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Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam Review

The Nextbase 422GW has a standard dashcam design. The 422GW Dash Cam is a versatile device with Alexa compatibility and a touch interface that supports different camera models. You can make calls and send messages while on the go, and you can capture video in beautiful 1440p HD at 30 frames per second. The 422GW was created to give high-resolution, comprehensive visuals of everything on the road.

How Does Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam Work?

The Nextbase 422GW is a plug-and-play device. When you insert the SD card and attach the camera to your vehicle's power supply, the device will instantly start recording. The dashcam lens and mounting platform are on one side, and the power switch and micro SD card slot are on the opposite side of the touchscreen. 

Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam FAQs

The following are some of the most often asked questions by drivers.

Is the Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam Adjustable?

Yes, the plugin dashcam is simple to install, set up, and it's very adjustable.

Does the Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam Have Parking Mode?

Yes, each of the new Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cam has an Intelligent Parking Mode option that may be selected from the interface. The dash cam will immediately turn to ‘parking mode’ once you've parked and shut off the vehicle.

Does the Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam Record When the Car is Off?

No, the Dash Cam will conduct an automated shutdown when the ignition is switched off.

What Is the Difference Between Nextbase 422GW and 522GW?

The 522GW boasts a 3” touch screen as opposed to the 422GW's 2.5” display. The majority of the capabilities are the same, and the camera specifications of the 522GW are nearly equal to those of the 422GW. The 522GW is a superior product since it has a polarization lens, which improves the video quality.

Performance Factors of Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam

You may also select whether or not you want it to capture audio, as well as the video duration of the recordings. For extra features, you may download the MyNextbase Connect app. MyNextbase Connect is available on The Play store and the Appstore. 

For both daylight and nighttime illumination, the video quality is excellent. The video film is shown at 1080P definition, and you can see the geolocation as well your vehicle's mph,  The 422GW shoots in spectacular 1440p HD at 30 frames per second. It has a new 6G glass lens that captures essential aspects of your surroundings.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Dimensions1.81 x 3.23 x 1.85 in.
Resolution1440P at 30 frames per second.
Display Type2.5 inches
Mounting TypeMagnetic Mounting 
Voice command Yes
CameraFront and Rear View Camera
Lane AssistYes
Speed Limit IndicatorYes
Traffic ServicesYes
BatteryLithium Ion Battery, Battery life of 0.5 hours

How Has the Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam Improved?

When compared to the 322GW, this dashcam doesn't have many improvements, but the image quality is one that jumps out. The 422GW now includes a 1440p camera, up from 1080p, as well as Alexa integrated into the device.

Best For 

The Nextbase 422GW performs better than many other dashcams on the market in a variety of different ways. Here are a few of the Nextbase 422GW's finest features!

  • Telescopic rear view
  •  1440p Resolution
  • Amazon Alexa service is Built In

Look into Buying a Brand New Dashcam!

One of the top dash cams available on the market is the Nextbase 422GW. The 422GW comes with a 2.5-inch LED display, upgraded software, and Emergency SOS. This Nextbase dash cam looks amazing, has a fantastic touchscreen, and can be controlled by voice for many of its functions. 



Pros & Cons


The Nextbase 422GW comes with a slew of characteristics that makes it apart from the competition. Here are a few of the Nextbase 422GW’s most significant features.

  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Very simple to use
  • Viewing angle of 140°
  • Emergency SOS


Every dashcam has some drawbacks that customers have complained about or that could use some improvement. Here are a few of the cons of the Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam.

  • Customers have encountered difficulties charging the battery.
  • Overheating Problems
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Software Issues

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