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Best Building Material Companies

Building material companies provide a great service to the construction industry and communities as a whole. Without the proper materials, residential and commercial projects would come to a standstill. Though supply chain issues have plagued the construction industry with delays recently, things are turning around and building material companies are seeing an increase in orders. Here is a list of the best building material companies in the U.S.

Quicklook: Best Building Material Companies

  • Best For Gravel, Crushed Stone, & Sand: Vulcan Materials Company
  • Best For Roads, Sidewalks, & Building Foundations: Martin Marietta Materials  
  • Best For Electric Power: Quanta Services
  • Best For Sealants & Specialty Coatings: RPM International  
  • Best For New Residential Construction: Builders FirstSource   

5 Best Building Material Company Options

Finding a building material company to fit your needs is important to your business. Here is more detailed information on each company and the special services they offer.

Vulcan Materials Company

vulcan materials company

Vulcan Materials is the largest construction material producer in the U.S. With nearly 7,000 employees across 19 states, Colombia, and Mexico, their goal is to provide materials essential to building a quality standard of living in advanced and developing countries. Having been business since 1909, Vulcan has shown no signs of slowing down. 

Best For: Gravel, Crushed Stone, & Sand

Special Services

  • Ready-Mixed Concrete 
  • Railroad Ballast and Other Track Materials
  • Recycled Materials 
  • Technical Services


  • 300 Locations 


  • Distributes to 19 States 

Martin Marietta Materials

Martin Marietta Materials

When it comes to heavy building materials, Martin Marietta is among the best in the business. Guided by its values, this company strives to strengthen communities through safety, integrity, excellence, and stewardship. 

Best For: Roads, Sidewalks, & Building Foundations

Special Services

  • Magnesia Specialties 
  • Sustainability  
  • Cement Treated Materials 


  • Operates in Over 400 Communities 


  • Located in 26 States

Quanta Services

Quanta Services

Quanta has trained professionals to assist with planning, designing, installing, and more. They have established long-term relationships with their network of vendors, enabling them to offer high-quality services. Quanta is committed to making a difference with the assistance of its highly-skilled workforce. 

Best For: Electric Power

Special Services

  • Storm Response 
  • Aviation 
  • Energized Services 
  • Distribution Engineering
  • Renewables
  • Research Development


  • 5G Deployment
  • Underground Utility & Infrastructure Solutions  


  • Rising Prices

RPM International  

RPM International  

Founded in 1947, RPM International uses trusted market-leading brands for homes, businesses, infrastructures, and treasured landmarks. Their mission is to build a better world, and their use of innovative solution-based products is helping them do just that.

Best For: Sealants & Specialty Coatings

Special Services

  • Performance Coatings
  • Shareholder Services
  • Specialty Products Group 
  • Construction Products Group


  • Customer Support Team
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plan


  • Outdated Practices as Per Online Reviews 

Builders FirstSource

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, this company partners with all types of builders to help them solve challenges and deliver value. They’re focused on developing solutions to make homebuilding simple and efficient. 

Best For: New Residential Construction

Special Services

  • Delivery & Pickup 
  • Customer Millwork
  • Window & Door Specialists
  • Pro Remodel
  • In-store Shopping


  • Largest Supplier of Construction-Related Products 
  • 550 Locations  
  • Operates in 40 States


  • Customer Support Isn’t Always Knowledgeable as Per Online Reviews 

What Is a Building Materials Company?

Dry bulk shipping transports materials in large quantities by land, air, or sea. These commodities are raw materials that are mostly unprocessed and will be used in manufacturing and production processes. Because of their size and weight, the materials are largely packed onto large cargo vessels. The companies that deliver the dry bulk are building materials companies. 

Commodities commonly transported include iron ore, steel, cement, grains, lumber, energy materials, etc. The companies are highly regulated since dry bulk is transported without packaging, and a spill can seriously harm the environment.

How To Start a Building Material Company

Supplying the construction industry with building materials is a lucrative business idea. If you’re looking to turn that idea into reality, below are some essential aspects to consider before beginning your venture.

Find Material Provider

A successful building material company starts with a great network, an important part of that network is your material provider. Find a supplier that manufactures the building material goods you’re looking to haul, then make two lists – one of the materials you need and their proportions, and another of the companies that produce the materials. Then, let the research begin.

Contact the companies to be sure they offer the materials in the bulk amounts needed and ask about quality, rates, and delivery times. Speak with others in the business to get recommendations for reliable sources.

Find a Location for Your Business

Location, location, location! How many times have we heard that for any business to thrive, it must have the right location? The right location for a building material company includes an area big enough to store the materials. Also, large trucks should be able to access the location for pickups and drop-offs. 

Locate a Material Transportation Company

Once you know you want to start a building material business, you should search for a material transportation company. They can easily solve any issues that arise during transport and supply the proper vehicles and accessories for specific freight. 

Obtain the Required Licenses

To avoid trouble with the authorities, be sure to obtain a business license. It identifies your business and comes in handy when applying for a loan. Check with the local municipality where you are opening the company for their license requirements, as they vary by state.

Calculate the Upfront Costs

Create a budget for a clear picture of the funds you’ll need to get the business up and running and keep it in operation. Calculate the cost of building materials and decide whether you want to start small or make a grand entrance into the industry. 

Hire Reliable Employees

No business can run without reliable employees. Search for people dedicated to helping you see your vision through, you need people who will show up and get the job done. Be sure to conduct background checks and watch out for those who have switched positions several times in a short period. 

Are Building Material Companies Profitable?

Smart purchasing and profitable selling are at the core of a successful building material company. Develop close business relationships with suppliers and inquire about any discounts they offer. Typically, the more you buy, the more lenient the supplier will be with the prices, especially if they know you’re a returning customer.

Research other companies to keep your rates competitive, and be willing to offer discounts if large quantities are purchased. A discount could be the deal closer for companies who are shopping around and unable to find a rate that will keep them within budget. 

Marketing is also key to becoming and remaining profitable. Word-of-mouth is great, but if you want to reach your target audience, you’ll have to make it easy for construction companies to find you. 

Staying on top of trends will keep your business profitable. Currently, prefabricated panels are in high demand in the construction market. Sustainable materials such as bamboo, reclaimed timber, and more are also used in many construction projects by socially and environmentally responsible companies. 

Start Small and Scale Up

Although starting a building material business may seem simple, it takes a lot of work to locate reliable suppliers, transportation companies, employees, etc. But, with proper planning and budgeting, you can start a small operation and scale up once the profits begin rolling in. 


What is a Building Materials Company?

They supply building materials to construction companies. 

Is Building Material a Good Business?

Yes, the industry continues to grow and make advancements annually.

Who is the Largest Building Supply Company in the United States?

Vulcan Materials Company is the largest building supply company in the U.S.

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