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Best field service scheduling software in 2024

Navigating the crowded landscape of field service scheduling software platforms can be daunting, especially in 2024 when innovation is at an all-time high. 

In this article, we’ll explore our top five picks based on features, popularity and provider reputation. Let’s dive into the platforms most likely to elevate your operational performance this year.

Quicklook: Best field service scheduling software

  • Best for large companies: ServiceTitan
  • Best for scalability: Salesforce Field Service
  • Best for small businesses: Jobber
  • Best for scheduling contractors: Field Nation
  • Best for comprehensive features: Simpro

5 top field service scheduling platforms for 2024

Here are our top picks in 2024, based on features, popularity, and provider reputation.


ServiceTitan is a cloud-based field service management platform that offers a wide range of features, including scheduling, dispatching, customer relationship management (CRM), and invoicing. It is a good choice for businesses of all sizes, but it is particularly well-suited for businesses that need to manage a large number of technicians and customers.

Best for: Large companies

Special features

  • AI-powered scheduling engine helps to automatically schedule appointments and dispatch technicians based on factors such as availability, skills, and location
  • Mobile app empowers technicians to access work orders and schedule changes from the field
  • Chat feature enables real-time communication with field employees
  • Integrates with a wide range of third-party applications, such as CRM systems, accounting software, and payment processors


  • Helps to create, track, and manage work orders
  • Asset tracking feature helps secure equipment and ensure that that it’s properly maintained
  • Detailed reporting capabilities


  • Can have a steep learning curve
  • Not as customizable as some other field service scheduling software platforms, presenting a challenge for businesses with unique needs

Price: Basic plan starts at $99 per month per user

Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service is another popular cloud-based field service management platform. It offers a wide range of features, including scheduling, dispatching, asset tracking, and reporting. It is a good choice for businesses that need a scalable and customizable solution.

Best for: Scalability

Special features

  • AI-driven scheduling and dynamic field workforce management
  • Seamless integrates with Salesforce’s robust CRM, offering a comprehensive service management system 
  • Field reporting software capabilities 
  • User-friendly field service application for mobile devices


  • Easily scaled, making it a fit for both small and large businesses. 
  • Strong CRM integration enables better customer relationship management alongside field service operations
  • Advanced analytics and reporting 


  • Can be on the expensive side, making it a less ideal choice for service management software for small business with a tight budget 
  • May offer more features than a smaller business needs, making it somewhat overwhelming

Price: Starts at $165 per user per month


Jobber is a cloud-based field service scheduling software platform that is designed for small businesses. It offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of features, including scheduling, dispatching, and customer communication.

Best for: Small businesses

Special features

  • Simple and intuitive user interface designed for easy navigation
  • Offers online booking and client self-service portals
  • Includes a field service application for mobile access
  • Features like invoicing, quoting, and payment processing are integrated


  • Ideal field service management software for small business
  • Quick setup and easy-to-use features, making it a best field service software contender for many
  • Offers CRM capabilities specific to the field service industry
  • Enhances field service operations through efficient scheduling and dispatching


  • May lack some of the advanced analytics and reporting features found in more robust systems
  • Limited third-party integrations compared to other field service solutions
  • Scalability could be an issue for larger enterprises requiring complex field service planning

Price: Basic functions are free for one user, while Core plan with more robust capabilities starts at $19 per user per month

Field Nation

Field Nation is a cloud-based field service scheduling platform that connects businesses with independent contractors. It is a good choice for businesses that need to quickly and easily schedule work orders.

Best for: Scheduling contractors

Special features

  • Marketplace model allows businesses to connect with freelance field service technicians
  • Offers real-time GPS tracking for better field workforce management
  • Integrated field reporting software for comprehensive analytics
  • Advanced filtering options for finding the right technicians


  • Flexibility to scale workforce up or down based on demand, useful for fluctuating field service operations
  • Enables quick filling of work orders, enhancing field service planning
  • Reduces overhead costs by offering a pay-per-use model
  • Highly specialized technicians can be sourced through its marketplace


  • Not ideal for businesses looking to manage in-house technicians, as it’s geared toward freelance or contract workers
  • The marketplace model may lead to less control over the quality of technicians
  • Its focus on the gig economy might not align with all business models or field service organization goals

Price: Basic plan is free for up to 10 technicians


Simpro is a cloud-based field service scheduling software platform that offers a wide range of features, including scheduling, dispatching, asset tracking, and reporting. It is a good choice for businesses that need a comprehensive and enterprise-grade solution. 

Best for: Comprehensive features

Special features

  • Comprehensive service management system with features like job management, inventory control, and invoicing
  • Offers real-time job tracking and field dispatch software capabilities
  • Includes a customizable customer portal for enhanced client interaction
  • Advanced field reporting software for in-depth analytics


  • Highly scalable, making it suitable for both small and large field service operations
  • Streamlined billing and invoicing features save administrative time
  • Robust field service planning tools for more effective scheduling
  • Cloud-based architecture offers flexibility and remote access


  • Steep learning curve, making initial setup challenging for some users
  • Higher-end features can be expensive, which may not suit the budget constraints of a field service management software for small business.
  • Limited third-party integrations compared to other industry leaders

Price: Depends on number of users and features needed. The basic plan starts at $199 per month per user.

What is field service scheduling software?

Field service scheduling software is a specialized type of technology designed for managing tasks in the field service industry. It is a key component of a service management system. 

The software helps in field service management by automating the scheduling of service tasks and dispatching service technicians. Typically including field dispatch software, it helps businesses send the right technicians to the right locations. It’s considered one of the best solutions for optimizing workflows.

It also helps in field service operations and field service planning, making it an all-in-one field service solution. Companies looking for software for service business or specifically software for service companies often use it to improve their service delivery and efficiency.

Who uses field service software?

Field service software is used by businesses and professionals in the field service industry. These include companies offering services like HVAC, plumbing, electrical work, and maintenance — essentially businesses that involve sending technicians or workers into the field. Field service organization leaders use it to streamline field service operations and field workforce management.

Service coordinators and dispatchers often use field dispatch software features for scheduling and routing. Technicians on the ground rely on the field service application for real-time updates and reporting. Overall, it serves as a comprehensive service management system, catering to both small and large service providers.

Field service scheduling software buying considerations

When considering field service management tool options, it’s crucial to look at field service software reviews. They offer insights into the best field service software in the market. You should also examine if the tool offers field service maintenance features and field reporting software capabilities to match your business needs.

Pay attention to the field service management industry standards and opt for a solution from top field service solution companies. Cost is a significant factor, especially service management software for small businesses, so check if the pricing fits your budget.

Features specific to field workforce management can also be essential for streamlining operations. It’s also advisable to look into field service organization functionalities for team collaboration. Check if the FSM system is scalable, as your business may grow in the future.

Finally, inquire about benefits of field service management software and whether the vendor offers adequate support and training. This can be especially crucial for companies new to field service technology.

Find the best field service scheduling software fit for your needs

If you’re in need of a service scheduling technology, you can’t go wrong with any of the options on our list. Just take the considerations outlined above into account, and your field operations may soon be running more smoothly than ever before.


What is field service software?

Field service software is a service management system designed for businesses in the field service industry. It automates tasks like scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing to streamline field service operations.

What is a field scheduler?

A field scheduler is a feature within field service scheduling software that automates the allocation of tasks to service technicians. It helps in field service planning and ensures efficient use of resources.

What is the difference between ERP and field service management?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a broader software system that integrates various business functions like finance, HR, and supply chain. In contrast, field service management focuses specifically on managing tasks, technicians, and operations in the field service industry.

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