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What are trucking authority packages?

If you’ve been wanting to obtain your trucking authority, but you’ve let the fees and requirements associated with it intimidate you, it’s time to look at trucking authority packages. 

These packages do the paperwork and filing for you, leaving you to be stress free while simply waiting to get your authority. They know what you need and what you don’t, and they have the resources to help you succeed, often faster than you could on your own. 

Don’t let intimidation keep you from making the next move, see what the best trucking authority packages can do for you and your future. 

How Do Trucking Authority Packages Work?

Is a trucking authority package a requirement for obtaining your trucking authority? No, but it sure can expedite and alleviate the hassles involved with the process. 

Trucking authority packages work by having agents work to file the information you need to obtain your authority. With certain filings requiring professionals, choosing a trucking authority package is a move that can save in many ways. 

What Are Trucking Authorities?

A trucking authority, also known as an operating authority, is permission granted by the government to get paid to move freight and there are several different types of it.  

Motor Carrier of Property [Except Household Goods]

Required for companies, motor carriers, or individuals providing or arranging transportation of property, excluding household goods, to the public or other shipping partners in exchange for payment. Operators must have proof of liability, including bodily injury and property damage, filed with FMCSA to obtain this operating authority. 

Motor Carrier of Household Goods

Required for companies, motor carriers, or individuals providing or arranging transportation of household goods to private parties or individuals in exchange for payment. This type is generally where moving companies, furniture companies, delivery companies, and the like will fall under. 

Broker of Property [Except Household Goods]

This type of operating authority is required for arranging the transportation or delivery of personal property and goods that are not household goods. The broker is never in possession of the property or goods and therefore never assumes responsibility for it. 

Broker of Household Goods

This type of operating authority is required for arranging the transportation or delivery of household goods. The broker is never in possession of the household goods and therefore never assumes responsibility for it. This registration will be required if the company transporting the household goods provides any or all of the following services: 

U.S.-based Enterprise Carrier of International Cargo [Except Household Goods]

Required for companies that are based in the United States and transport cargo internationally, excluding household goods, while the majority owner or controller greater than 55% is a Mexican citizen or resident alien. The cargo must either originate or be shipped to a country outside the United States. 

U.S.-based Enterprise Carrier of International Household Goods

Required for companies that are based in the United States and transport household goods internationally while the majority owner or controller, greater than 55%, is a Mexican citizen or resident alien. The household goods shipment must either originate or be shipped to a country outside the United States. 

Freight Forwarder Authority

Freight forwarders ship using their own bills of lading. They arrange and ship the cargo per the client’s instructions and are responsible for the shipment. Freight forwarders can be individuals or companies that are available to transport property for the public. 

How Long Does It Take To Become a Trucking Authority?

Without a trucking authority package, it generally takes 5 to 7 weeks to receive your trucking authority. This is because you will need to register, apply, and receive approval for the proper numbers. 

Trucking authority packages save you time and money by ensuring you’ve timely and properly filed paperwork, avoiding mistakes and delays. With the best trucking authority packages, you could obtain your authority in a minimum of 23 to 25 days. 

How Much Does This Process Cost? 

The main cost involved with obtaining your trucking authority will be the one-time filing fee of $300 with the FMCSA. Each type of operating authority needed will require a separate filing fee with the FMCSA. Separate filing fees are likely to be experienced along the way as you obtain the numbers and documents required. 

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Trucking Authority? 

Becoming your own trucking authority can absolutely have its advantages, including the following: 

What to Consider When Choosing a Trucking Authority Package

Varying trucking authority packages can help ease the hassles that come with registering and applying for your own authority. Know what factors are key to making your own way happen sooner than later. 

Costs Included in Package

While most trucking authority packages will have a similar federal filing fee, the other fees and associated costs may vary greatly depending on your services required. Most companies offer different packages for federal, state, and broker filings to ensure your needs are met. 

These different packages will vary in cost. Fees filed with the FMCSA are non-refundable, which means it’s crucial to ensure you know what type of authority you need to obtain. This is one reason why these packages can be so beneficial to truck drivers, they help you pinpoint what you do and don’t need so you aren’t left to waste money on unnecessary fees, and more. 

Level of Registration

As we said above, what registrations you require will help you decide what package is best for you. How many states you operate in, if you’re a carrier or broker, what numbers you need to obtain, and similar factors are important to note when looking at the different packages offered. While a lower price point may be appealing, not all packages will cover all the resources you need.  

Quality of Service

The company you choose to purchase a trucking authority package through needs to be able to fulfill their commitment to you. Sure, you can file for your trucking authority on your own, but it can be a long, complicated, and stressful process to go through by yourself. 

When you pair yourself with a company committed to assisting you, it’ll be a painless process that can be accomplished in no time. What support do they offer in addition to their packages? 

What’s their customer support like? Researching the package is important, yes, but ensuring the company you go with is reputable and conducive to your needs is a must. 


Anytime filing is involved, there is a timeline that needs to be considered. The best trucking authority packages generally follow strict guidelines to ensure you can obtain your authority as quickly as possible. 

They have procedures in place to ensure the proper documents are sent out in a timely manner avoiding unnecessary delays along the way. Before you sign up, you need to know what you’re looking at timewise so you can only help set yourself up for success. 

There may be timeline requirements once the filing begins and this is something you need to know so you can avoid wasted fees.  

Benefits of Having a Trucking Authority Package 

Paperwork can be such a hassle, even if you know what paperwork you need! Avoid the hassles and let the right trucking authority package work for you. 

Saves You Time & Money

Having a trucking authority package can save you time and money in more ways than one. Many truck drivers aren’t certain which operating authority they will be required to have, and with a non-refundable fee of $300, it isn’t something to take lightly. 

Knowing you’re filing for exactly what you need and nothing you don’t is a peace of mind you can easily have with the right package. Filing documents with the FMCSA can take time, these companies have professionals in place that can do it in a timely manner and without any mistakes. They’ll help keep you compliant while only spending the money you need. 

Support System

As we said above, filing for the incorrect trucking authority is costly. Having a support system that will help you know what you need is hard to beat. If things change and you need to update an MC Number or the like, they’ll be there to help. 

Customer service is always a critical piece to look at. When you need help, you don’t want to question if you went with the right company. 

Additional Benefits In the Package

Additional benefits the package offers may not be critical but are definitely worth considering. These can actually be the factors that set packages apart from each other. 

Many packages will offer varying forms of additional support or resources at no cost. Getting access to reputable load boards can be a major benefit with the right trucking authority package! Set yourself up for success by signing up for a package that has perks that’ll work for you. 

Free Yourself Without the Hassle

When you’re ready to make the move and become your own boss with your trucking authority, you can rest easy knowing it is possible without the hassle. The fees and paperwork requirements are easy to be deterred by. 

Thankfully, companies are out there to help you get it done the right way in the right time frame. With the best trucking authority packages, you can get far more than just your trucking authority. Perks matter, make sure they can help you get where you’re working towards. 


Is it better to have your own authority in trucking?

Having your own authority in trucking allows for more control and higher earning potential, but also requires more responsibility like obtaining insurance, licensing, and handling your own taxes.

What is the difference between a DOT number and a MC number?

A DOT number is a unique identifier assigned to a company by the Department of Transportation, while an MC number is a license provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that authorizes a company to provide interstate commercial trucking services.

What is common authority in trucking?

Common authority in trucking refers to when multiple carriers band together and share authority by forming an agreement and operating under a single DOT number, which reduces costs but also reduces independence.

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