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Cobra SC200D Dash Cam Review

The Cobra SC200D Dash Cam is ideal for motorists that want to accurately record their vehicle's frontal as well as inside cabin views. The camera is controlled and configurations are changed using a 3 Inch LCD on the rear and four buttons on the base of the dashcam. The Cobra SC200D Dash Cam is one of the best dash cams on the market for collecting footage of the road.

We've put together this comprehensive Cobra SC200D Dash Cam Review, which is among the most popular dash cams right now. We detail what this camera excels at and address any potential drawbacks you should be mindful of.

How Does Cobra SC200D Dash Cam Work?

You will be prepared to record unexpected events and incidents on the road with a Cobra Dash Cam. Front and rear cameras, as well as a 16 GB SD card, are included with the Cobra SC200D Dual-View Smart Dash Cam.

The features that display on the bottom border of the screen are controlled by four buttons on the dashcam's base. The front-facing 1600p resolution camera, which captures a lot of details, is the most prominent feature of this dashcam. Also this dashcam has a front camera's 140° angle of vision that is excellent and will record the action from your vehicle's left and right sides.

Cobra SC200D Dash Cam FAQs

To help you learn more about this product, we’ve answered several frequently asked questions about the Cobra SC200D Dash Cam below.

How Do I Install the Cobra SC200D Dash Cam?

This dashcam is fairly easy to set up. Adhesive is used to secure the cameras to the glass. The front camera glides smoothly across into its windshield mount once it's been established, and the power line is inserted into the camera mount. The rear camera cable, on the other hand, connects right into the front camera, therefore you have to remove the back camera before removing it from the vehicle.

Is the Cobra SC200D Dash Cam Always Recording?

Yes, the Cobra SC200D Dash cam can be set up to continuously record.

Can This Be Viewed on the Phone in Real Time?

Yes, the Cobra SC200D Dash Cam can be viewed from your smartphone in real time. 

Does Cobra SC200D Dash Cam Record Sound?

The Cobra SC200D does, in fact, record sound that can be turned on and off.

How Long Can the Cobra SC200D Dash Cam Record?

The Cobra SC200D Dash Cam can record for up to around 50 min.

Performance Factors of Cobra SC200D Dash Cam

The Cobra SC200D is a fantastic dashcam that performs an excellent job of detecting vehicles and signals on the road. If both cameras are used, the display switches to Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode. Using built-in Wi-Fi and fast access to your films, you can immediately save, edit, and transfer recordings. 

With dual-band Wi-Fi, you can ensure a stable connection to the cloud and access automated software updates and warnings. Cobra SC smart dash cams can tolerate extreme cold and heat thanks to it utilizing supercapacitor technology. Cobra smart dash cameras include emergency footage, incident reports, and Mayday notifications, among other privacy and protection capabilities.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Dimensions2.03 x 1.29 x 3.41 in
Display Type3inch LCD
Mounting TypeWindshield Mount
Voice command Yes
Lane AssistYes
Speed Limit IndicatorYes
Traffic ServicesYes
BatteryNo - Micro USB power cord

How Has the Cobra SC200D Dash Cam Improved?

The Cobra SC200D Dash Cam is an improvement from the previous model because it now features an integrated GPS that synchronizes position and speed data so you always have updated information on the road.

Best For 

The Cobra SC200D Dash Cam is best for:

The Cobra SC200D: Dash Cam Is Both Affordable and Durable

While there are many more dashcam alternatives available, the Cobra SC200D dash cam is very reliable and effective. If you're searching for a dual camera that can record high-quality video, this is the one to choose.

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Pros & Cons


The Cobra SC 200D’s main advantages are as follows:

  • Excellent video resolution
  • Accessory Cameras Are Compatible with this dashcam
  • Real-Time Alerts


The drawbacks of the Aukey DR01 dash cam include the following:

  • The display is of low quality.
  • Buggy Apps
  • There is no way to adjust the brightness.

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Technical Specs

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