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NexTraq ELD Review

The Federal Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate has now been in effect for nearly 5 years but it remains a difficult topic for many to fully understand. Some companies have been working hard to create programs that do the ELD mandate work for you, and NexTraq ELD, which is owned by Michelin, is a product of that innovation.

Let's take a closer look at the NexTraq ELD system, and how it is used to help truckers meet the requirements of the ELD mandate, as well as its many other functions aimed at helping fleet managers and improving driver safety. 

How Does NexTraq ELD Work?

NexTraq is an app-based electronic logging device that aims to keep entire fleets of trucks road-ready in terms of the ELD mandate. Additionally, the NexTraq ELD goes well beyond the requirements laid out by mandates as well. 

The NexTraq team installs a monitor as well as two cameras, and then it shows drivers how to use the mounting system. They are also shown how to utilize the smartphone app, which makes it possible for drivers to access information about required maintenance.

The app also provides GPS tracking, schedules and simplifies inspections, increases driver accountability by incorporating dashcams, and even has in-vehicle alarm systems to help with driver focus and awareness of things like sharp corners or steep grades.

When a company chooses to use NexTraq ELD, they also receive free installation of all equipment, driver training, and customer support they seem to pride themselves on based on their website and user testimonials. 

NexTraq ELD FAQs

Here are a few questions and answers that consumers of ELD programs have asked about NexTraq.

How Can NexTraq Benefit My Business?

The ELD Mandate went into effect in 2017, so adaptations are still pretty novel. NexTraq is a product/service combination for fleet management that allows you to track your drivers and ensure every truck is properly equipped to meet mandated standards, keeping you out of any hot water. 

What Makes NexTraq Different From Other Fleet Tracking Companies?

Based on reviews, customer service with NexTraq is pretty fantastic. Since many fleets still don’t know the easiest ways to properly comply with the ELD mandates, a responsive customer service team is certainly a big plus. 

The integrated system that schedules inspections and relays reports is another feature not available on all ELD systems, and one that makes for a lot of time and money saved in scheduling, and they also have frequent upgrades to their equipment, included with the three-year contract, which is the minimum, but we’ll touch on that more in a moment. 

Does NexTraq Offer Software Integration?

It does. The software is cloud-based and includes a work scheduling board, task allocation, routing, and other business-related notifications in addition to all of the tracking and safety measures. 

Does the NexTraq ELD Have a GPS?

The NexTraq ELD has a GPS. In fact, one of the primary functions of the NexTraq ELD device is its GPS tracking system. It connects every vehicle in a fleet as desired. Plus, it provides GPS location tracking and routing for any and all vehicles that your team equips with the NexTraq gear.

What Smartphones Work With NexTraq Connect?

The NexTraq Connect app for drivers works with all iPhones and iPads that have iOS 14.0 or newer, as well as all Androids with a 6.0 operating system at a minimum.

Performance Factors of NexTraq ELD

Relative to the ELD mandates, NexTraq ELD checks all the boxes, and it has some great bonus features that set it apart from many others:

  • Fleetwide GPS feature keeps track of every truck within your network. 
  • Real-time HOS tracking and cloud storage
  • Easy maintenance and inspection scheduling
  • Two-way dash cams keep drivers accountable 
  • Driver warning system alerts about upcoming unsafe conditions 

How Has the NexTraq ELD Improved?

With software updates and related training as part of the three-year commitment, software and capability improvements are made regularly. NexTraq has also added driver alerts, and there’s even a function that lets you disable other apps on a mobile device while the ELD system is running. 

This can be beneficial in the sense that it minimizes the possibility of a distraction for the driver. The initial offering was pretty robust in and of itself, so most upgrades have been fairly minimal since the first launch.

Best For 

NexTraq can help improve any company, but it’s best suited for:

  • Seamless scheduling for large fleets
  • Driver accountability issues, like cameras and hour logs
  • Safety issues and driver alerts
  • ELD training programs
  • Multilingual companies
    • English
    • French Canadian
    • Spanish

NexTraq is a Solid Choice for ELD Compliance

There are some solid competitors to the NexTraq ELD, but with their customer support, dedication to innovation, and experience, NexTraq ELD is a proven choice for getting your fleet in compliance. Additionally, the software is readily upgradeable and the company will provide training on the upgrades.

This adds a level of longevity and also makes the minimum three-year contract a bit more palatable. Changes will certainly continue to happen surrounding the ELD mandates, but NexTraq is doing as well as any of its competitors at keeping up to speed and keeping drivers compliant and safe behind the wheel.


NexTraq is a company that integrates many of its products together, including a few that make up the ELD package. With that, pricing can vary depending on your needs but is considered a value by the majority of reviewers, but you can also contact the company for a quote.

Pros & Cons


  • Two-way dash cams 
  • Increased accountability for all drivers on the road
  • Training offered for programs and all updates
  • Driver alerts to keep them safe while protecting cargo
  • Highly touted customer support


  • Must request price quote
  • Minimum 3 year contract

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