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Verizon ELD Review

Verizon supplies electronic logging devices (ELDs) to trucking companies so that their fleets are in compliance with FMCSA standards. The Verizon ELD operates in conjunction with the Verizon Connect fleet management system to provide the accuracy and adaptability required for compliance.

Verizon’s advanced ELD logbook is being used by fleet managers and truckers all around the world to accurately report the necessary data. We've broken down every aspect of the Verizon ELD below so you can figure out if it’s the right equipment for your company.

How Does a Verizon ELD Work?

Verizon ELD uses GPS fleet monitoring to provide organizations with a complete picture of their fleet management operations. Fleet managers can view all of their vehicles on the same screen and immediately spot unsafe driving habits thanks to integrated fleet tracking. 

This product utilizes fleet management software that can be run from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. With fleet management system implementation and mobile device assistance for your commercial drivers, this ELD solution makes DOT compliance much easier. 

The Verizon ELD even provides real-time driving status updates. Fleet managers can then have greater supervision over their fleet efficiency when their vehicles are on the go. Let’s answer some Verizon ELD FAQs! 

Verizon ELD FAQs

We've put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Verizon ELD, which you can find below:

How does Verizon Connect Assist Companies with Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance? 

Verizon Connect offers hours-of-service tracking software for commercial trucks, which can help you enhance productivity and track driver fatigue, both of which assist companies with compliance regarding hours of service. 

Does the Verizon Connect Record Audio?

No, Verizon Connect does not record audio.

Does the Verizon ELD Come With GPS?

Yes, the Verizon ELD offers precise engine information and also near-real-time GPS location data to a logging device or app. With their GPS fleet management software, the Verizon ELD can help you decrease your fleet’s fuel expenses and boost efficiency.

Does Verizon Provide the ELD Software? 

Yes, Verizon provides all of the ELD software that you need. You can even seek assistance with the installation of your software via detailed step-by-step instructions.

Can I Bring My Own ELD Device to Verizon?

Yes, all Verizon ELDs are BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device.

Performance Factors of Verizon ELD 

The Verizon ELD is packed with features designed to satisfy the demands of almost any trucking business. The Verizon Connect logbook can help you improve the efficiency of your fleet management operations as well. 

As part of the Verizon Connect fleet management service, the carrier will receive tools to help them analyze data and discover trends. The Verizon ELD also streamlines important activities like invoicing, timecards, and payroll. 

It does so by combining the acquired data with site leave, destination time, and motor usage. Their advanced ELD includes a portable scanner that allows drivers to input documents directly to the workplace from their car. 

The Verizon ELD keeps track of driver downtime, out-of-route travel time, and much more. These functions are helpful because they will aid in the fleet's productivity.

How Has the Verizon ELD Improved?

Verizon has updated its electronic logging device (ELD) and added a new asset tracking service. Some of their most recent services ensure that fleets can take advantage of every applicable exception, and they are kept up to speed on regulatory changes. 

Also, Verizon Connect’s mobile workforce platform now provides vital information about a service professional or freight forwarder, like their present location and expected arrival time. 

Best For 

When looking for an ELD, make sure the one from Verizon meets your company's needs before you commit to purchasing them for your fleet. During our review, we have found that the Verizon ELD is best for two main categories:

  • Fleets of all sizes
  • Budget-conscious businesses

The Verizon ELD is an excellent option for fleets of any size. When you choose Verizon Connect as your ELD solution, you’ll have access to a slew of benefits from a global leader in fleet telematics. 

This ELD solution will work with your Verizon Connect fleet management system, providing you with the fleet customization options that you need. Let’s take a look at the pros and the cons of the Verizon ELD to better assist you as you make your decision. 

Verizon ELD: A Top ELD Solution

The Verizon ELD is an excellent option if you need a flexible electronic logging device. It offers a wide array of fleet management features, and it is supported by one of the largest communication providers in the country. The Verizon ELD is among the top ELDs on the market, and it offers reasonable prices for businesses of all sizes. 

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Reveal Basic Plan – $35/month

Monthly Subscription – $10 (minimum 36 month contract)

  • The Reveal Basic Plan includes the Verizon Connect Tracking system along with a number of compliance and tracking features.

Pros & Cons


Several key benefits were highlighted during our review of the Verizon ELD, including:

  • You can keep records of daily logs and monitor your fleet via GPS functionality.
  • The tools are excellent at helping you save money and increasing productivity.
  • You can reduce the amount of unapproved use of business vehicles in use.
  • You’ll also be able to elevate your employees’ safety while driving.


The following points are some of the drawbacks of the Verizon ELD:

  • Mediocre customer service
  • Dissatisfaction with the tablets’ inability to maintain a connection with the vehicle
  • Reports of inaccessible GPS technology and reliability for some drivers

User Reviews

I thought motive was bad
Roger — 02/22/24

I thought motive was as bad as it got I didn’t do my research and switched to Verizon. They told me everything I wanted to here but it was all lies. You can’t understand a word they say

Unhappy — 10/06/23

During your everyday duties as a driver, you are expected to document every step of your journey, including the miles driven, fuel used, engine data, HOS, and any inspection reports.
Per the FMCSA compliance drivers are expected to document every step of their journey including the miles driven, fuel used, engine data, HOS, and any inspection reports.

Was lied to
Deeez — 05/18/23

Got the service, was told they would install it. Waited like 2 weeks still no response, I put it in my truck and it has been messing up the entire time I had it in the truck now I want to cancel but they keep giving me the run around


Thinking about purchasing this elog. I have amotive now but they are really expensive. Does this elog track miles for IFTA? Can you self correct? Does it have PC, Yard Move?

Customer Service
Gil Galindo — 02/02/23

Had some problems, with ELDs not recording, a lot of lag time to catch up with the device, could not clear out failed DVIRS took like two weeks or so to figure out!, had issues with log in to portal, waited hours, then I called at 6pm central time and “tier two” personal were already off!! When you run a company that drivers use logs, it should not be a 7-5 support for that!!?

Eld Installation and Services
Dominick Young — 01/24/23

Signed up for they services paid for installation tech to come out to install none responded so I canceled the service not even 2 weeks after recurving device. And it been months they have been charging my account nor will they close out the account after complaints and receiving there device.

Worst customer service
Brohauler — 05/13/22

If you’re looking for a ELD company to give you the worst customer service and promise you the world and deliver nothing Verizon connect is the way to go. You will be assigned a success manager that never calls you, then when you call they transfer you to the best smoke blowers in the business.

ELLIS WRIGHT — 03/18/22


Ray Moore

Agreed. I’ve been having problems with my Verizon Connect ever since I got it.

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