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Best software for freight brokers

Shippers and carriers rely on freight brokers to simplify supply chain logistics and keep cargo moving. Armed with the right freight broker software and transportation management systems (TMS), these brokers can connect loads to carriers efficiently and cost-effectively.

Freight software solutions help brokers automate administrative work, freeing time to book more freight. Learn more about the best software for freight brokers and how to find the best solution for your brokerage needs.

Quicklook: Best software for freight brokers

  • Best for industry experience: Axon Software
  • Best for 24/7 load matching: Trucker Tools
  • Best for customer service: Rose Rocket
  • Best for load board integration: Truckstop
  • Best for customized broker software: Strategy Live
  • Best for user-friendliness: LoadPilot

6 best software options for freight brokers

Find the best freight broker software solution among these six options. 

Axon Software

Founded in 1982, Axon relies on over 40 years of experience in trucking software solutions. Its specialized broker software is designed to meet the needs of freight brokers and 3PL companies while improving efficiency, visibility and asset utilization. Axon software also features great TMS integrations, such as PC*MILER mapping.

Best for: Industry experience

Special features

  • Triple staff efficiency
  • Automated invoicing
  • Customized reporting


  • Improved billing accuracy 
  • Simplified factoring
  • Real-time data updates 
  • Complete operations oversite


  • More expensive than other options 
  • Complex with a notable learning curve 

Pricing: Variable pricing with a free demo

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools helps empower brokers and carriers with real-time software intelligence. Its platform of over 315,000 carriers helps brokers match 98% of freight with reliable trucks. Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now option also helps improve relationships with trusted carriers by fully automating many steps of the booking process and allowing 24/7 reloading. 

Best for: 24/7 load matching

Special features

  • Carrier relationship management (CRM)
  • Pick-up to delivery visibility
  • Book-It-Now streamlined booking process
  • Predictive load matching


  • Improve load visibility 
  • Reduces the number of check-ins 
  • Increases carrier tracking
  • Helps book more loads with fewer calls


  • Lack of transparent pricing 

Pricing: Variable pricing with a free demo

Rose Rocket

Modern freight brokers looking for advanced TMS software with a smile should check out Rose Rocket. This Toronto-based startup combines Canadian customer service with international expertise to earn glowing reviews from brokers across North America. Rose Rocket brokerages software offers more automation, visibility and connection to simplify every aspect of the freight process.

Best for: Customer service

Special features

  • Built-in quoting engine 
  • On-demand track and trace 
  • TMS integrations including EDI and API 
  • Handles payments in U.S and Canadian dollars


  • Simplified order entry 
  • Seamless dispatch  
  • Auto-share and document synching 
  • Secure customer portal


  • Fewer integrations with external systems
  • Less customization

Pricing: Variable pricing with a free demo


Truckstop started as one of the first online load boards and has grown into a complete logistics software solution for brokers and carriers alike. With over 600,000 brokers in their network, Truckstop has perfected load matching for brokers. This software solution also features automated tools that streamline daily tasks such as invoicing, accounting and CRM. 

Best for: Load board integration

Special features

  • Large reputable network
  • Real-time load updates 
  • Optional ITS Dispatch integration 


  • Links to QuickBooks
  • Easy to use
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Integrated decision tools


  •  Advanced features only available with premium memberships
  •  No option to partially pay an invoice

Pricing: $99 to $349 per month

Strategy Live

Strategy Live by Strategy Systems is a fully integrated TMS for freight brokers. This software supports custom reporting and requirements so brokers can better manage and strategize based on their specific needs. Strategy Live also has QuickBooks software integration for simplified accounting. 

Best for: Customized broker software

Special features

  • Customizable management dashboards
  • Customer relationship management
  • Personalized solutions within one business day 


  • QuickBooks integration 
  • Dispatch software
  • Billing and auditing features 
  • Live load tracking


  • Not mobile friendly
  • Lack of transparent pricing 

Pricing: Variable pricing with a free demo

Load Pilot

Since 2005, Load Pilot has been committed to offering designated freight broker software to help brokers run their businesses faster and more efficiently. Its software features are developed and implemented based on real user suggestions for simplified yet robust functionality. To further aid in user-friendliness, Load Pilot has short video tutorials built directly into their system and error-prevention alerts to prevent costly mistakes. 

Best for: User friendliness

Special features

  • Free weekly training seminars
  • Built-in database of over 160,000 carriers
  • Secure encryption 
  • International shipping


  • Accounting system with QuickBooks and Excel
  • Auto-invoicing 
  • Re-send load feature 
  • Load-error prevention


  • No warehouse management features 
  • Some templates could be improved 

Pricing: Starting at $50 per month

What can software help freight brokers do? 

Freight broker software can help brokers streamline nearly every aspect of their operations. As a type of TMS software, management platforms for freight brokers help manage loads, carriers, and shippers while simplifying back-end tasks. Here are some essential functions of freight broker software:

  • Entering loads
  • Finding and verifying carriers
  • Carrier onboarding
  • Load tracking
  • Routing and dispatching
  • Document management 
  • Electronic data interchange
  • Invoicing shippers
  • Payment processing
  • Tax planning
  • TMS integration

How to choose the best software company

If you’re a freight broker looking for the best software solution to run your business, consider what features and integrations are essential for your operations. Freight broker software should make connecting reputable carriers with high-quality loads easier and simplify administrative duties. Keep in mind the following factors in choosing the right software.

Load searching and posting features

Load searching and posting is the primary feature of freight broker software. Freight brokers rely heavily on load boards to match carriers and shippers, and an integrated load board service makes it much easier to carry out this essential function. 

Carrier vetting and onboarding features

Shippers use freight brokers not only to save time but also to guarantee quality. Using software integrated with carrier onboarding and vetting, brokers can easily view carriers’ credentials, compliance records and safety ratings. By making the vetting process simpler and more thorough, brokers can protect themselves and shippers against product loss or accident risk. 

Invoicing features

Each shipment a broker facilitates requires an invoice, but manual invoicing is time-consuming and has a higher chance of human error. Software that automates invoicing makes the process easier and more accurate. 

Routing and dispatching

Many freight brokers offer full-service solutions that include routing and dispatch. With integrated dispatch software, brokers can find a route that minimizes fuel consumption and avoids delays.

Load tracking ability

Freight visibility is essential for maintaining positive relationships with shippers. Software with load tracking abilities allows shippers to know precisely where their cargo is at all times, while geofencing alerts can notify brokers if a load is somewhere it shouldn’t be. 

Available integrations

Many other integrations for freight brokers use TMS software. On the administrative side, payment processing and document management integrations keep all payments and vital paperwork in one place. Load board integration can allow brokers to set up notifications over multiple truck posting websites. 

Simplify freight brokerage with the right software solution

From independent brokers to freight brokerage companies, the right software solution can help manage and streamline operations. Choose from these seven freight broker software options and be a part of the future of logistics. 


What is freight broker software?

Freight broker software is a type of TMS software that makes it easier to match loads and carriers and handle administrative tasks.

Do freight brokers need a TMS system?

To succeed in today’s competitive logistics industry, freight brokers need advanced TMS software that improves efficiency.

What is a freight broker liable for?

Although they play a limited role in transporting goods, freight brokers can be held liable for negligence or omissions. The FMCSA also requires that all freight brokers have a freight broker bond worth $75,000 that ensures payment to carriers if the broker fails to pay.

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Load Tracking for the Long Haul

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