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Azuga ELD Review

Azuga ELD offers a tool for managing fleets of all sizes from small business-sized to enterprise-sized fleets. This ELD shows real-time updates, easy reporting, data analytics, compliance management, and the tools to improve operations and safety. 

Users report that the device provides excellent notifications for minor things like a low battery or the check engine light diagnostic code. But others find the data challenging to fit into the provided fields and even harder to export. 

Learn the pros, cons, and crucial considerations when evaluating the Azuga ELD in this review.

How Does the Azuga ELD Work?

Azuga ELD uses GPS to track vehicles within your fleet. But it does more than just show you where the vehicle is in real-time. It also provides diagnostic information about the wellbeing of the vehicle and necessary maintenance.

Using telematics, the device also helps you monitor driving behavior to make sure your drivers are engaging in safe practices and building operational efficiencies. 

The fleet ELD connects to a vehicle and sends the information to a mobile app, which works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. To guide you in knowing how well your drivers are doing, the app provides a driver score that judges the safety of driving based on braking, accelerating, cornering, seatbelt use, and more.

Fleet management will get alerts if a driver violates a company policy or exceedings a safe number of hours in a day or week. 

Azuga ELD FAQs

Get answers to some of the most common questions potential customers ask about Azuga ELD.

What Is the Azuga Driver Score?

Throughout their travels, Azuga collects telematics information about drivers and their behavior. This behavior includes:

  • Speeding
  • Breaking
  • Idling
  • Cornering
  • Common distracted driving behaviors
  • Seatbelt usage

At the end of the day, the driver gets a score based on how safely they drove. The scores are based on a scale of 0-100. 

How Can the Azuga ELD Benefit My Business?

Azuga ELD helps connect fleet managers with their drivers. GPS tracking ensures safety, compliance, and accountability for drivers. The more you know about your fleet, the more informed operational decisions you can make to improve efficiency and save expenses.

With maintenance notifications, you’ll be sure that you keep your fleet in excellent condition to reduce breakdowns and accidents. The Azuga Driver Score provides feedback to drivers so they know their areas of improvement to protect your fleet, drivers, and others on the road.

Does the Azuga ELD Solution Work on iPhone, Android, and Tablets?

Yes, the app is available for iOS and Android devices. Use it on a smartphone or tablet using these operating systems. 

What Are Azuga Driver Rewards?

Reward your best-performing drivers by calculating a driver score at the end of every day. Then showcase scores and leaderboards publicly to engage your drivers in a little competition. 

Drivers with the best performance scores can earn gift cards if your organization opts into the program. The Azuga Driver Rewards process is easy to join and makes it seamless to send gift cards via email to your best drivers. The gift cards are valid at major retailers, such as Amazon or Walmart.

Is the Azuga FMCSA Compliant?

Azuga is FMCSA compliant and can help you comply with the electronic logging device mandate. The device and corresponding app meet all regulations concerning HOS and DVIRs.

Azuga ELD Performance Factors 

When comparing Azuga ELD to its competition, the driver scoring and rewards systems are two of the most unique features the device boasts. Many other devices do not provide these insights to fleet managers. Additional features that the fleet ELD offers include:

  • Reporting -- including custom reports and dashboards
  • GPS fleet tracking with HOS compliance measures
  • Route optimization based on weather and road conditions to save time and resources
  • Fuel consumption to help you estimate fuel expenses and manage fuel consumption
  • Employee time cards and tracking to avoid having employees marked as on the clock when they are not on the road
  • Real-time alerts for unsafe driving, HOS limits, maintenance due, engine diagnostic codes, equipment leaving your property, etc.
  • Asset geofencing so you know when assets leave your property without needing to scan barcodes

How Has the Azuga ELD Improved?

When you partner with an ELD company, you want to know that they’ll stay current with innovations and updates to meet your changing needs. Azuga ELD has proven that it will provide such updates to meet the changing needs of fleet management companies.

  • Adding fleet gamification through the driver rewards system, which rewards top-performing drivers
  • Transitioning the FleetMobile app to free of charge so that all drivers can access it to provide fleet managers better insights and analytics
  • Addition of Azuga Marketplace to take advantage of the internet of things, such as sensors or back-office devices

Best For 

Azuga ELD offers benefits to a broad range of companies needing to manage their fleets. Here’s a look at some of the most impactful aspects it provides for companies.

  • Small fleets to large enterprise fleets
  • Increasing safety
  • Lowering fuel costs
  • Vehicle maintenance tracking
  • Ensure compliance with hour logging

ELD Compliance with Driver Gamification

Azuga ELD offers an outstanding and affordable logging device with the bonus of driver gamification as your employees work to earn the top spot in the leaderboard for safe driving practices. For more reviews like this or industry news, subscribe to the FreightWaves e-newsletter.


Pricing is based on the types of vehicles in your fleet, how many vehicles you manage, and the services you want to include in your subscription to Azuga. Request a custom quote today!

Pros & Cons


Azuga ELD is an outstanding device that provides more details and analytics than some of the other leading ELDs on the market. Here are some of the areas where it beats other competitors on the market.

  • 24/7 support
  • Easy to install hardware
  • Clear driver safety metrics and measurements
  • Process for rewarding drivers who engage in safe driving practices
  • Improved fleet efficiency and clear maintenance requirements
  • Ability to generate customized reports
  • Good value for the money


While Azuga ELD is an outstanding device with many great benefits, it also has some challenging factors. Here are some of the cons that customers complain about.

  • Real-time data can lag
  • Some users experienced low vehicle batteries due to the ELD pulling the battery’s charge
  • Lacks some integrations with outside software, such as routing software
  • The device is very fragile, meaning it’s challenging to uninstall in one vehicle without bending pins to reinstall in another vehicle
  • Setting up different types of admins can be challenging to get the right view each user needs

User Reviews

Not good service
John Goodman — 04/20/23

Paid first time cost which was about $400 did not get all my cameras until 4 months later which canceled only after a month and returned all equipment and they are still wanting to charge me $400 for trying their service out a trial that has turned into a money scheme and them continuously telling me every week to try their service and when I do I did not like the platform and I did not get service in my area so I returned it.

Driver Perspective
Michael — 07/11/22

This ELD is absolute garbage. Biggest waster of time I have ever encountered. You cannot edit status times just a duty status. If you press the wrong button during a pre-trip it starts it all over. You cannot edit it. It makes me nervous to utilize on days that I have tight schedules. This invasive and costly ELD should not be used in your fleet to be compliant.

Technical Specs

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