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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam Review

While there are tons of dash cams on the market today, the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P dash cam is by far one of the most popular. However, it can be difficult to sort through all the hype and learn the truth about the performance capabilities of the Vantrue N2 Pro.

With that in mind, the experienced pros at FreightWaves Ratings conducted an in-depth review of the Vantrue N2 Pro. We addressed some of the most commonly asked questions about this dash cam and compiled all of this helpful information into a single article. 

This means that you can stop Googling broad phrases like “Vantrue N2 Pro how to watch videos on PC” or “How long will the Vantrue N2 Pro record on a 32GB SD card?” and simply enjoy your new purchase.

Read on to see what our experts had to say about the Vantrue N2.  

How Does Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam Work?

The Vantrue N2 Pro is a dual lens windshield-mounted dash cam. It provides video of the road ahead and the interior cabin of the vehicle. 

The Vantrue N2 store’s video on an SD card and records in a loop, which means that old videos are automatically deleted when the storage space is exhausted. 

The Vantrue also includes a G-sensor, which is designed to detect sudden momentum changes, such as those that occur in a traffic accident.

Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam FAQs

Below, we have answered several frequently asked questions regarding the Vantrue N2 Pro so that you can get the most out of your new dash cam.

How to Update Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam

Since the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P dash cam does not have WiFi capabilities, you will need to hardline it into your computer in order to download updates. Vantrue releases regular updates throughout the year, so it is important that you check for them periodically.

In order to download an update, simply plug your dash cam into your computer. Then, download the latest firmware update from Lastly, move the firmware file from your computer to the device in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

How Do You Install the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam?

Like many other dash cams, the Vantrue N2 Pro relies on a suction cup mount. Place the suction cup on your windshield, behind the rearview mirror. The camera should already be attached to the mount.

Once it is attached, insert the SD card and plug in the device. You will need to format the SD card if this is your first time using the camera, but more on that below. Next, select your desired video settings, such as the frame rate. Your device will then be ready for use.

How Do You Format SD Card on Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam?

The Vantrue N2 Pro is compatible with both 32GB and 64GB SD cards. Vantrue recommends using genuine Samsung evo cards and specifically warns against using SanDisk and Transcend cards. Below are the steps to format your SD card on the Vantrue N2 Prp Dual 1080P Dash Cam?

  1. Once your SD card is inserted, press the recording button (OK button).
  2. Next, press the “M” button to open the menu. 
  3. Lastly, select “System Setup” and choose the “Format” option. Your SD card will then be formatted and will be able to record video.

How to Move Files from the Vantrue N2 Pro to Your Computer

If you want to move files from your Vantrue N2 Pro to your computer, remove the SD card and insert it into your laptop. Then, select the files that you want to save and move them to the desired location on your computer’s hard drive.

How Long Can the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam Record?

The Vantrue N2 Pro records in a loop fashion, which means that it can capture video indefinitely. However, old video will be deleted once the SD card runs out of space. 

The exact amount of video that it can record will depend on several factors, such as the size of the SD card and your chosen quality settings. For instance, a 32GB card will not be able to store as much footage as a 64GB card.

Performance Factors of Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

The Vantrue N2 Pro has a 170-degree wide-angle front lens and a 140-degree rear lens. It captures video in crystal-clear 1080P and can operate in a wide range of temperatures. The Vantrue also has a parking mode and will automatically capture video when motion is detected.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Dimensions5.28” X 3.8” X 4.45”
Display Type1.5” LCD
Mounting TypeSuction cup
Voice commandNo
StorageUp to 64GB via SD card
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorYes, with optional GPS installed
Traffic ServicesYes, with optional GPS installed
Battery250mAh 3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery

How Has the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam Improved?

The Vantrue N2 Pro improved upon previous versions by adding the secondary camera. It also provides better nighttime video quality, more features, and improved performance. The N2 Pro is an excellent all-around dash cam that is great for commercial drivers and private vehicle owners.

Best For

The Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P dash cam is best for:

  • All fleet sizes
  • Rideshare drivers (Uber, Lyft, etc.)
  • Delivery drivers
  • Private vehicle owners with long commutes

Professional Quality Video at a Consumer-Friendly Price

While the Vantrue N2 Pro does cost a bit more than some of the more basic dash cam options, it also provides near-flawless video quality. It offers a great combination of features and performance, especially for a camera that is priced under $200. 

If you are in the market for a dual-lens camera that produces crystal-clear recording, the Vantrue is an excellent choice.If you want to be one of the first to know about important developments in the transportation and supply chain industries, check out the Freight Waves e-newsletter subscription. Our experts cover everything from new legislation to innovative


Hardware: $169.99

Hardware + SD card + GPS mount: $220 to $250

Pros & Cons


The advantages of the Vantrue N2 Pro include:

  • Easy installation
  • Excellent video footage, even at night
  • Crisp audio
  • 18-month warranty
  • Compact size


The drawbacks of the Vantrue N2 Pro are as follows:

  • No WiFi
  • GPS mount is sold separately

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