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How To Earn a Safe Driving Bonus

With the prices of everything being so high these days, many are looking for different ways to save. Fortunately, companies are empathetic to their customers’ needs and have a reward system that offers discounts. One of those rewards is a safe driving bonus which can help keep insurance prices low. Keep reading for more information on what is considered safe driving and how you can take advantage of the savings.

What Is a Safe Driving Bonus?

As a truck driver, safety is of the utmost importance to you. Spending hours on the road it’s just a way of life, and driving safety is nothing new to you. After all, you are handling a very large, and heavy, piece of machinery and that’s a responsibility you take seriously. Why not take advantage of the safe driving bonus most auto insurance companies offer and be rewarded for your good driving habits?

A safe driving bonus is an incentive to keep your driving record clean. Some save up to 20% on auto insurance premiums just for doing what they do on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at exactly how these bonuses can work for you.

How Does a Safe Driving Bonus Work?

There are a few factors that are considered by auto insurance companies when calculating your risk as a driver, how safely you drive is one of those factors. Different types of safe driving discounts are offered, which we’ll break down here.

“Accident-free” discounts reward drivers who have not been involved in an accident. Some policies require you to be accident-free for at least three to five years before receiving the bonus. A moving violation discount is also given to those who obey traffic laws.

Some auto insurance companies require you to use a mobile app or install a device in your vehicle to track how safely you maneuver the roads. The insurance company then receives a report and rewards bonuses based on the data.

Maintaining an accident and violation-free driving record is usually the standard for receiving a safe driver discount. You’ll either have a lower deductible or premium or receive money back when the bonus is awarded. How your bonuses are given depends on the auto insurance company’s policies.

What are Safe Driving Reward Points?

Every auto insurance company with a safety reward program does not give out reward points, but if yours does, you receive points for going a certain length of time without receiving a citation. Safely operating your rig will result in an accumulation of points that can be redeemed on the auto insurance company’s website or with one of its affiliated partners.

How Do you Receive a Safe Driving Bonus Check?

Some trucking companies offer a safe driving bonus check. These checks can be awarded monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on the company. While the requirements may vary, some basic behaviors are commonly rewarded across the board.

Some behaviors include picking up and delivering loads on time, performing pre and post-trip inspections, And generally keeping your vehicle in pristine condition. The company may also install a monitoring device in your vehicle to ensure you follow the traffic rules and maintain safe distances. The check amount will be based on the report analysis and may be separate or included with your regular paycheck.

How Much Money Can Safe Driving Bonuses Earn You?

Again, this amount will depend on the company and the discount offered. Some will give you anywhere between 5 and 20% off your premium or deductible. Others will reward you in cash which can be anywhere from $100 to $3000.

What are Safe Driving Bonus Requirements?

To receive a safe driving bonus, you’ll first have to be accepted into the program. Below are the minimum requirements needed for access to auto insurance discounts.

Solid Credit Score

Auto insurance companies choose your credit score as one of the factors when determining your rates. The lower the score, the more you’ll pay monthly. Some insurance companies won’t allow you to enroll in their program without a solid credit score.

Clean Driving Record

This program rewards safe driving; it’s no surprise you must have a clean driving record to be accepted. If you’ve had a moving violation, accident, or claim within the previous three to five years, you may have to wait to enroll in the program.

Long-Time Driver

Brand new drivers will have a hard time finding a safe driver Program that will welcome them. The discount is typically only given to those who have been driving for three or more years, which is enough time 2 build a driving record to determine your eligibility for a safe driver bonus.

How To Maintain Your Safe Driver Bonus

Once you’ve made it into this exclusive club, the last thing you want is to get kicked out. Here we’ll go over some tips on maintaining your safety bonus.

Obeying Traffic Laws

Traffic laws differ from state to state, so whether it’s your regular route or a new one, you want to be familiar with the laws in the state you’ll be driving through on a long haul. Know your traffic and passing laws to avoid being ticketed for obvious violations.

Following the Speed Limit

Speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. While we all want to get to where we’re going on time, it’s best to get there safely. Take your time on the road and always obey the posted speed limit.

Practice Defensive Driving

Defensive driving will help you avoid incidents that can take your safe driver bonus away. Keep an eye out for erratic driving, and stay away from anyone who may be swerving on the road. Give everyone the ample space they need to avoid a crash, and don’t drive when you’re tired. You want to be alert and focused on getting to your destination safely.

Maintain Safe Driving History

As I’m sure you realize by now, your driving history is extremely important to the auto insurance company. If your history is riddled with DUIs, moving violations, or an accident, you’re considered a high risk and likely won’t qualify for the bonus program.

Staying Safe Saves Money and Lives

While a financial reward is a huge incentive for driving safely, there are other benefits and reasons you should want to stay safe. For one, your safe driving habits will carry over from work to your personal life, and that defensive driving you’ve perfected in a big rig will keep your family and friends safe when you’re behind the wheel. Good driving behaviors will keep the drivers around you safe. Find a transparent and supportive auto insurance company, and they’ll advise you as you choose a policy that fits your needs.

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