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Understanding Carrier Management Systems

Carrier management systems are an ideal way to help your business function efficiently. Not only can they show you the data you need to see where operations need assistance, but these programs can help connect you with customers as well. 

When you’re looking to help your business thrive, a supportive carrier management system is likely the route to take. With the best transportation management system supporting your carrier management system, you’ll be able to see any areas in need of improvement in no time. 

What Is a Carrier Management System? 

A carrier management system is essentially a more complex transportation management system. These systems are platforms that have been developed to gather and analyze data that will help you get your business operating as efficiently as possible. 

This means more than saving on just fuel costs! These platforms give you the real-time data you need to see what works, what doesn’t and make the necessary changes almost instantly. 

How Does a Carrier Management System Work? 

Carrier management systems link with transportation management systems and deliver a centralized data collection program. They have customizable features that can help you collect the specific areas of data you need to better improve your operations. Connecting your programs is a move that can help you streamline your business.  

How To Choose the Best Carrier Management System

Knowing what features help make the best carrier management system your software of choice will also help you place your needs. Know what to look for and help your business grow

Basic Features

These systems may vary between the different programs, but the majority will share many of the same basic features. A few that are a must-have are:

  • Real-time inventory control and visibility 
  • Cost and invoicing control functionalities
  • Logistics tracking software

Additional features that help make these programs work for you and your business are detailed below as well. 

Scalability and Security

All this talk about data, and for good reason, the right data can help maximize your business’ potential. But, with all this data comes the importance of security. With such a large amount of customer information and data passing through these software systems, high security is a necessity. 

Customer Service and Technical Support

With technology, having the right support is always crucial. No matter which tools you may have, if there is an issue, you’ll need to have the right team to assist you in fixing the issues. 

A dependable carrier management system will have a customer service and technical support team ready to help if an issue arises. Customer support shouldn’t waste your time, they should help you make the most of it. 


Reliability is always important. The more reliable the software, the less likely you are to face system issues and failures down the road. The right software will help keep everything connected without concerns. 


The open lines of communication these systems offer is great for allowing carriers to work together to keep things efficient. Communicating in portals helps keep you in touch when assets are on the move and this means any issues that may arise are often easier to handle. 

Create Contracts

With customizable features, the right carrier management system will keep things running smoothly from the start. Not only can you easily provide shippers and freight brokers with your rates, but you can have specific contracts automatically generated. This keeps things simple and convenient for you and your customers. 

Model New Contracts

Carrier scorecards are a key piece for shippers and freight brokers. They allow the shippers to see how carriers are performing. 

While they can be an intimidating feature for carriers who aren’t meeting deadlines, they can be highly beneficial for first-class carriers. A great reputation on a carrier management system can easily help new contracts come to you. 


The visibility that a carrier management system offers is beneficial for all parties involved. It allows the carrier to see the critical, up-to-date data that helps them make cost-effective and advantageous business moves. 

It also provides the shipper with carrier reviews through direct performance data, contract and claims management, and more. With a seamless view of your assets, it’s easy for all parties to stay in control and informed.  

Customer Satisfaction

With the data you need at your fingertips, you can use things such as shipment and performance monitoring, carrier scorecards, and claims management to help ensure complete customer satisfaction. The customers receiving the shipments can provide you with data about driver courtesy and professionalism.

They can also provide you with information about freight damage or shipment concerns. When your customers are happy with their shipping experience, you’ll only build on your great reputation and help grow your customer base. 

Take Advantage: Let Innovation Work For You

Technology continues to provide us with ways to improve. This is good news because what may have worked well in the past might not cut it anymore. Carrier management systems are an incredible advancement for both carriers and shippers and they can help keep the transportation industry flourishing with productive businesses. 

The right data collection provides you with the exact information you need to make the changes you need in order to ensure an effective trip is always taking place. While the old ways may work, allow innovation to improve revenue and overall business operations. 


What Is Carrier Management TMS?

Carrier Management TMS is a comprehensive software system designed to properly manage the various aspects of shipping.

Do Carriers Use TMS?

Many carriers utilize TMS programs to manage and monitor shipments and ensure they can be moved efficiently.

What Are the Roles of TMS?

The main role of a TMS is to provide you with data. This data is then used to maximize efficiency in areas such as shipping and transportation. 

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