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What are the best expedited trucking companies?

In a rush? Expedited trucking companies cater to those who need products and materials delivered quickly. With expedited trucking, deliveries will arrive at their intended final destination faster than they would via the standard freight process. 

Essentially, expedited freight is a branch of the transportation industry that specializes in rush orders, including everything from a small one-pound bag of coffee to large wind turbine blades. 

Keep reading to explore how expedited trucking works! We’ll also tell you all about the best expedited trucking companies that can help you get your shipment to its destination quickly and safely. 

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Quicklook: Best expedited trucking companies

  • DGD Transport
  • ArcBest
  • Ascent On-Demand
  • FedEx Custom Critical
  • Team Worldwide
  • Old Dominion Freight Line
  • Pegasus Logistics Group
  • UPS
  • XPO Logistics

9 best expedited trucking companies

If your company is under pressure to get rapid deliveries to their locations, consider using one of the following companies. They are the top 10 best-expedited trucking companies. 

DGD Transport

DGD Transport provides truckload solutions for businesses in the contiguous 48 states. With solutions for both dry and temperature-controlled needs, their equipment ensures that products are delivered rapidly and on-time.

Their cutting-edge technology helps them manage their customers’ transportation requirements while providing a full-service feel and impressive customer service. 

Location: Miami, Florida

Special features: On-demand freight quote system


  • Refrigerated trucking
  • Asset-based provider
  • Full-scope truckload services
  • Cutting-edge technology

Disadvantages: Third-party logistics

Pricing: Team DGD, Inc. offers on-demand quotes from their website. Prices are based on origin, destination, weight, equipment, and packaging. 


Founded in 1923, ArcBest provides companies with high-value and time-sensitive freight shipping options with trusted solutions throughout North America.

ArcBest offers a wide range of expedited trucking and air solutions for same-day, first-day, and second-day delivery. They also have options for temperature-controlled cargo. 

Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Special features: Real-time visibility


  • Temperature-controlled options
  • Security measures including panic alarms and satellite tracking
  • Time-critical assurance
  • Serves the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico


  • Does not work with hazardous waste
  • General commodities only 

Pricing: For an accurate shipping quote, visit the ArcBest website and input your freight-specific information. 

Ascent On-Demand

Ascent On-Demand provides global expedited freight solutions within a moment’s notice. They help companies optimize their logistics performance and strengthen their business.

Ascent On-Demand uses a range of contract carriers to help businesses get their cargo from point A to point B as quickly as possible, and their staff is available to help at all hours. 

Location: Belleville, Michigan

Special features: Global logistics


  • Staff on hand 24/7
  • Time-critical assurance
  • Real-time visibility

Disadvantages: Frequent company restructures

Pricing: Contact Ascent On-Demand to receive a quote based on your personal air or trucking needs.

FedEx Custom Critical

FedEx is a household name that everyone knows and trusts. The company also offers expedited trucking services for cargo, including temperature-controlled options. FedEx specializes in same-day and overnight delivery.

If extra care is needed, their white-glove service is standing by to help you ship your goods in the safest way possible. 

Location: Uniontown, Ohio

Special features

  • Good reputation 
  • Down-to-the-minute scheduling options


  • Trusted name 
  • Temperature-controlled options
  • Air and ground shipping
  • White-glove services 

Disadvantages: Requires account to receive quote

Pricing: Register for a FedEx Custom Critical account to receive access to their shipping toolkit. 

Team Worldwide

Founded in the 1970s, Team Worldwide created a logistics company with simplified air, land, and sea solutions. With the constant need for time-sensitive, high-pressure global transportation, Team Worldwide realized there is no one-size-fits-all option.

Instead, they tailor their services to meet the freight and transportation needs of each individual client. 

Location: Winnsboro, Texas

Special features: Global air, land and sea solutions


  • Third-generation leadership
  • Individualized solutions for clients
  • Online tracking directly on company website

Disadvantages: No quick quote options available

Pricing: Team Worldwide provides customers with tailor-made quotes. Pricing is not available without contacting Team WorldWide directly.

Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion Freight Line is another company that has been offering their services for years. Founded in 1934, the company is committed to their customers. They guarantee that your shipments will arrive on time by utilizing effective strategies for time-sensitive freight.

