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Cobra SC201 Dash Cam Review

In recent years, dash cams have become an essential vehicle accessory, capturing road conditions and ensuring that there are no unanswered questions when accidents happen.

The Cobra SC201 dash cam is relatively new to the market and comes with all the modern features that you would expect from a smart cam.

The dual-camera system films the road in high resolution 1080P. Equipped with infrared night vision, the camera system allows the driver to record and monitor the front and interior at any time. On impact, the dash cam locks the date-stamped video into the cloud, ensuring ease of access when required.

The Cobra SC201 has integrated GPS and comes with a 16GB SD card.

How Does Cobra SC201 Dash Cam Work?

If you’re looking for a reasonably dash cam with plenty of features, the Cobra SC201 may be just what you’re looking for. The dual camera records both front and rear with high resolution 1080P clarity. While the rear camera films the vehicle interior, the other camera gets a 140-degree view of the road ahead.  

Infrared cabin night vision ensures picture clarity even after dark. The onboard GPS sets the date and time stamps on the videos and G sensors ensure that the dash cam detects any impact. It then automatically locks the date-stamped video and sends it to the cloud.  

The camera has both dual band wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Use the 2-inch LCD screen to watch the action and keep the cameras properly aligned. The webcam comes with a 16GB SD card.

Download the Drive Smarter app onto your phone to monitor your vehicle remotely. This allows for regular software updates. You can also use it to connect with the Drive Smarter community for real time driver communication.

Cobra SC201 Dash Cam FAQs

If you’re thinking about buying a dash cam but still haven’t made up your mind about what you need, you may find these questions and answers helpful

How Do I Install the Cobra SC201 Dash Cam?

The SC201 dash cam is quick and easy to install in a few easy steps.

Step 1. Remove the equipment from the packaging. 

Step 2. Connect the windscreen mount to the camera. 

Step 3. Remove the stickers from the lens, screen and mount.

Step 4. Attach the camera high up in the center of the windscreen. 

Step 5. Plug the micro-USB cable into the camera and then into your 12-volt charger port. Adjust the camera by loosening the knob. Rotate the inner camera for the best view. 

Step 6. Now, download and install the app onto your phone. 

Step 7. Create a new account once you have registered. The dash cam has buttons beneath that you can use to set up and customize the many features.

Is the Cobra SC201 Dash Cam Always Recording?

The Cobra SC201 dash cam records automatically when you get into the car. It needs a power source to the camera so when you park the car the camera has limited functionality.

Can This Be Viewed on the Phone in Real Time?

The Cobra SC201 dash cam comes with an app that you download onto your phone. This allows you to view the videos from the dash cam in real time wherever you happen to be at the time.

Does Cobra SC201 Dash Cam Record Sound?

The Cobra SC201 dash cam has integrated speakers and microphone so it can record sound if you want. 

Will the Cobra SC201 Dash Cam Work While the Car is Parked and Turned Off?

The Cobra SC201 dash cam needs current from the battery of your motor vehicle to work. So, when the car is parked and the engine off the dash cam will not work. If you want the camera to work while parked you will have to hardwire the camera into the car.

Performance Factors of Cobra SC201 Dash Cam

A few all-important features that you should look for in a dash cam are listed below:

  • Impact detection – the Cobra SC201 has G sensors that enable impact detection. The Emergency Video feature saves the footage to the cloud as soon as it detects impact. You can set the dash cam up to alert your designated contact with the GPS position at the time of the impact.
  • Auto start and loop recording – the last thing you need in the event of an accident is to find out that your dash cam wasn’t recording because it was off or the SD card had run out of space. Rest assured this won’t happen with the Cobra SC201. It has auto start and loop recording.
  • GPS – If you’re in an accident, it is useful to know the exact incident coordinates. The Cobra SC201 dash cam has a built-in GPS function.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Dimensions1.85 x 1.72 x 4.21 inches
Display Type2-inch LCD
Mounting TypeWindscreen mount
Voice command None
CameraBuilt-in camera
Storage16 GB
Lane AssistGives lane departure warnings
Speed Limit IndicatorYes
Traffic ServicesYes

How Has the Cobra SC201 Dash Cam Improved?

The Cobra SC201 is new to the Cobra range of dash cams. It has all the modern features that you would expect from a smart cam including cloud storage, dual band wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Best For 

The Cobra SC201 is a good choice for drivers who want to film both the road and the interior of the vehicle. It is reasonably priced and has useful features for drivers.

Installation is quick and easy. It’s essentially plug and play, and the GPS switches on as soon as it is plugged in. The dash cam instantly switches on the date and time.

Record the Action in High Definition

Upgrade your fleet with the Cobra SC201 dash cam, and ensure that you’re covered in case of an accident. Get high resolution clarity of all the action in the car and on the road and you can use your phone to monitor the vehicle wherever you are.

If an accident does happen, the recording will be date stamped and the coordinates recorded, removing any doubt when you make insurance claims.   

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Pros & Cons


The Cobra SC201 dash cam has a number of benefits such as:

  • Full HD video with night vision
  • Automatic GPS
  • Dual cameras capture the road ahead and the car’s interior
  • High resolution footage
  • The camera comes complete with a 16GB SD
  • Cloud storage
  • Dual wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity


The Cobra SC201 dash cam has a few disadvantages

  • The app does not support smart phones that use Android 7 or older
  • Some buyers have had software issues

No parked car monitoring unless the dash cam is hard wired

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Technical Specs

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