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Where can I find the best dump truck loans?

Generally, dump truck loans are fairly easy to come by, as the truck itself can serve as collateral on the loan. Whether you’re purchasing a dump truck to be part of your business, like a construction company, or it’ll be your entire business, dump trucks usually qualify as commercial equipment.

As such, these loans are structured very similarly to other commercial truck financing situations. However, finding the best loan is the key to saving money on your commercial investment. This article will take a look at some of your options as well as what to consider when looking for a dump truck loan. 

Quicklook: Best Dump Truck Loan Companies

  • TAFS
  • Ameris Bank
  • Crest Capital
  • CAG
  • Truck Loan Center

5 Best Companies for Dump Truck Loans

Here are 5 of the best options when it comes to commercial dump truck loans.



TransAm Fleet Equipment Sales, or TAFS, treats dump truck loans the same way they treat other commercial loans and have years of experience and a large number of satisfied customers in their wake. They also do a lot of  in-house truck sales, though not a lot of dump trucks, so they can offer experience in what to look for when making your purchase. 

Best For Speedy Closing 

Location: Olathe, Kansas

Special Features

  • Automatic payments
  • Online quote
  • Discounts for multiple trucks


  • Existing relationships with many dealers 
  • Fast closing process
  • Flexible terms 


  • Some complaints of TAFS trying to oversell
  • Very large company
  • Some complaints of difficulty reaching customer service 

Ameris Bank 

ameris bank

Previously known as Balboa Capital, Ameris Bank is a leader in equipment lending in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States that offers financing on both new and used equipment, with flexible payment terms, including those revolving around seasonal work. 

Best For Flexible Payments

Location: Atlanta

Special Features

  •  Seasonal repayment


  • Acquired Balboa Capital, which had a focus in dump truck finance 
  • Flexible payment options


  •  Only available for in-person in Southeast

Crest Capital

crest capital

Crest Capital uses your truck as collateral, and allows for loans of up to $250k to be made without financial records. They operate nationwide and have a good standing with clients, both current and past. You can get approved very quickly online, too. 

Best For Bad Credit

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Special Features

  •  Instant eligibility checker online
  •  New and used financing options


  •  History specific to dump trucks
  •  Fast approval and loan initiation 


  •  A little aggressive with the quote offers online

CAG Truck Capital


CAG has a team dedicated specifically to dump truck financing and has been providing options to clients for more than 40 years. They offer online applications and are willing “to finance trucks of any make and model.” Reviews are good, and though they do operate nationwide, they have a small business feel that will “listen to your story” even if you have bad credit. 

Best For Dump Truck Experts

Location: Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Special Features

  • Only offer financing for trucks
  • Online application
  • Hablas Espanol


  • Small business feel
  • Great customer service 
  • Works with bad credit and bankruptcy


  • Smaller company than other options 

Truck Loan Center

truck loan center

As the name would suggest, Truck Loan Center also specializes in truck loans rather than all heavy equipment. Their first ever loan was for a dump truck, and they continue to do regular business with clients looking to purchase dump trucks. They have employees from both the trucking and construction industries and can help you find the right truck, too. 

Best For Low Down Payments

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Special Features

  • Decades as truck-only financers
  • Available in Canada


  • Low interest rates
  • Online approval


  • Some negative reviews regarding accessibility 

Is a Dump Truck Loan Different From a Commercial Loan?

Though some of these options do advertise a dump truck loan, a dump truck is a commercial vehicle, too. Therefore, even if you’re technically getting a dump truck loan, it will be treated like a commercial equipment loan. 

What Should I Consider When Applying for Dump Truck Loans

Here are some things to think about before you go hunting for a dump truck loan. 

Your Credit Score

Just as with any loan, your credit score will determine your rates, and a good one can certainly qualify you for some better options. However, many lenders do offer dump truck loans to those with bad credit but a good business plan. 

Down Payment

The bigger the down payment you’re able to make, the more money you will save yourself on interest repayments. However, there are options here for those who are unable to make a large down payment. 

Interest Rates

This is the main reason to shop around. Depending on your financial situation, interest rates could be drastically different from lender to lender. Be sure to do some real homework so you’re maximizing your new investment’s money-making potential. 

Personal Information

Be sure to have these things handy:

  • CDL
  • Tax returns
  • 3 years of financial statements
  • Proof of insurance or plans to start once truck is purchased
  • Collateral, which can include your truck

The Truck

Some of these lenders offer sales as well, and that’s the easiest way to ensure a truck is worthy of a loan in a given lender’s eyes. Some lenders may balk at older models, so if you do have a very used truck in mind, be sure to bring some professional feedback about its condition. 

How Do I Get a Loan for a Dump Truck? 

A regular loan is very similar to a commercial truck or heavy equipment loan. With the truck as collateral, these loans tend to be easier than some others, and many people qualify even with bad credit. Here are the quick steps to securing money for your investment.   

Step 1: Collect Your Relevant Materials

Make sure to have all of your financial information as well as any information you may have on a truck you wish to purchase. 

Step 2: Compare Rates

Use this wonderful list and some diligence to compare rates from different companies to ensure you’re getting the best deal. 

Step 3: Go For It

If you find a deal that fits your financial landscape and has fair rates that will allow you to make money while comfortably paying off your truck, it might be time to buy!

Dump Truck Loans: Easier than Most

Given the fact that the thing you’re buying can be used as collateral on the loan, dump truck loans are a lot easier to get than other financing for similarly-priced loans. Of course, you have to work your truck to make money with it, but that’s the easy part if you like to drive dump trucks. 

Rates can be pretty different from lender to lender, especially if you have bad credit. Be sure to do as much homework on loans as you do on the truck itself and you’ll be setting yourself up for success regardless of your credit score. 


Is it hard to finance a dump truck?

It’s hard to pay off any large loan, but accessing financing for a dump truck is actually a pretty simple transaction. The lenders know the truck is not a toy, and therefore will be used to make money and, in turn, makes for a fairly easy process.

How much do you have to put down on a dump truck?

Some of these options do require higher percentages, but most will simply require a first and last month’s payment, which is generally about 4% of the total loan amount.

What kind of credit score do you need to buy a dump truck?

A good credit score can certainly help you save some money on interest rates, but ultimately bad credit is not a deal-breaker with most dump truck financers, as the truck is intended to be a money maker.

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