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Best GPS trackers with audio

GPS trackers with audio offer one more layer of protection and convenience for your fleet. GPS devices have long helped improve driver safety through feedback and provided fast access to data on stolen vehicles. The addition of audio features enhances driver safety even more by making it possible to record what’s happening in and around the vehicle.

Find information on the best devices below, along with considerations for adding them to your fleet. And when you finish reading, check out the other articles in our ‘Specialized fleet tracking solutions’ series:

Quicklook: Best GPS trackers with audio

5 best GPS trackers with audio 

Carefully review the specifications and information for the leading options to find the best GPS trackers to meet your needs.

Seeworld S709

Seeworld S709

The Seeworld S709 is an affordable GPS tracker that offers great features, including the ability to record the owner remotely. If the car has abnormal behaviors or vibrations, you’ll get an alarm to let you know something seems off. Or if the vehicle goes above a speed threshold you set, it will sound an alarm. You can also geofence the device to let you know when it deviates from its designated path.

Best for: Inexpensive GPS tracker

Special features:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Geofencing 
  • Historical playback 
  • Remote monitoring


  • Plug-and-play charging 
  • Driving behavior monitoring function
  • Fast vehicle location access
  • Predicts vehicle danger
  • Remote smart voice recording  


  • More common for personal use than fleets 
  • Only available by scheduling a sales call

Pricing: Prices start at $22.99, based on how many units you purchase at once.

Technical specifications
Dimensions5 × 2.9 × 3.9 cm
Mounting typeOBD port
Voice command No
Weight27.5 grams
Battery lifeFour hours when stationary
Battery type80 mAh

Mobile-200 GPS Tracker

Mobile-200 GPS Tracker

Hear what’s happening in the area where the tracker is located by calling the tracker’s phone number. View the Mobile-200 GPS Tracker’s location using a web browser or the convenient iOS or Android mobile apps with accuracy within 15 meters. Get alerts when the device’s battery is low so you know it’s time to remove it and recharge.

Best for: Magnetic mounting

Special features:

  • Live audio monitoring from the device’s location
  • Long battery life with up to 10 days between charges
  • View data from any web browser and iOS or Android apps
  • Location updates every 30 seconds


  • Call the tracker’s phone number for audio monitoring
  • Attaches to vehicles via magnet for easy mounting
  • Ability to track vehicles worldwide when using international subscriber identity module (SIM) cards 
  • Geofencing tells you when the vehicle has left its normal routes


  • Not specifically designed for fleets
  • Requires uninstalling and charging 
  • Audio is not super clear if there is ambient noise, such as the radio

Pricing: $74.95 

Technical specifications
Dimensions3.34 x 2.28 x 1.14 inches
Mounting typeMagnetic
Voice command No
StorageSaves data to the cloud
Weight71 ounces
Battery life10 days
Battery type6000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Car Charger GPS Tracker with Live Audio Monitoring

Car Charger GPS Tracker with Live Audio Monitoring

Track vehicles no matter where they go without needing to charge them via the Car Charger GPS Tracker. This device plugs into the vehicle through a USB port to make monitoring simple. Call the device’s phone number from any pre-authorized phone number to listen in on the vehicle at any time. View the vehicle’s location for the previous 120 days using the mobile or web apps.

Best for: Battery-free GPS tracker

Special features

  • Connects to the vehicle via USB port
  • Listen to live audio 
  • Real-time tracking updates every 400 meters when the vehicle is moving 
  • View data on mobile or web applications


  • Discreet audio tracking
  • Useful for any vehicle  
  • No need to uninstall to charge 
  • USB ports make it easy to still charge devices when GPS tracker is in use
  • Vehicle location data saves for 120 days


