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Are Dashcams Worth It for Truckers?

Truckers know the importance of road safety; they handle bigger vehicles than most people. The use of truck dashboard cameras (dashcams) is becoming increasingly popular because they provide carriers an extra layer of security to ensure smooth sailing on the roads. Does that mean a dashcam is worth it for every trucker? Maybe not. Let’s explore. 

Dashcams for truckers: The basics

A dashcam is an in-vehicle camera mounted on the dashboard or windshield of the truck. These portable video cameras collect information using an always-on recording feature. These purpose-built devices are compact with no frills, but typically include a removable storage drive and internet connectivity.

Installing a dashcam is not mandatory for commercial trucks, and some jurisdictions even impose restrictions on dashcam placement and use. However, truck dashcams are becoming the norm in preventing accidents or negligent driving.

4 benefits of dashcams for truckers

The National Transportation Safety Board recommends using onboard video systems, such as dashcams, in commercial vehicles. Here are four benefits of dash cams for truckers.  

Legal protection

Unfortunately, many people assume it is the trucker’s fault in the event of a road crash. Even if the truck driver isn’t definitively proven responsible, the other party may pursue and win a civil claim against the carrier. A dashcam captures the moments before the incident, acting as an impartial witness and unequivocal proof to determine fault. This objective evidence is admissible in court and can help to safeguard your company from fraudulent or weak litigation.

Driver training

Driver-facing dash cams help facilitate the training and coaching of beginner-level truckers and even veterans to improve their safe driving skills. Although many electronic logging devices track driver behavior such as sudden braking and quick acceleration, truck dash cams allow you to see operators and their point of view. Fleet managers can use video footage to point out errors, give specific advice, and offer incentives by maintaining a safe-driving scorecard.

Speedy claims process

A truck dashcam can eliminate ambiguity that usually delays an insurance claims process. With clear evidence in video format, the claim is likely to be more quickly resolved. For instance, even if the truck driver is at fault, the relevant clips of the dash cam footage can fast-track extensive – and expensive – investigations.

Decreased insurance rates

An increasing number of insurance providers offer discounts to commercial fleets that install and use dashcams. Carriers that use dashcams signal to their insurers that they’re serious about driver and vehicle safety.

Bottom line

Dashcams increase drivers’ visibility and reduce the chances of accidents. Although the upfront device and installation cost can be great – particularly for large fleets – the dashcam recordings act as indisputable eyewitnesses and can exonerate innocent drivers. If you are a safety-conscious trucker or fleet operator, dashcams can be a great solution to prevent potential liabilities and reduce costs in the long run.

Azuga Fleet Dashcams and GPS Tracking Software

Improve driver safety and reduce accident claims. 70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Dashcam video proves it.

Azuga Fleet Dashcams and GPS Tracking Software

Improve driver safety and reduce accident claims. 70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Dashcam video proves it.