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Best Home Time Trucking Companies

Truck drivers get to see many parts of the world. Some drivers deliver routes across the country, but driving across the country has its costs. Some drivers don’t get to return home for over a week. They enjoy the work but don’t want to stay away from their families. Home time trucking companies offer a viable solution. These companies offer more home time so you can do deliveries while spending more time with family. 

Quicklook: Best Home Time Trucking Companies

  • Best For Home Time Flexibility: Roehl
  • Best For Part-time and Full-time Flexibility: Eagle Logistics – Match Now
  • Best For Home Time Every Weekend: TMC Transport – Match Now
  • Best For Pet-Friendly Accommodations: Jim Palmer Trucking – Match Now
  • Best For High Pay: Walmart – Match Now
  • Best For Sign-On Bonus: Pride Transport – Match Now

6 Best Home Time Trucking Companies Options

Want more flexibility with your trucking? We have a list of the best home time trucking company options. 



Roehl has jobs for drivers with CDLs and people who want CDL training. Inexperienced drivers can make over $60,000 per year within a year of driving for the company. You can drive on the road for a few days and then take some time off with your family. 

Best For: Home Time Flexibility

Home Time Options:

  • 7 days driving then 4 days home, followed by 7 days driving then 3 days home
  • 14 days driving then 7 days home

Total Annual Days Off: 26 weeks off a year

Special Features:

  •  Paid for extras such as intermediate stops, detention time, and hand load/unload
  • Up to 26 weeks off a year 
  • Get paid while getting your CDL


  • 401k 
  • Profit sharing  
  • Referral, hiring, and performance bonuses 


  • Less experienced drivers initially don’t make as much money
  • The lower 50% of drivers earn under $64,500 annually 
  • You may not go a few days without seeing loved ones, but you’ll then have off time to compensate

Pay Rate: $0.57 to $0.59 per mile

Eagle Logistics

Eagle Logistics has over three decades of transportation experience. The family-owned business has over 100 trucks in its fleet and offers regional and local routes for drivers.

Best For: Part-time and full-time flexibility

Home Time Options: Weekly home time

Total Annual Days Off: Various if you work part-time or full-time, but you can get weekly home time

Special Features:

  • Part-time or full-time opportunities 
  • OTR, regional, and local positions 
  • Weekly home time 
  • Direct access to upper management


  • Health insurance and paid vacation 
  • Get paid for every mile and stop  
  • Bonus pay 


  • Lower pay for drivers with less experience 
  • No health benefits for part-time drivers 

Pay Rate: $1,400 per week for full-time drivers

TMC Transportation

TMC Transportation manages a fleet of flatbed trucks and other vehicles. A truck driver will do deliveries within a 1,200-mile radius from home. This proximity helps drivers arrive home every weekend. 

Best For: Home time every weekend

Home Time Options: 48 to 52 hours of home time per week

Total Annual Days Off: Over 100 days off per year

Special Features:

  • Guaranteed home days on Thanksgiving and Christmas 
  • Company-paid truck and trailer wash each week 
  • Hires many drivers who previously served in the military but is open to everyone


  • Flatbed truck drivers can find work here 
  • Immediately hiring  
  • Excellent equipment 


  •  Strict workplace
  •  Tight schedule

Pay Rate: Approximately $65,000 per year

Jim Palmer Trucking

jim palmer trucking

The Montana-based trucking company delivers freight in the midwest and across the west coast. They specialize in reefers and other temperature control vehicles. If you don’t have a CDL, you can still get a driving job at Jim Palmer Trucking. They offer a paid CDL training program so you can get on the road soon.

Best For: Pet-friendly accommodations

Home Time Options: Drive 7 days then off for 1 day

Total Annual Days Off:

1 week after 1 year

2 weeks after 3 years

3 weeks after 5 years

NOTE: This off time does not include 1 day off for every 7 days on the road (approximately 45 days).

