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Best GPS asset tracking systems

Vehicles and the cargo they carry are a fleet’s most valuable assets. Without a reliable tracking system, you risk theft, increased fuel usage and loss related to unsafe driving behaviors. The best GPS asset tracking systems offer geofencing, real-time tracking, alerts, voice command and equipment tracking to secure your fleet at every stage. 

Quicklook: Best GPS asset tracking systems

6 best GPS asset tracking systems

If you’re ready to find the best fleet tracking systems, the six options below offer reliability and affordability for fleets of all sizes.

Motive Gateway

Motive GPS Tracking

Motive offers real-time GPS tracking integrated with smart dash cams and alerts for fuel, maintenance and ELD compliance. It is a one-stop solution for fleet tracking, maintenance, security and safety. Motive reports 50% fewer hours of service violations, 25% reduction in insurance costs and a 72% increase in exoneration via dash cam with their GPS tracking system. 

Best for: GPS-dash cam integration

Special features

  • Best-in-class GPS tracking
  • Instant identification of underused, misused or stolen assets 
  • Dangerous driving detection
  • Ability to locate the closest driver, trailer or equipment in seconds to dispatch faster
  • Potential fuel costs savings by automating IFTA calculations and with insights into fuel use


  • Integrated dash cams
  • Simplified ELD compliance 
  • Streamlined office work: automate reports, verify payroll, simplify invoicing and prove detention time
  • Early fault code detection to catch vehicle defects early
  • Proactive maintenance scheduling
  • 24/7 technical support


  • Takes time to learn all features

Pricing: $150 with monthly fees starting at $25

Verizon Connect GPS Fleet Management

The Verizon Connect GPS Fleet Management system is designed to offer a real-time, complete view of daily fleet operations. With premium features aimed to help reduce costs, increase productivity and stay on top of vehicle maintenance, it can be a one-stop solution for medium to large fleets. Verizon’s fleet management solutions include an easy-to-use app and integrations. 

Best for: Medium to large fleets

Special features

  • Mobile app can be used for driver communication
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) alerts
  • Syncs across multiple languages and time zones
  • Custom access and security levels
  • Works with custom workflow scripts


  • Alerts for inefficient or unsafe driving behaviors
  • Easy-to-use app 
  • Prefilled checklists for vehicle inspections
  • Dash cam connection for added security
  • Fuel consumption monitoring


  • Lack of pricing transparency
  • May be better for larger fleets

Pricing: Contact Verizon for a customized quote

Vyncs GPS Tracker

The Vyncs GPS tracker monitors locations and offers premium features like engine diagnostics, maintenance alerts, fuel levels, recall notices and unsafe driving notifications. This affordably-priced GPS tracker offers refresh times of three minutes, with a 15-second refresh option for a premium fee. The Vyncs GPS only offers annual subscriptions, which leads to further savings. 

Best for: Low-cost tracking

Special features:  

  • Engine alerts
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Driver scoring system


  • Location monitoring
  • Low yearly fee
  • Mileage tracker app
  • Roadside assistance


  • Annual subscriptions only 
  • Three-minute standard update timing
  • Activation fees

Pricing: $79.99 plus a one-time activation fee of $39.99 

Samsara GPS Fleet Management

The Samsara GPS fleet management system includes integrated dash cams and AI-powered driver monitoring with alerts to flag distracted driving. Samsara also offers in-cab voice coaching and driver safety scores to improve fleet safety. Installation is simple and standard features include live vehicle location, traffic condition and distance information. Premium features are offered at reasonable prices. 

Best for: Improved fleet safety

Special features

  • Integrated dash cams
  • High definition video recording for insurance claims
  • Automatically uploaded footage of driving incidents
  • AI driver monitoring
  • Integrated GPS and hours of service tracking, paperless DVIRs and temperature monitoring for enhanced compliance


  • Real-time visibility
  • ELD, IFTA and DVIR compliance 
  • Fuel cards  
  • Monitor fuel usage
  • Improved driver safety 
  • Share live tracking with end customers


  • Lack of transparency in pricing  

Pricing: Check with Samsara for a customized quote

Azuga Fleet GPS Tracking

azuga gps

Azuga’s Fleet GPS tracking software with dash cams improves driver visibility and safety. They report that their system reduces accidents by an average of 38% while improving transit times by 28% and reducing citations by 57%. Aguza’s system also features easy installation, a customizable dashboard and exceptional customer service. 

Best for: Small to medium fleets

Special features

  • Reduced accident rates 
  • Customizable dashboard 
  • App with a comprehensive fleet overview, including safety, accountability and driver rewards to fleet efficiency  
  • In-app messaging


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Increased fleet safety
  • Customizable reports
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Maintenance and expense tracking
  • No professional installation required
  • Excellent customer support  

Disadvantages: Learning curve for creating reports and customizations 

Pricing:  Contact Azuga for customized pricing

Bouncie Smart Driving Companion

The Bouncie Smart Driving Companion is a no-frills newcomer in the GPS tracking space that offers excellent driver safety and maintenance alerts. It offers affordable pricing and simple installation in a vehicle’s OBD port. Set up geofencing and real-time notifications for speed, dangerous driving behaviors and fuel consumption.

Best for: Maintenance alerts

Special Features

  • Geofencing
  • Low monthly subscription fee
  • Real-time vehicle operation alerts 
  • Amazon Echo integration


  • Vehicle maintenance notifications
  • Mileage tracking 
  • Real-time alerts for driver performance of speed, hard braking and acceleration  
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Only $8 a month for tracking services


  • Issues with voice command (Alexa)  
  • Irritating flashing lights

Pricing: $77 plus $8 per month subscription

What is a GPS asset tracking system?

A GPS asset tracking system, as the name implies, allows businesses to track assets with real-time accuracy. These systems include GPS plus additional security features like voice control. GPS asset tracking is used to monitor fuel efficiency and improve accountability and driver safety. 

GPS asset tracking systems can be set to send automated alerts for policy violations or loading area departures. A system may also include live feeds and can store recorded videos of driver behavior. Fleets can use GPS asset tracking to ensure regulatory compliance and improve safety and fleet efficiency. 

Why is GPS asset tracking important?

GPS asset tracking systems are important for truckers and fleets to maintain control of assets and ensure timely deliveries. GPS asset tracking protects valuable assets, including your fleet, from theft, and enables fleets to offer immediate updates to the end customers. 

In addition, asset tracking systems allow dispatch to see issues on the road in real time and provide immediate assistance. They also offer alerts when assets leave the premises or at other key transitions. 

Choosing the best GPS asset tracking system for your fleet

Your fleet is a valuable asset. Choosing the best tracking system for your fleet that your budget can accommodate should be a priority. For equipment tracking connected to asset tracking software, any of the GPS solutions here offer reliability and a wide range of features. You can also consider the best GPS trackers with no monthly fees, the best ones with audio or the best trackers for trailers to expand your fleet’s protection further. 


Do asset tags have GPS?

Yes, like a SIM card in a telephone, asset tags ping a GPS location that connects to asset tracking software.

Do fleet vehicles have GPS tracking?

Yes, the majority of fleet vehicles use some form of GPS tracking, whether through an asset tracking system, GPS, ELD or other GPS-enabled devices. 

Where do you mount a GPS tracker on a trailer?

You can mount a GPS tracker inside the trailer’s frame rail. You’ll want it close to the battery or power source. 

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