algorithms
  • Dwell time reporting
  • BI tools for evaluating profitable regions/customers
  • Uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze trucking market data
  • Ingests and evaluates historical carrier rate data
  • Assesses trucking freight rates, volumes, equipment lanes, driver networks
  • Full trucking and logistics platform suite


  • Increases revenue per mile through better truck lane planning
  • Reduces empty miles and backhaul costs
  • Real time margin insights
  • Improves lane utilization and carrier network optimization


  • Requires training for full value realization
  • Requires extensive fleet truck service data to ensure algorithms are trained well

Pricing: Try it for free here



Truckbase lets small trucking companies grow their fleets without increasing complexity. The software is affordably priced for smaller trucking companies looking for a simple, easy TMS to automate their back-office.

Manage dispatching without any excess data entry. Automate load building and dispatch with a PDF importer, send to drivers via text, and let drivers upload BOLs directly with integrated mobile scanning. Use instant invoicing and financial reporting tools to improve cash flow. Build trust with drivers with simple driver settlements without extra hassle or data entry.

Best for: Small- to mid-sized fleets

Special features

  • Mobile app for driver schedules and document uploads
  • Customized solutions 
  • AI-powered load creation


  • Suitable for small fleets, and can scale with your growing operations
  • Dedicated account manager for onboarding and support

Disadvantages: No transparent pricing

Pricing: Contact Truckbase for details



Trimble is a leading provider of fleet management software, offering tools to help fleet managers oversee all aspects of their business. Its wide range of features, including GPS tracking, fuel monitoring, maintenance scheduling, and driver behavior analysis, can be customized to meet the specific needs of your fleet. You’ll find solid, reliable technology backed by a responsive customer service team. Trimble’s solution is  user-friendly and provides full ELD mandate compliance. 

Best for: Real-time fleet tracking

Special features

  • Fuel price tracking
  • System alerts
  • Geofencing


  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Reduce driver error with live tracking and feedback
  • IFTA fuel tax data
  • Driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR)
  • Fuel use reporting and analysis
  • Engine status reports 


  • Expensive upfront hardware costs 
  • Relatively complicated installation

Pricing: $1,200 upfront for hardware with plans starting at $43 per month

Trucker Tools

trucker tools

Trucker Tools helps empower brokers and carriers with real-time software intelligence. Its platform of over 315,000 carriers helps brokers match 98% of freight with reliable trucks. Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now option also helps improve relationships with trusted carriers by fully automating many steps of the booking process and allowing 24/7 reloading. 

Best for: Freight brokers

Special features

  • Carrier relationship management (CRM)
  • Pick-up to delivery visibility
  • Book-It-Now streamlined booking process
  • Predictive load matching


  • Improve load visibility 
  • Reduces the number of check-ins 
  • Increases carrier tracking
  • Helps book more loads with fewer calls

Disadvantages: Lack of transparent pricing 

Pricing: Variable pricing with a free demo



Samsara is a cloud-based fleet management system that offers dispatching software and their hardware counterparts for trucking companies of all sizes and industries. The fleet technology is feature-rich but focuses on all aspects of operations and communication. It’s also easy to use and can be integrated with other business software.

Best for: Real-time visibility


  • Fleet maintenance
  • Route planning
  • Fuel management
  • Delivery scheduling and management
  • Trailer tracking
  • Dash cams
  • Real-time vehicle diagnostics
  • Compliance


  • Excellent value
  • Strong functionality
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to use


  • Some users report bugs, but customer service is responsive
  • When new updates are released, app may slow down for a few days

Pricing: Complete a company questionnaire and schedule a demo to learn more.


Motive fleet management software

Motive has one of the best platforms for driver management, and is dedicated to helping the freight industry improve safety, productivity and profitability. It integrates an electronic GPS for truckers with an electronic logbook so you know where your fleet is at all times. Use the power of AI to automate driver coaching and customize in-house safety scoring. Manage your fleet more efficiently and build better communication with drivers through Motive. 

