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VAVA 4k Dash Cam Review

When you’re driving a truck, another pair of eyes…or another lens…is invaluable. A quality dash cam like the VAVA 4k is more than a smart purchase; it’s an investment into your driving career, the safety of yourself and others on the road. 

The VAVA 4k dash cam provides image clarity, wide-coverage, secure recording, and versatile controls that will give you complete confidence on the road, no matter how long the haul. 

How Does the VAVA 4k Dash Cam Work?

The VAVA 4k is a small camera with the ability to capture still photographs as well as record video. The device is easily secured to the interior of your vehicle’s windshield, where it can be angled to capture the desired view. 

Generally, a dash cam is set to record continuously during drive time, as a means of recording any incidents on the road. The VAVA 4k can be set to record over its data on a loop or, for night security, to activate recording with motion.

The VAVA camera itself can be controlled in several ways. Users can use buttons on the camera itself, capture a photo with a remote button, or use the mobile app. 

The mobile app allows you to customize exactly how you want your dashcam to record. The app is accessible online, too, and is an easy way to access and control settings and footage. Use can log and record their traveled routes via the built-in GPS in the VAVA 4k, too.

VAVA 4k Dash Cam FAQs

So, what sets the VAVA 4k dash cam apart from the competition? In addition to functionality and reliability, the VAVA 4k and mobile app incorporate intuitive user features that make it easy to set up and use your dash cam.

How Do You Set Up a VAVA 2k Dash Cam?

Setting up a VAVA 2k or 4k is as simple as downloading the VAVA mobile app, creating a unique user profile and selecting your preferred settings, and securing your dash cam to the vehicle windshield to begin recording.

How Do I Connect My VAVA Dash Cam?

Connect your phone to the VAVA Wi-Fi, then open the app to connect to your dash cam. For added security, rename and choose a new password for your VAVA Wi-Fi connection.

How Do You Delete Videos On a VAVA Dash Cam?

The VAVA 4k dash cam will loop footage and automatically delete and replace old security footage, depending on your chosen settings. To delete the recorded video, images, or travel logs, select the file in the mobile app or remove the memory card from the dash cam and connect it to a computer to manually remove files.

Does VAVA 4k Dash Cam Record All The Time?

The VAVA 4k will record according to its chosen settings. It can record continuously and loop footage for different lengths of time and at different resolutions if the user selects these features. 

How Do You Hardwire a VAVA Dash Cam?

You can hardwire your VAVA 4k dash cam directly into your vehicle’s fuse box with an aftermarket hardwire kit, though this is not necessary to operate your dash cam.

Performance Factors of the VAVA 4k Dash Cam

The VAVA 4k offers the essential features driver look for in a dash cam device. Simple, no-frills construction paired with an easy-to-use app interface provide high-performance without hassle.

The VAVA 4k dash cam is effective as a security tool, with night vision and motion sensor modes. A remote button makes it simple to capture road images while operating a vehicle, enabling drivers to capture any moment for future reference. The high-resolution image and storage capacity make the VAVA 4k a standout option in terms of visual recording. 

Users need not worry about blurred or unfocused images or video, no matter what the weather happens to be doing. In addition, the dash cam mobile app GPS tracks and records travel routes for future reference, making the time and location of recordings quick and easy to determine.

Altogether, these features make the VAVA 4k a solid choice for truck drivers, in particular, with the overnight parking security and collision recording features especially providing additional peace of mind on the road.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Dimensions6.2 x 3.7 x 3.2 in
Resolution4K UHD resolution (3840X2160)
CPUAmbarella H22 chipset
Mounting TypeWindshield suction mount
Voice command No hands-free voice commands. Remote image capture button option included.
CameraYes, video and still image recording capacity
Storage256 GB
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo 
TrackingYes, GPS route tracking
Battery320 mAh built-in battery
Wireless connectionYes
Motion sensorIMX317, 3 axis accelerometer
Lens coverage155 degrees
Video/Image formatMP4/JPG
Power input5V-1A
Temperature rating-4 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit

How Has the VAVA 4k Dash Cam Improved?

The VAVA 4k comes with some key updates from previous versions. Most significantly, the ultra 4k resolution ensures a crystal-clear image. Updated firmware also includes additional layers of security for the dash cam to smart phone Wi-Fi connection. 

Upgrades also include the capacity to house larger-capacity SD memory cards and various improvements to mobile app functionality and user experience design.

Best For Semi Truck Drivers

Essential features and ease-of-use make the VAVA 4k one of the best choices for semi truck fleets.

Never Miss a Moment

With the VAVA 4k, increase your confidence and security, whether your vehicle is parked overnight or on the road. High-resolution dash cam footage, GPS tracking, wide visual field, looping, and secure file storage make the VAVA 4k a great choice for any driver. However, truck drivers, in particular, will appreciate the intuitive mobile app interface and value-adding features.



Pros & Cons


The VAVA 4k dash cam does come with certain drawbacks that users should be aware of before purchase.

  • Best resolution of any dash cam currently on the market
  • Ability to easily control settings and review secure footage with seamless mobile app interface 
  • Night vision capability
  • 155-degree angle visual field
  • Collision-detecting motion sensor functionality 
  • Store looped footage on a MicroSD memory card
  • Reduce resolution to increase storage capacity
  • Activate parking monitor with collision detecting motion sensor
  • Capture still images with the press of a button while operating the vehicle
  • Access recorded footage as secure files online or through mobile app


The VAVA 4k dash cam does come with certain drawbacks that users should be aware of before purchase. 

  • Storage relies on SD memory card capacity
  • Unlike other VAVA models, the VAVA 4k does not include dual cameras, cab camera, or rearview camera
  • Must download smart phone app with Wi-Fi connectivity to operate dash cam effectively

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