Special Features:

  • Pet-friendly for drivers who want to ride with their pets 
  • No upfront costs for CDL training 
  • Military Apprenticeship Program


  • High starting pay 
  • Assigned routes based on lane preferences  
  • Invests in new equipment 


  • Work obligation if you take their CDL training (1-year contract)
  • Lower pay at the beginning of your tenure 

Pay Rate:$0.40 per mile solo or $0.44 per mile team


Walmart has over 2 million employees spread across its locations, and they’re looking for truckers. Their truckers travel over 900 million miles per year for the company. Walmart pays some of the highest rates for drivers, but you need a few years of experience before applying for a job. 

Best For: High pay

Home Time Options: 2 days per week

Total Annual Days Off: Up to 21 days on your first year

Special Features:

  • Live Better U program to save money on college expenses 
  • On-site maintenance facility
  • Low turnover


  • High pay
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • 401k


  • You need 30 months of experience working at a full-time Class A tractor/trailer driving position within the previous 4 years

Pay Rate: $110,000 per year 

Pride Transport

Pride Transport offers competitive pay to experienced drivers. The family-owned business operates in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has been around for 40 years. Drivers founded the company and do their best to treat drivers like family. 

Best For: Sign-On Bonus

Home Time Options: One day off per week

Total Annual Days Off: 6 paid holidays and paid vacation after 1 year

Special Features:

  • Routes mainly on the west coast with some east coast routes
  • Pet-friendly 
  • New trucks


  • $10,000 sign-on bonus 
  • Get paid for the distance you drive, not just how far you drive the load 
  • Retirement plan with a weekly 20% match 


  • You must have at least 4 months of experience on the road 
  • Class A CDL required  

Pay Rate: Up to $0.90/mile

What Is Home Time Trucking?

Not every driver wants to be constantly on the road. Some drivers want to return home with their families and have some flexibility. Home time trucking is the amount of time truck drivers get to return home. Many companies let their drivers spend time away from work for 1-2 days per week.

How Does Home Time Trucking Work?

After driving a set number of days on the road, drivers can return home and spend time with their loved ones. Some companies let you take a day off after being on the road for six days. Other companies let you take two days off after driving for five straight days.

What to Consider With Home Time Trucking Companies

Many drivers want to spend more time at home, but you don’t want to get stuck with an unsatisfactory job. We’ve highlighted some factors to consider with home time trucking companies.

Experience Level

Some home time trucking companies require prior experience before you can join their fleets. You may get paid less if you’re a new driver. Most companies pay a little less initially before raising your pay once you accumulate experience.

Location Requirements

A company’s routes tell you where you’ll have to travel. Some companies let you drive within a set radius from your home, while others don’t provide that accommodation. Home time options may not be available in every area.


Home time trucking companies let you spend time with family, but you won’t make as much money. Fewer days on the road means fewer miles, and most trucking companies pay by the mile. Compare rates and gross pay when utilizing home time options.

Home Time Options

Each trucking company offers different home time options. Some truck drivers get to stay home on weekends, while others can get 7 days off after driving for 14 days. Review each company’s home time policy to determine the best fit for your needs.

Other Driver Requirements

Some truck companies require a CDL right away. Others will provide paid CDL training and require you to work with them for at least a year. 

Balancing Truck Driving with Time at Home

Truck drivers can get the best of both worlds. They can travel across the country and get more time home with loved ones. Look at a company’s home time policy and how much they will pay. Gaining more experience can help you secure a great driving job that pays well and offers respectable home time.


Which Trucking Company Has Best Hometime?

Each trucking company has different home time rules. The best home time policy depends on what you want in a trucking company.

How Much Hometime Do Truckers Get?

Most truck drivers get 1-2 days per week of home time.

How Many Days a Month Are Truck Drivers Home?

Most truck drivers are home for 4-10 days per month. Some truck drivers stay home longer due to holidays and vacation days.

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