Best for: Driver management


  • AI-assisted, real-time safety warnings for drivers
  • Automated driver coaching
  • Virtual geofenced parameters aid in vehicle and cargo theft recovery
  • Real-time GPS fleet tracking and location history records prevent unauthorized vehicle use
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Dashboard view for fleet tracking


  • Improved safety compliance
  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Safer roads
  • Decreased coaching time for safety managers
  • Improved risk management

Disadvantages: Issues with freezing apps or getting stuck in drive mode

Pricing: Free trial; contact Motive for details



Specializing in making last-mile deliveries easier, Onfleet helps you route, dispatch and analyze your company’s deliveries while communicating seamlessly with your drivers. Providing real-time updates to all of your customers via short-message service (SMS) notifications to keep them informed and up-to-date, Onfleet is a choice product for high-volume and last-mile operations.

Best for: Last-mile delivery, especially for retail and food industries


  • Automated dispatch
  • SMS notifications
  • Integrations with other vehicle management systems
  • Fleet tracking
  • End-to-end route planning
  • Communication
  • Analytics


  • Easy onboarding process
  • Driver app available for iOS or Android
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Add and delete tasks with ease


  •  System may be unavailable during maintenance periods
  •  Somewhat limited analytics
  •  Limited data entry fields

Pricing: Launch for $500 per month, scale for $1,150 per month; 14-day trial

OpenRoad TMS (Powered by GP Transco)


OpenRoad TMS provides a user-friendly and comprehensive truck fleet management solution. With its cloud-based platform, OpenRoad TMS simplifies operations, offering features like load management, dispatch, accounting, safety, and more. The OpenRoad Driver App enhances driver efficiency with one-click dispatch and quick document uploads. The system excels in areas such as IFTA reporting, fuel card integration, driver performance monitoring, safety compliance, and maintenance management.

Best for: User-friendliness


  • One-click invoicing
  • Driver ETA auto-notifications
  • Paperless BOL management


  • Comprehensive solution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time visibility


  • Cost might not be suitable for smaller companies with limited budgets
  • As a cloud-based solution, stable internet connectivity is required to prevent disruptions or technical issues

Pricing: Variable pricing with a free demo

Considerations in a fleet management software decision

When considering fleet management software features, several key factors should be into account:

  1. First, the software’s functionality and features should align with your needs. Truck fleet telematics should provide comprehensive data for your operations, from vehicle tracking, fuel management, and fleet maintenance management, to fleet driver management.
  2. Ease of use is critical — it ensures all users can efficiently navigate the fleet management technology. 
  3. For businesses that expect to grow, scalability is vital. The software should be capable of expanding its capacity to manage an increasing number of vehicles. 
  4. Integration capabilities are another crucial factor. Seamless connectivity with other operational and management software, like fleet asset management software or fleet scheduling systems, will ensure uninterrupted workflow.
  5. Costs always matter. While it may be tempting to opt for free fleet management software, remember to account for additional expenses like updates, fleet vehicle maintenance, and training. Reliable fleet management information systems or vehicle management solutions often require an investment but can offer a good return over time.
  6. Don’t overlook support and training. The level of technical assistance, responsiveness, and availability of training resources, especially with specialized systems like commercial truck telematics, can make a significant difference in your team’s productivity.
  7. Data protection is vital in today’s digital world, so make sure the software has robust security measures to protect sensitive truck telematics system data.
  8. The software should also support compliance with relevant laws and regulations, such as emission standards and driver hours regulations. 
  9. Vendor reputation is worth researching. Look into the provider’s customer reviews and standing among top fleet management companies.
  10. Lastly, consider the customizability of the software. The ability to tailor features and reports can help you meet specific needs, whether you’re looking for fleet management software for small businesses, systems to decrease fleet maintenance costs, or a comprehensive fleet fuel usage management system.

Find the best fleet management software for your needs

Fleet management software is a valuable tool for businesses that rely on vehicles to operate. It can help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety. The best telematics fleet management software for your business will depend on your specific needs and requirements. However, the solutions listed above are all great options to consider.


How does fleet management software work?

Fleet management software works by utilizing GPS and telematics data to monitor and manage various aspects of a fleet’s operations, including vehicle location, fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, and driver behavior.

What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software is a digital tool that helps businesses manage, coordinate, and optimize their fleet operations, offering features like vehicle tracking, driver management, fuel management, and maintenance scheduling.

What is fleet maintenance management?

Fleet maintenance management is the process of keeping a fleet of vehicles in optimum operating condition through regular preventive maintenance, timely repairs, and meticulous record-keeping, often facilitated by fleet management software.

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