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5 Companies That Offer Shipping To China

Global companies have been shipping products out of China for decades. But what about shipping into China? With growing demand in the Chinese market for international products, companies today wonder how they can ship to China and the cheapest way to do so. 

So check out these five U.S. companies that offer eCommerce shipping to China and expand your international operations today.

Quicklook: Top Companies That Ship to China

  • Best For Total Fulfillment: ShipBob
  • Best For Convenience: USPS
  • Best For Largest Network: UPS
  • Best For Freight: FedEx 
  • Best For Value: DHL

5 U.S. Carriers That Ship To China

These five U.S. carriers offer efficient and affordable shipping to China: 

  • ShipBob 
  • USPS 
  • UPS 
  • FedEx
  • DHL


ShipBob is a global fulfillment solution trusted by over 7,000 ecommerce businesses. Named the number one fulfillment technology by AdWeek’s Retail Awards, ShipBob boasts a 99.95% accuracy rate, with 99.96% of orders shipping on time across the world. 

Their end-to-end fulfillment system starts when you connect your store, import your products and send ShipBob your inventory. Then they combine your inventory in their fulfillment centers. When a customer places an order, they can ship from the nearest fulfillment center straight to your customer. 

Services offered: 

  • Total fulfillment
  • FDA-certified handling


  • Yes
  • Up to $100 for 1.875% of the value indicated on the shipment’s invoice

Delivery Options: 

  • International Standard: 3-14 day delivery
    • DHL Global Mail
    • UPS MI
    • UPS
    • DHL Express
    • FedEx
    • USPS
  • International Expedited: 1-6 day delivery
    • UPS
    • DHL Express
    • FedEx



You may think of your local United States Postal Service office as a resource only for domestic shipping. But the USPS is actually one of the least expensive and fastest international shippers for packages originating in the U.S. And, as of 2022, USPS ships to China. 

Keep in mind that any products shipped through USPS internationally will be transferred to a local courier service, such as China Post, once it reaches customs. So, unfortunately, your tracking information will stop updating on the USPS website, but you can continue tracking on the China Post’s ParcelApp website. 

Services offered: 

  • Ships any product allowed by Chinese customs


  • Yes
  • Priority Mail International
  • Only up to 66 pounds 

Delivery Options: 

  • Priority Mail Express International: 3-5 business days
  • Priority Mail International: 6-10 business days
  • First Class International Service: 11-20 business days


With an ongoing presence in China since 1988, UPS knows a thing or two about getting your products to Chinese consumers. They have over 200 weekly flights to and from major business centers such as Chengdu, Qingdao, and Zhengzhou, so shipping time and delivery options are faster and more flexible. 

The carrier also offers customized support and detailed resources about shipping to the Chinese market to make the best shipping decisions for your company and have peace of mind that your business is in good hands.

Services offered: 

  • Ships any product allowed by Chinese customs
  • Specialized equipment handling
    • Industrial machinery 
    • Medical equipment


  • Yes
  • $1.05 for each $100 worth of value that you ship

Delivery Options:

  • Worldwide Expedited: 2-5 business days
  • Worldwide Saver: 6-10 business days


FedEx is another major carrier offering superior service to U.S. companies shipping to China. With over 8,000 employees across 400 Chinese cities, FedEx is not only an excellent option for shipping in China, but their facility at the Guangzhou airport serves as a hub for the entire Asia Pacific region. 

With FedEx, you can ensure your shipments to China will arrive quickly for an affordable price. In addition, they have 30 weekly flights between China and the U.S. via their Boeing 777 Freighter Service. 

Services offered: 

  • Ships any product allowed by Chinese customs
  • Shipments over 150 pounds 


  • Yes
  • Insurance for goods valued between $100 and $300 costs $3 
  • Every additional $100 value adds $1

Delivery Options: 

  • International Priority – 3-5 business days
  • International Economy – 6-10 business days


DHL Express has been operating in China since 1986. The company has over 7,000 employees throughout 141 service centers in the country. Renowned as the leading carrier for worldwide shipments, DHL typically offers lower prices than its competitors with more shipping options. 

Besides air freight, DHL also offers transportation and distribution services that include pallets, containers, and other cargo shipping via ocean liners and rail. They also have cash on delivery and door-to-door tracking services. 

Services offered: 

  • Ships any product allowed by Chinese customs
  • Freight cargo shipping


  • Yes
  • 3% of the insured value of the goods

Delivery Options: 

  • International Express: 3-6 business days

How Does Shipping To China Work? 

Once you understand the process, shipping to China can be simple. First, be sure the product you want to ship is allowed to be imported into China. 

Then, package your products in approved and secure packaging to prevent items from getting damaged or denied at customs. Finally, choose an appropriate shipping company that can help you through every step of the process. 

What Are the Shipping Fees in China?

Besides the fees charged by the shipping company, there are some costs associated with shipping to China any importer needs to be aware of. For example, all goods imported into China are subject to either a 13% or 17% VAT import tax. Currently, the average tariffs in China are 6.5%.

What Documents Do I Need To Provide When Shipping to China?

Any items imported into China need an air waybill, a commercial invoice, and a packing list. 

Commercial Invoice and Air Waybill

An airway bill is a document that accompanies products shipped internationally by air. This airway bill and a commercial invoice are needed for your products to enter China. The commercial invoice must state the reason for export, shipping date, Incoterms, the quantity of goods and their description, declared value of the items, weight, and country of origin.

Packing List for Larger Shipments

For any shipments requiring more than one box or weighing over 100kg, you also need to include a packing list for Chinese customs so they can complete their inspection quickly and easily. This packing list needs to accurately describe each parcel and its contents, including the number of goods, packing method, net, and gross weight, and be signed by the shipper. 

What To Consider When Shipping To China

Unlike domestic shipping, shipping to China requires understanding another country’s rules and methods for transporting goods. 

Handling and Customs Times

While modern shipping companies can transport goods to the other side of the world in days, once products reach China, they can be subject to additional handling and customs times. Having all your paperwork clearly in order can help prevent customs delays.

Location-Based Delays

Depending on where in China your customers are, it may take considerably longer for them to receive your packages. China is a huge country, and most shipping companies only have a handful of distribution centers for distributing goods across the country. 

Government Regulations

Government regulations around shipping in China are known to be strict. Foreign companies cannot import a long list of products into the country, many of which may surprise ecommerce businesses. They also have regulations around the packaging and paperwork that needs to be used when importing into the country.

Local Holidays

With most shippers inside China closing for local holidays, international businesses can be caught off guard if they don’t keep up with the nation’s holidays. So stay ahead by checking if a national holiday could affect your shipping times. 

Expand Your Ecommerce Business by Shipping to China

As a fast-growing global market, many ecommerce companies wonder how they can ship to China. While there are plenty of rules and regulations to be aware of, the process can be simple with the right shipping company. 


Is Shipping to China Available?

Yes, there’s a wide range of shipping options to China, including ShipBob, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Can UPS Ship to China Now?

Yes, UPS is again shipping to China.

What Is the Cheapest Way To Ship a Package to China?

The least expensive way to ship a package to China depends on what you’re trying to ship. Of the leading shipping companies, ShipBob and DHL often have the best rates.

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