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Rand McNally DashCam 100 Review

The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 is an entry-level dash cam for professional drivers and private users alike. It combines the mapping technology that Rand McNally is known for with high-end cameras, G sensors for saving video files in case of sudden impact, and video looping. 

Also, features like time-lapse photography capture a beautiful sunset or landscape, making it an all-around travel camera option as well as a professional necessity. We’ll cover the specifications and advantages of the Rand McNally DashCam 100 in an in-depth review below.

How Does Rand McNally DashCam 100 Work?

The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 offers high-quality video in a compact design. It attaches easily to your rearview mirror or window with a suction cup mount. Additionally, this dash cam offers an extra-wide angle to capture the whole road, along with HD video. 

Whether you are in an accident or just want to track your journey, the automatic time and date stamp helps to identify and locate video footage. You can create memorable records of an entire journey through the timelapse feature. Loop recording automatically records over unused old video footage, saving valuable storage space. 

In case of an accident, the G sensor will automatically save the video. There is also a snapshot feature to make additional documentation of any collision. With its 4 GD SD card, 1.5 inch screen, night mode, time lapse, and full HD recording, the Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 compares to higher-end dash cams in features and performance.

Rand McNally DashCam 100 FAQs

If you’re considering the Rand McNally Dash Cam 100, here are the most important question to consider and some of the FAQ from the internet to help you get started:

How Do You Use Rand McNally DashCam?

The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 turns on automatically when it is connected by USB cable to a power source. The power bottom will turn the dash cam on or off.  

How Do I Enable Automatic Recording on Rand McNally DashCam 100?

To enable automatic recording, you need to adjust the settings in the setting menu. Select the feature called “power on record”. Choose the left or right arrows to scroll to “on”. Press the button with a camera on it to select it. 

How Can I Transfer Photos and Videos to a Computer?

You can transfer photos or videos to a computer by removing the micro SD card from its slot. Then, you’ll need to then use a full SD adaptor to then insert the micro SD card into your computer or card reader. 

Does Rand McNally DashCam 100 Have Safety Features?

The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 offers the G sensor to automatically save video footage from a collision or traffic incident. It also allows you to take additional still photos on the scene to increase reporting and safety documentation. 

What Is Included in the Rand McNally DashCam 100 Box?

The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 box includes the dash cam, suction cup mount, vehicle charger, and USB cable. You can also choose to order the optional microSD card. 

Performance Factors of Rand McNally DashCam 100

The main factors to look for in a good dash cam include video quality, night mode, G sensor for collision recording, and user interface. The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 functions as a high-end or professional dashcam at entry-level prices, making it an excellent choice for fleets of all sizes. From the HD video recording to the excellent night mode and G sensor, it will meet or exceed performance needs. 

Technical Specifications

The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 is a feature-rich dash cam with a small monitor screen and automatic power-on, including automatic recording. Here are the full specs:

Technical Specifications
Dimensions3.75 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
Resolution1920 x 1080p Full HD video quality
Display Type1.5 in. screen size
Mounting TypeSuction mount
Voice command No
Storage4 GB
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesNo
BatteryUSB power source within the vehicle.

How Has the Rand McNally DashCam 100 Improved?

The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 dashcam is the same model originally released in 2016. For those looking for larger storage or more features, you can consider the Rand McNally DashCam 300 or the Rand McNally DashCam 500, which are the new-and-improved more feature-rich offerings from Rand McNally beyond the Rand McNally DashCam 100.

Best For 

  • All fleet sizes 
  • Ease-of-use
  • High-end features at a budget price
  • Time-lapse recordings
  • Private use

An All Around Performer for Any Budget

The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 offers a feature-rich option for fleets of all sizes as well as for private use. The security of the G sensor along with the time-lapse and still HD camera options make it an excellent value for the money. If you want to consider upgrading to a high-end dash cam, look no further than the Rand McNally Dash Cam 100. 

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Pros & Cons


The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 has a lot to offer. From the security features that come with a G sensor and 4 GB of video storage, to the full HD video recordings. Beyond that, the time-lapse feature and the still photo options make it a good choice as an all-around camera combined with a dash cam.

  • Full HD video
  • Night Mode
  • G sensor
  • Automatic time and date stamp
  • Time-lapse feature to record an entire journey


While the feature-rich Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 is a star performer, there are some drawbacks for users. Rand Mcnally Dash Cam 100 problems may include:

  • Functionality issues like automatically rebooting while driving.
  • Reliability issues with the camera.
  • 4 GB of storage is not enough for certain uses where long-term video data is required.
  • Rand Mcnally Dash Cam 100 troubleshooting issues.
  • Users are unsure how to turn off audio on Rand Mcnally dash cam.

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