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Best truck GPS with dash cam solutions

For fleet managers, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of their vehicles on the roads is top priority. This is where the best truck GPS with dash cams come in. In this article, we’ll explore five top-tier offerings in the industry, each having carved a niche with unique features and reliability.

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Quicklook: 5 best truck GPS with dash cam solutions

  • Best for routing capabilities: Trimble
  • Best for fleet safety: Azuga
  • Best for streamlined fleet management: Samsara 
  • Best for customization: Motive
  • Best for drivers: Garmin

Navigating fleet management with top GPS dash cam solutions

Below are our recommendations for some of the best truck GPS with dash cam solutions:



Trimble’s robust GPS and dash cam solutions are known for their precision routing capabilities, providing fleets with the most efficient paths to their destinations. 

The system integrates with onboard vehicle sensors, further enhancing its accuracy and decision-making capabilities. For fleet managers, reducing fuel costs and increasing delivery efficiency are compelling reasons to invest in Trimble’s technology.

Best for: Routing capabilities


  • Automatically saves video when a collision occurs
  • On-demand video access provides the ability to request specific videos in near real-time, allowing for quick access to video footage for review, analysis, and sharing


  • AI processor
  • Scalable to any fleet size
  • Up to four camera configuration capabilities providing 360 view of truck


  • More expensive than most dash cam solutions
  • Canadian coverage is lacking in rural lanes
  • Online portal can take time to learn, and new users may need time to find what they need

Pricing: Request a quote



Azuga’s integration of GPS tracking and dash cams is a game-changer in terms of fleet safety. 

Their system records critical incident footage and actively monitors driver behavior in real time. This proactive approach enables managers to take immediate action to prevent accidents, keeping the driver and other road users safe.

Best for: Fleet safety


  • Cloud-AI technology capabilities 
  • Front-facing perspective of the road
  • In-cab driver view dash cam


  • Simple setup
  • Offers important driving performance insights
  • Access to mileage driven for each vehicle


  • Poor phone support 
  • Truckers may encounter dead zones




Samsara stands out with its end-to-end platform that seamlessly blends GPS tracking and dash cam footage with real-time data on vehicle health and driver status. 

This comprehensive suite simplifies fleet management, allowing for quick decision-making to maintain the health of the fleet and ensure compliance.

Best for: Streamlined fleet management


  • Dash cam footage used by trucking businesses 
  • Helps to guide and train new commercial drivers
  • Excellent front-facing camera picture quality 
  • 121-degree lens 


  • High-resolution recording quality
  • Option for cloud-based backup 
  • Recovery option available with the Samsara CM31
  • GPS with built-in dash cam


  • Only recorded footage can be viewed
  • Drivers may be put off by the prospect of being monitored at all times

Pricing: Request custom quote 



Motive’s GPS dash cam solution is notable for its agile and customizable approach. The platform can be tailored to suit the specific needs of different fleets, providing focused insights into areas such as idling time, fuel consumption, and environmental impact. This adaptability caters to fleets of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise-level operations.

Best for: Customization


  • Alerts for any critical incidents on roads that your drivers traverse
  • Remote video access is available


  • Easy-to-use dashboard 
  • Affordable
  • High-quality filming 
  • GPS with dash cam 


  • Lack of status tracking
  • Mediocre customer service

Pricing: $100



Garmin’s long-standing reputation in navigation technology extends to its GPS dash cam solutions for trucks — the Garmin Dash Cam 66W. 

The company’s focus on ease of use and reliability is a boon for fleets looking for a dependable system that’s straightforward for drivers to adopt. Garmin’s devices, including the Garmin Dezl truck GPS with dash cam, are known for their simple interface that keeps focus on the road where it belongs.

Best for: Drivers


  • 1440p video resolution
  • 180° lens field of view
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • 2.0″ LCD display
  • Records onto removable microSD cards, supporting up to 512GB
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Critical incident road alerts
  • Remote video access available


  • Easy dashboard
  • Affordable pricing
  • High video quality
  • Integrated GPS

Disadvantages: No status tracking

Pricing: $249.99

Evaluating your needs

Using a truck GPS with dash cam reflects a commitment to the safety and efficiency of your fleet. It’s vital to choose a solution that aligns with the unique needs and goals of your operation. 

Here, we’ll detail how you can evaluate these systems to make the best choice for your fleet.

Requirements gathering

The first step in selecting the best truck GPS with dash cam is understanding your fleet’s specific requirements. Consider your fleet size, type of cargo, and route complexity.


A smooth integration with your existing fleet management software is crucial for avoiding operational disruptions. Ensure the truck dash cam with GPS you choose can seamlessly integrate with the systems you currently use, whether it’s for logistics planning or vehicle maintenance.

Reliability and support

With the technology that’s core to your fleet’s operations, reliability and support are non-negotiable. Look for solutions with a track record of consistent performance and high uptime. Additionally, quality customer support can make all the difference in resolving issues swiftly.


While it’s tempting to base your decision on the upfront cost alone, consider the long-term benefits and savings. A more expensive system may offer comprehensive features that result in greater fuel efficiency, lower insurance premiums, and reduced wear on vehicles.

Consider your drivers

Your drivers are the everyday users of the GPS dash cam system. Their acceptance and ease of use are critical to the system’s success. Involving them in the decision-making process and choosing a system that’s intuitive can lead to better adoption rates.

The road to ROI

The ultimate goal of investing in the best truck GPS with dash cam is to realize a tangible return on investment. Whether through reduced operational costs, safer driving, or better customer service, the system should contribute to the bottom line directly or indirectly.


Once the system is in place, continuous training and feedback are essential. Regular reviews of system usage and performance can lead to tweaks that enhance its effectiveness, making it an iterative process rather than a one-time purchase.

Take the next step toward fleet efficiency and safety

In the pursuit of safe and efficient fleet management, integrated truck GPS and dash cam systems are essential tools. They help drivers stay on course and adhere to safety protocols while providing valuable data for continuous improvement. 

With an array of top-notch options available, it’s up to fleet managers to do their due diligence and identify the system that best suits their unique requirements. By weighing features, integration, reliability and cost, they can confidently make a decision that paves the way for successful fleet management in a rapidly evolving transport landscape.


Is GPS worth it on a dash cam for the trucking industry?

Yes, GPS is extremely valuable for dash cams in trucking. It provides accurate location data to go along with captured video footage, which can be crucial evidence in accidents or disputes.

How much should I spend on a dash cam for trucking?

For trucking applications, it’s advisable to spend $150-$300 on a high-quality dash cam with robust build, excellent video quality, and practical features like GPS. While cheaper models exist, reliability and video clarity are paramount for protecting your drivers and assets.

Do you need WiFi for a dash cam in trucking?

No, WiFi isn’t required for basic dash cam functionality in trucks. However, Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity can be very useful for remote access to view footage or receive alerts while on the road.

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