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Guardian ELD Review

Are you ready for the new electronic logging device mandate? The United States and Canada have both passed mandates that require most commercial vehicles to be outfitted with an electronic logging device (ELD). 

Not only does an ELD bring your fleet into legal compliance, but it can also help your company streamline its route planning processes and improve safety across the board.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the Guardian ELD by showing its basic features and discussing how it compares with other ELDs on the market today.

How Does the Guardian ELD Work?

The Guardian ELD—also known as the ELOG—connects directly to a truck’s electronic control module (ECM). It records hours of service (HOS) as part of the new electronic logging device mandate and compliance regulations. 

The ELOG also pulls data from the vehicle’s engine and provides insight on the following factors:

  • Engine hours
  • Engine data
  • Driver’s location
  • Miles driven
  • Date and timestamps of inspections

The ELOG stores information on a cloud-based platform, as well as on the device itself. As a handheld device, the ELOG is comparable in size to a tablet computer. It’s designed for use with mounting brackets and charging stations that can easily be installed in most trucks. It connects to the truck’s existing ECM with ease. 

The data from an ELOG can be used to generate customized reports as it streamlines the reporting process and eliminates paperwork altogether.

Guardian ELD FAQs

The following are some of the most common questions that drivers have regarding the Guardian ELD and its adherence to the electronic logging device mandate.

Is the Guardian ELD compliant with the new Canadian ELD mandate?

Yes! The regulations set forth by Transport Canada require that an ELD is certified by a third party. The Guardian ELD is one of the first ELDs to be approved.

Will the Guardian ELD interfere with my truck’s ECMs?

No, the Guardian ELD will not interfere with your truck’s engine control module (ECM). It only reads the serial number one time at startup, but from then on, the ELD only reads data without the regeneration of the DPF systems or erratic codes.

Is a mechanic required for installation?

No, the Guardian ELD sits on top of the docking station. The unit offers a simple plug-and-play installation.

Will I need to upgrade my ELD after a short time?

It’s likely that the ELD mandate will evolve over time, so your ELD software will probably need to be updated periodically. The Guardian software updates automatically at no additional charge.

Is my information stored safely?

Yes! Information gathered by the Guardian ELD is stored on a cloud-based server run by three of the world’s most reputable companies.

What happens if I don’t have cell service?

The Guardian ELD can store data temporarily and upload the data to the cloud-based server once cell service becomes available.


How does the Guardian ELD compare to some of today’s best ELD devices? Let’s find out.

Guardian ELD vs. Samsara ELD

The Samsara ELD offers many features that are similar to the Guardian ELD platform. The biggest difference is that the Samsara ELD is available as an app for a smartphone or tablet, rather than as a standalone, dedicated device.

Guardian ELD vs. Konexial My20 ELD

The Konexial My20 ELD costs $129 for the hardware alone, with subscription packages that start at $25 per month. My20 also provides DriveLiFE features that are devoted to improving the social, environmental, and spiritual impact of being a driver. 

Guardian ELD vs KeepTruckin ELD

The KeepTruckin ELD is another app-based ELD. It also provides automated maintenance schedules and predicts driver downtime. Their pricing plans start for fleets of one to four vehicles, which offers slightly more control over how the product scales with the business.

How Has the Guardian ELD Improved?

According to the Guardian website, they began work on the ELD in 2020 in anticipation of the coming ELD electronic logging device mandate. Their devices are equipped for automatic software updates as the mandate evolves, but it’s not clear what steps they have taken to improve their products to date.

Performance Factors for the Guardian ELD

If you’re considering the Guardian ELD, you might want to consider the following factors regarding its performance:


The Guardian ELD is fully compliant with the current ELD mandates, and it promises to provide updates if and when the mandates change.


The Guardian ELD is priced for fleets of vehicles, with prices starting at a minimum of 10 vehicles or less. This presents an opportunity for businesses to scale, though it may offer less control for smaller businesses that are experiencing slower growth.


Unlike other companies, the Guardian ELD doesn’t offer an app for use on a personal device. This eliminates the need for drivers to supply a personal device, though it may result in less flexibility if the Guardian device gets lost, stolen, or broken.

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Pricing includes all necessary components included tablet, ELDH (ELD Hardware), harness. No hidden fees or activation charges.

Device Pricing

  • 1-10 Trucks – $800
  • 10-50 Trucks -$725
  • 50 + Trucks – contact for quote

*All prices are subject to change.


  • 2-year financing $38 per unit
  • 3-year financing – $27 per unit

Monthly charges include up to 10 active users. Charge per device installed in vehicle.

Recurring Monthly Fees

No contract

  • $65 per month

1-year contract

  • $60 per month

2-year contract

  • $55 per month

3-year contract

  • $50 per month

*Per device, includes up to 10 active users.

Pros & Cons

How is the Guardian ELD Beneficial?

The Guardian ELD offers several benefits, making it highly competitive with some of the other best ELD devices on the market today. Benefits include:


Data is stored on the device, as well as on a secure cloud-based system. Data is available to users 24/7.

Rugged Design

The Guardian ELD is designed to withstand regular wear and tear as well as limited exposure to natural elements.

Self-Contained System

Some ELDs require users to download an app to a personal smartphone or tablet. The Guardian ELD is a self-contained, dedicated unit.

Vehicle Activity Monitoring

The Guardian ELD pulls information from the engine, including drive time, off-duty time, load time, and more.

Drawbacks of the Guardian ELD

The Guardian ELD has some drawbacks that should be considered before investing in this platform. These include:

Dedicated Device (No App)

On the one hand, having a dedicated ELD means less reliance on personal devices, but on the other hand, it may make it harder to adapt if a device breaks or gets lost.

Unclear Pricing Structure

Guardian offers pricing plans on a per-fleet basis, starting with fleets of 10 vehicles. This makes it a little more difficult to compare on a device-by-device basis like you can with the Konexial My20 unit.

New to the Market

It’s not clear how companies like Guardian will adapt to evolving regulations. It’s hard to know how companies will design future software updates while maintaining secure data

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