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How To Send Payment Reminder To Vendors

Running a business comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is knowing when your customers’ invoices are due, but this doesn’t have to be a constant stressor.

Software programs exist to help you set up easy reminders so that you can give your customers the opportunity to stay ahead of their payments. In turn, you will be able to stay focused on other tasks. 

A simple payment reminder could be all your customers need to send in their payments on time. Make your business operations more efficient with the help of payment reminders and workflows

What Are Payment Reminders?

Payment reminders are simply notifications that remind a customer of an outstanding invoice that they need to pay. They are generally sent by email, letter or text message, depending on each client’s contact preferences. 

These reminders can be sent to customers who have a past-due invoice, but you can also avoid late payments and send a payment reminder days before the payment is already overdue. 

Set payment terms are imperative to ensuring that your customers are aware of when they are required to pay and when they must pay by. Payment reminders literally remind customers of these terms they have agreed to. 

5 Tips For Sending Friendly Payment Reminders 

While you might feel like you are pestering your customers by sending payment reminders, it is necessary as part of running a stable and profitable business. Keep reading to explore some tips that can help you send friendly and professional payment reminders. 

Ask Vendors To Confirm Receipt of the Invoice

You don’t have to feel as though you are bothering your customers when asking them to pay their invoices. Checking in with your customers and making sure they have received their initial invoice is a great place to start. 

People are busy, and emails can be easily directed into spam folders, which can cause people to not be made aware of the invoice in the first place. Sometimes, the email you sent might not have made it to them at all. Reaching out with a friendly payment reminder can help you ensure that they are aware of their invoice.  

Send Payment Reminder Emails

You don’t need to wait until an invoice is past due before you send payment reminders to your clients or customers. In fact, sending out payment reminder emails ahead of time is ideal because it can help people avoid late payments entirely. 

In fact, a series of payment reminder emails is often appreciated by customers. People can easily get caught up in their daily routines and not even realize that their payment due date is approaching. 

When you send out a reminder ahead of the due date, be sure to attach the invoice and make the due date clear so that they know their payment is not yet overdue. A predetermined schedule as to when the payment reminder emails are sent out can help you avoid having to remember when these invoices are due yourself. 

Additionally, it can ensure that your customers have an opportunity to pay their invoices on time when they receive multiple emails. For instance, it is helpful to send a friendly reminder one week prior to the invoice’s due date. If the payment has not been made ahead of time, it is also wise to have a reminder email scheduled, which should be sent on the invoice’s actual due date. 

If the customer has not paid their balance by the due date, an email reminder that is sent out one week after the due date, followed by a second email sent two weeks after, can be an easy way to reach out without feeling overbearing. Keep the email polite and attach the original invoice. Also, make sure the due date is clearly visible.

Utilize Personalized and Automated Emails

Online payment software programs can help you generate automated emails as well as create personalized ones. Taking advantage of both types of email formatting is highly recommended. 

Automated email reminders can be great for invoices that are either not yet due or have been past due.

When you send an automated email, the customer might not associate it with their invoice as it will appear to come from a software program rather than an actual person. People don’t always respond well to emails that appear to be automated, which is why personalizing your payment reminder emails is key. 

You can personalize your reminders by writing from a personal approach instead of a simple or robotic payment reminder. With the right software programs, you can find the perfect mix of these two types of emails and have them automatically sent on a regular schedule.

Call Your Vendor

If you have to send multiple email reminders without making any contact, try a different approach. You can pick up the phone and call them directly. A quick phone call may be all it takes to get them back on track with their payments. If you have more of a direct relationship with the customer, a text message can also be a good way to reach out. 

Whether you call or text the customer, maintaining a clear, polite, and professional attitude is always recommended. Always give your customer the benefit of the doubt as well. 

As amazing as technology can be, certain payment reminders can be accidentally overlooked for a number of reasons. Let the customer know that the reason you’re reaching out is due to their unpaid balance, and then provide them with options for an easy resolution. 

Use Vendor Payment Systems

Vendor payment systems can help you stay on top of all of your open invoices. You can schedule email payment reminders in advance to ensure that your customers are always provided with ample opportunities to avoid accruing any late payments. 

Automatic payment reminders are generally the best way to help customers pay their invoices on time. You can draft these reminders in advance and have them scheduled ahead of time. That way, you won’t need to remember when certain payments are due or who you need to reach out to in order to receive the payments. 

Payment software systems can alleviate the burden for you and your customers. Plus, they can work to ensure that your cash flow is never disrupted as a result of waiting for people to pay their outstanding invoices. 

Friendly Payment Reminders Don’t Have To Be a Bother

Constantly having to send out payment reminder emails to your customers can be exhausting. Thankfully, with the right software, you can automate the process while making sure that your customers are kindly reminded of upcoming payments in the process. 

When you provide your customers with the opportunity to stay informed and on top of their upcoming due dates, they are more likely to pay their invoices on time. Let software work for you and ensure your customers’ payments arrive on time. 


How Do You Politely Remind Customers About Overdue Payments?

Giving your customers ample opportunity to pay their invoices is ideal. Setting up a series of payment reminder emails can be optimal to ensure that your customers have the opportunity to pay ahead of their invoices’ due dates. 

When Should I Send a Payment Reminder?

You do not have to wait for invoices to be overdue before you send payment reminder emails. You can email payment reminders days or even a full week in advance to ensure your customers remember that they have an upcoming due date. These reminders can also be sent on the invoice due date as well as a week or two after the due date has passed. 

How Do You Motivate Customers To Pay?

Setting up predetermined agreements for payment due dates is a must. A simple and effective way to motivate your customers to pay on time is to provide them with a reminder of what is due and when. Other people are generally consumed with other business matters, so extending a friendly reminder to them might be all they need to pay their invoice.

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Pay and get paid online quickly–for free!

With Melio, businesses can make a payment to any vendor and seamlessly invoice vendors. Try it yourself, for free! Grab a business bill, add it to Melio & schedule your first payment.