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Are dashcams worth it for truckers?

There is nothing more important than safety for truckers. In fact, truckers are required to carry their own operating licenses to fully ensure their safety, but even so, accidents happen. 

Luckily, dashcams can remove the guesswork of what happened in an accident, which can protect you, as a truck driver, both legally and monetarily, all while expediting the process of filing insurance claims. While dashcams are a standard practice in the industry, you might still be wondering if dashcams are worth it for truckers. 

Keep reading to find out the answer to the question, “are dashcams worth it for truckers?” 

What Is a Dashcam For Truckers?

A dashcam is a single, dual or multi-facing camera system that is installed inside of a vehicle. Some dashcams only record the road ahead while others will also capture in-cab footage and video on either side of the truck. 

There are also AI-dashcams, which can document the behavior of drivers. It is not mandatory for commercial trucks to have a dashcam installed, but some jurisdictions do impose restrictions, not only on the use of dashcams but regarding the placement as well. 

However, truck dashboard cameras are becoming the norm in regard to preventing accidents and identifying negligent driving. Let’s take a look at five benefits of using dashcams. 

5 Benefits of a Dashcam in Trucks

The National Transportation Safety Board recommends using onboard video systems, such as dashcams, in commercial vehicles. Here are five benefits of dash cameras for truckers.

Driver Training

AI-powered dashcams use in-cab, driver-facing cameras to track driver behaviors and habits. This information is then either sent to a fleet manager or automatically graded by AI itself, resulting in a list of improvements and scores. 

Although many electronic logging devices (ELDs) track driver behavior, including sudden braking and quickly accelerating, truck dashcams can let you see operators and their point of view on the road. 

Legal Protection

It is widely assumed that a company is liable for its vehicles when they are involved in accidents. For owner-operators, this can be an extreme liability, but with dashcams, you will have footage to look at and provide as proof in the event of legal proceedings. 

Faster Claims Process

In addition to the legal protection that a dashcam can provide, a truck dashcam eliminates ambiguities that can hold up the insurance claim process. With clear evidence captured with up to 4K video quality, claims can be resolved quickly. Even if the truck driver is at fault, the relevant clips of the dashcam footage can fast-track costly investigations.

Lower Insurance Rates

An increasing number of insurance providers offer discounts to commercial fleets that install and use dashcams. Carriers that use dashcams lighten the workload of their insurers, dashcams are a clear sign that vehicle safety is a priority.

Preventing Insurance Fraud

Since many people see companies as the liable party regardless of whether or not their driver is the one at fault, plenty of people will say that a truck driver hit them. Dashcams can remove any doubt of the party at fault. 

So, Are Dashcams Worth It? 

Dashcams increase the transparency of drivers, both in terms of their actions and their inactions. The right dashcam can make drivers and fleets safer and more streamlined. 

Although the upfront costs of the device and the installation process can pile up, especially for large fleets, the savings that dashcams can provide are innumerable. As an indisputable eyewitness, dashcams can exonerate innocent drivers and reduce your liability. 

If you are a safety-conscious trucker or fleet operator, you should equip all trucks in your fleet with a dashcam. They are absolutely worth it for truckers.


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Are Truckers Required to Have a Dashcam?

Even though the NTSB recommends that all trucks have dashcams installed in them, it is not a requirement.

Do Truck Cameras Have Audio?

Yes, many dashcam systems have audio, though not all of them do, so check the specs before you purchase any dashcam.

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