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Powerfleet LV-9000 ELD Review

Want to up your game and make your company more productive? The new Powerfleet LV-9000 Electronic Logging Device will keep track of all your drivers’ critical data and statistics of your drivers. It also functions as a GPS device that will make it faster for drivers to transition to their next stop.

Using the data provided by the Powerfleet LV-9000, you can better manage the performance and efficiency of your drivers. Using this technology, you can improve your productivity and gain insights into on-road safety. 

The Powerfleet LV-9000 logs and inputs the data, automatically taking away chores from the driver while increasing accuracy.

How Does the Powerfleet LV-9000 Work?

The Powerfleet LV-9000 works by plugging directly into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics to keep track of all statistics, such as engine status, fuel usage, and distance traveled. It also has GPS integration to give you up-to-date location information. 

All this data is logged and available for online viewing through the application. If anything requires immediate attention, the device will notify the driver and the company through an alert notification. 

Notifications from the LV-9000 help you spot potential problems and reduce maintenance costs. Because the data will be input automatically, driver logging errors and violations are reduced.

Also, of December 2017, all motor carriers, drivers, and operators that are responsible for maintaining RODS must use an approved ELD. The Powerfleet LV-9000 complies with this rule by accurately logging HOS. 

The LV-9000 is 8.5” x 4.5,” weighs 3.3lbs, and has a 7-inch display. It uses LTE for communicating data, with an integrated 3G fallback, and is Bluetooth compatible. For more specifications on this ELD, be sure to check out the product page.

Powerfleet LV 9000 FAQs

When choosing the best ELD trucking device for you, there are some things you should consider. In these frequently asked questions, shoppers have looked to see if the Powerfleet LV 9000  meets HOS regulations, what information it can provide, and if it has integrated GPS and mobile app capabilities.

Does the Powerfleet LV-9000 ELD Meet HOS Regulations?

Yes, the Powerfleet LV-9000 is ELD-compliant for tracking hours of service and helps drivers avoid HOS violations.

How Often Does the Powerfleet ELD Update Its Information?

The Powerfleet LV-9000 provides real-time information and updates its GPS by the minute.

Does the Powerfleet LV-9000 Have a GPS?

Yes, the Powerfleet LV-9000 features minute-by-minute GPS reporting and even supports Trinale MAPS COPILOT for dispatch integrated, truck-specific navigation.

Does the Powerfleet LV-9000 Work With Apple and Android Devices?

The Powerfleet LV-9000 current only integrates with Android devices via an app. 

What Information Can I Access Through the Powerfleet LV-9000?

The Powerfleet LV-9000 provides engine performance information, such as speed MPG, idle time, and fault codes in real-time. 

Performance Factors of the Powerfleet LV-9000

Trying to compare ELDs? Here are a few key performance factors you should look for in electronic logging devices and how the Powerfleet LV-9000 measures up.

  • User-Friendliness – Logs and inputs data automatically, allowing for easy overview through the android app
  • HOS Alerts – All information is timed by the minute to help avoid Hours of service violations.
  • Offline Reliability – The LV-9000 comes with a built-in LTE connection for permanent online functioning.
  • Driver Communications – Connects with dispatch for automatic uploading of stop addresses and real-time delivery information. 
  • Easy-to-Read Data Logging – All data is easily viewable through the android app.
  • Inspection Reports – The EDVIR creates inspection reports allowing you to see where your truck might require maintenance.
  • Ability to Edit Logs – You can edit logs, and edits are marked in red to show that changes have been made.
  • Diagnostic Evaluation – Integrated engine diagnostics help you identify maintenance problems before they happen.

How Has the Powerfleet LV-9000 Improved

The Powerfleet LV-9000 has evolved from its predecessor, the CM9000. It has made the user interface less bare-bones and more intuitive while adding extra features and functions to the software.

Best For 

The LV-9000 is an excellent ELD solution for any trucking company. However, there are a few categories in which this Powerfleet ELD stands put. 

  • Large Fleets
  • Integration
  • Ease of Use
  • Use in Harsh Environments 

Performance and Efficiency with Powerfleet

In an age where electronic logging devices are required by law, why not make this technology work for you as well. With the Powerfleet LV-9000 ELD, you can not only ensure compliance to HOS regulations but make everyone at your company’s jobs a little easier.


Powerfleet specializes in custom and large fleet solutions. For a price quote, contact Powerfleet directly.

Pros & Cons


There are many pros for trucking companies who implement the Powerfleet LV-9000 ELD in their fleet. These benefits include:

  • Takes over some of the driver’s responsibility of data input.
  • Always be up to date on vehicle location and performance through real-time information delivery.
  • Reduce idle time with interactive GPS integration. No more typing in addresses by hand.
  • Compliance with the ELD Mandate for HOS logging.
  • Identifies maintenance issues before they happen.
  • Integration with an Android app allows drivers to stay connected, even when they’re away from their truck.


While the Powerfleet LV-9000 stands out in the ELD market, there are a few cons to consider:

  • Pricing varies, and a custom quote is necessary
  • Primarily designed for large cargo and container fleets, could be overpowered for smaller fleets
  • Bulkier than other ELDs
  • Will require some familiarization to use all the functions


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