  • Must pre-authorize phone numbers to call in and listen to live audio feed 

Pricing: $89.95

Technical specifications
Dimensions70 × 53 x 20 mm
Mounting typePlugs into vehicle charging port (USB-A or USB-C)
Voice command No
StorageSaves data to the cloud
Battery lifeNone, plugs into vehicle charging port (USB-A or USB-C)
Battery typeNone, plugs into vehicle charging port (USB-A or USB-C)
Spy Shop GPS Tracker

Spy Shop GPS Tracker

The Spy Shop GPS Tracker is one of few that you don’t have to call into to listen to what’s happening. And the panic button can provide your drivers with peace of mind that they’ll have a fast way of getting in touch with emergency personnel if something goes wrong. Because this device is not specifically for vehicles, you can use it anywhere and carry it with you for safety.

Best for: Use anywhere

Special features

  • View device location on a street map 
  • Device has an SOS button so the user can call for help 
  • Constant voice recording when someone is talking 
  • Geofencing


  • Track vehicles or drivers throughout their shifts
  • Offer drivers a fast and easy way to call for help while on the road
  • Rest assured you’ll have audio of any conversation with automatic voice recording


  • Challenging to set up with no phone or email support

Pricing: $34.99

Technical specifications
Dimensions43 x 26 x 13 mm
Mounting typeDoes not mount
Voice command No
Storage1024 MB flash memory
Weight65 grams
Battery life200 hours
Battery typeUndisclosed

S11 Mini GPS Tracker with Audio Recording

S11 Mini GPS Tracker with Audio Recording

The Seeworld S11 Mini Real-time GPS Tracker provides vehicle location data to offer you live monitoring information about your assets. The device is small and discreet. View data via a mobile or web app from anywhere. Call in to listen to live audio from the device’s location.

Best for: Discreet monitoring

Special features

  • Real-time GPS location data with worldwide use
  • Exceptional battery life with setting options to extend battery life 
  • Portable design makes the device easy to use anywhere 


  • Connect to a vehicle on any metal surface
  • Record audio remotely  
  • Receive alerts when the vehicle is speeding 
  • Geofencing
  • Receive an alert when the device is tampered with


  • Pricing is not transparent
  • You must uninstall the device to charge it frequently

Pricing: Schedule a sales call for pricing.

Technical specifications
Dimensions60 x 31 x 19 mm
Mounting typeMagnetic
Voice command No
Storage4 MB
Battery lifeUp to 20 days based on mode
Battery type1200 mAh

Benefits of using a GPS tracker with audio

Using an audio GPS device provides many benefits to your organization, including:

  • Safer driving for your team members
  • More motivated staff
  • Greater productivity
  • Lower wage and fuel costs
  • Location tracking to view load status in real time
  • Security for your vehicles
  • Ability to provide greater customer service
  • Faster, clearer dispute resolutions
  • Lower fuel emissions, which is better for the environment

How to choose the right GPS tracker with audio

As you begin shopping for a GPS for truckers that will also record audio, consider several crucial factors before selecting your device.

  • Battery life
  • Charging convenience
  • Ease of audio recording access
  • Transparency of data and its use for your staff
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Ease of installation
  • Safety features
  • Remote tools
  • Data storage
  • Security

Get added protection with audio recordings

Many vehicle GPS trackers on the market today provide location data to guide fleet managers. But few include audio recording features. Adding the ability to record the audio of what’s happening in the vehicle at all times can provide an added layer of protection for your drivers and tell you more about your vehicles in case of theft or other wrongdoings.


Can a GPS tracker record voice?

Some GPS trackers do include audio monitoring, generally by calling the tracker’s phone number.

Is it worth having a GPS tracker with audio?

Depending on how you’ll be using the GPS tracker, it might be beneficial to have one that also tracks audio in the vehicle. This adds another layer of protection in case of crime or other roadside incidents.

Where is the best place to put a GPS tracker?

GPS trackers that connect to the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port do not require removal and charging. But if you want the device to be discreet, experts recommend placing it under the driver or passenger seat of the vehicle where no one looks.

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