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Do Dashcams Reduce Truck Accident Fraud?

Auto-insurance claims cost the insurance and commercial fleet industries millions of dollars annually, and it’s not all above board. Criminals target insured vehicles intending to cause an accident and then seek restitution from the other party. 

Fleet dashcams can reduce truck accident fraud, saving time, effort and money. Dashboard cameras keep a time-stamped record of all road incidents, storing them safely and securely for easy retrieval. Video recordings take the subjectivity out of accident reports. They can provide enough evidence to allow the insurance company to settle claims without a trial, saving time, effort and money. 

What Is Accident Fraud?

Accident fraud entails fraudulent insurance claims for loss or injury caused by an auto collision. Accident fraud may include claims for losses not incurred and may include accidents staged to make money from the victim’s insurance company.

Types of Truck Accident Fraud Schemes

Accident fraud is a reality. Criminals target insured vehicles. Because of this, drivers of new and commercial vehicles are the most likely to fall victim to truck accident fraud schemes.

Swoop and Squat

A swoop and squat maneuver involves deliberately setting up an accident. Two or more cars are needed for this scam. One vehicle moves in front of the target while the other hems in the target. The driver of the front vehicle slams on brakes so that the target back-ends them. The criminals make claims for damages and injuries. They often carry passengers who will also make injury claims. Sometimes a third car will cut in front of the criminal vehicle and leave the accident scene, having provided the back-ended driver with an excuse for braking.    

Side Swipe

This maneuver happens in four-lane traffic. The driver indicates a left turn and the vehicle on the opposite side motions the driver to cross. He moves to make the turn, and the opposing car moves to cut him off. Another car drives into the side of the victim’s car, and the vehicle that caused the accident makes a quick getaway. The driver and passengers in the offending vehicle all claim that the driver making the turn caused the accident. Without video evidence, the victim will pay.  

Panic Stop

In this scam, the criminals drive in front of the targeted vehicle. The passengers watch the victim for signs of distraction. When the victim looks away from the road, passengers tell the driver in the leading car. The driver slams on the brakes and causes a rear-end accident. The passengers claim false or inflated injuries, and because it is a back-end accident, the assumption is that the victim is at fault.

Drive Down

The criminal signals the driver to change lanes. When the driver makes the move, the criminal accelerates to cause an accident and denies signaling. 

How Dashcams Can Reduce Truck Accident Fraud

Fleet dashcams can protect your business and your drivers from costly litigation. GPS tracking also ensures that you always know the location of your vehicles

Video Evidence

Dashcams offer indisputable evidence of what happened at the time of the accident. Video evidence will support or oppose any verbal evidence of the accident details. Dashcams are designed to automatically record and store information when there is sudden braking or acceleration. The footage can help to resolve any insurance claims. 

Vehicle Acceleration Data

Fleet dash cams use telematics to provide information on vehicle acceleration. G-sensors pick up sudden stops or acceleration to record a possible traffic event like a collision. Insurance companies can use videos and telematics information to support or refute written and recorded evidence.

Speeding Information

Speed affects the severity of an accident and can offer supporting evidence in the case of auto insurance fraud. The impact damage will differ if the back-ended car has slammed on brakes compared to traveling at a normal speed. The impact severity is a function of both vehicles’ speed, so providing investigators with your speed will back your claim. 

Previous Driving Behavior

Connected to your telematics, a fleet dashcam is a potent tool for recording and correcting driver behavior. More sophisticated models include artificial intelligence that can detect driver fatigue and alert the driver to the problem. In the event of an accident, the driver’s previous driving record will provide convincing evidence of their attitude to road safety. 

Avoid Negligence Claims

Lone drivers may find it difficult to disprove negligence claims, particularly when they have back-ended another vehicle. The criminal driver and passengers may all claim negligence. A dual-facing dashcam records the road ahead and driver activity. The video footage can help you to avoid negligence claims as the driver can provide video proof of their actions at the time of the accident.  

Minimize Truck Accidents with Dashcams

Dashcam evidence can save your business from unnecessary litigation and help to support your case when an insurance claim is made. Many insurance companies offer financial incentives for low claims, so you can also save money by protecting your fleet with dashcams. 

GPS tracking means you always know where your vehicles are, and with the right dashcam, you can also help your drivers develop safer on-road habits. The best truckers’ dashcams have evolved to include artificial intelligence (AI) that monitors driver behavior. Fleet dashcams recognize driver fatigue and send driver alerts to prevent accidents. The recordings also provide fleet managers with data they can use for future training.  


How common are fleet accidents

The incidence of fleet accidents is about 20%. Fleet drivers spend many hours on the road, so fleet accidents are more likely.

What do fleet smart dashcams track?

Fleet smart dashcams track all activity on the road ahead and in the driver’s cabin. Tracked data includes speeding, harsh braking and distracted driving. Fleet dashcams also have GPS tracking. 

Do dashboard cameras reduce insurance costs?

Dashboard cameras can reduce your insurance costs. Insurance premiums are calculated according to your risk profile. If you reduce your fleet claims with fleet dashcams and telematics, your insurance premiums should come down.

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