They offer same-day, next-day, and time-specific delivery, including down-to-the-hour delivery and emergency services.

Location: Thomasville, North Carolina

Special features: On-demand emergency services


  • Trusted name since the 1930s
  • Guaranteed shipping
  • Customized door-to-door delivery

Disadvantages: No pricing options without an account

Pricing: Register for an Old Dominion Freight account to receive access to their pricing tools. 

Pegasus Logistics Group

Pegasus Logistics Group utilizes their experience and creativity to ensure that companies can rely on their on-time deliveries without any headaches. They craft solutions for even the trickiest of transportation expectations or timeline challenges, all while keeping costs reasonable for their clients.

With the goal of providing excellent service, Pegasus Logistics Group is constantly innovating in order to keep their clients confident in their expedited trucking solutions. 

Location: Coppell, Texas

Special features: Focused on cost-saving measures for clients


  • 24/7 account teams
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Satellite tracking

Disadvantages: Not as established as other companies on the list

Pricing: Pegasus Logistics has numerous tools and calculators so that you can explore their prices for your expedited shipping needs.


Another household name that made the list is UPS. The United Postal Service knows that their clients need to receive shipments fast, so UPS provides clients with the option to rush their shipments from point A to point B. Their expedited shipping options include next-day and same-day delivery solutions that can help your company transport cargo quickly.

No matter whether you’re shipping locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally, UPS has you covered with urgent and same-day delivery options. 

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Special features: Multiple value-added service options


  • Worldwide freight solutions 
  • Tracking and delivery notifications  
  • Critical service allows for same-day delivery

Disadvantages: Value-added service fees can add up quickly 

Pricing: Register for a UPS account to request a custom quote based on your personal freight needs. 

XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics has a large network of drivers, trucks, terminals, and digital software that all allow customers to have full digital visibility. As a leading digital freight brokerage, XPO Logistics uses cutting-edge technology to outperform the competition.

In doing so, XPO Logistics ensures that expedited freight arrives at its final location on time. The company offers year-round 24/7 customer coordinators who can help you move cargo at any point in time.  

Location: Greenwich, Connecticut

Special features: 24/7 year-round assistance


  • Vans, trucks, sprinters, and tractor-trailers available
  • Large network of owner-operators
  • Digital visibility


  • Newest company on the list
  • Established in 2000

Pricing: Request a quote from XPO Logistics to receive pricing based on your freight needs.

How does expedited trucking work?

Expedited trucking works by adjusting the transportation process to get goods to their shipping location faster than traditional transit times. The best expedited trucking companies expedite the transit process.

Instead of making stops along the way, these companies travel from the point of pickup to the delivery destination all in one fell swoop. The companies usually employ teams of drivers to complete the expedited deliveries. They work in shifts to decrease the amount of down time stemming from work breaks.

For smaller loads, companies will utilize cargo vans, sprinter vans, and trucks. They do this so that they don’t waste any transport space by using large vehicles for small-scale expedited shipments. These companies also have tractor-trailers so they can fulfill expedited trucking needs for larger deliveries, too.   

What makes a good expedited trucking company?

There are many key features that companies should look for when picking an expedited trucking company to trust with their products. There are thousands of local, regional, and national expedited solutions.

However, they do not all offer the same benefits. Be sure to ask about the following features to ensure that you are getting the most out of your expedited trucking experience. 

Around-the-clock operation

Having a two person team of drivers is ideal, especially when delivering expedited packages long distances. When companies use the team driver model, they are able to keep their trucks moving around the clock.

With this method, one driver operates the vehicle while the other sleeps, rests, and prepares to take over during the next leg of the journey. 

Real-time updates and tracking

When companies use expedited freight, it is likely because they need their products delivered as quickly as possible. The best expedited trucking companies will offer GPS tracking to provide their clients with real-time updates


As a customer, you are likely particular about your needs. Working with expedited trucking companies that will accommodate your communication preferences and your preferred method delivery options will make for a smoother expedited freight process overall. 

Latest and greatest technology

Remember the days when people traveled across the country with only a map? Those days seem archaic in comparison, and while it might seem like an extreme example, it emphasizes the importance of needing to stay up-to-date on the latest technology in order to ensure that products arrive at their final destination on time.

Technology is always improving, which is great because it helps expedited shipping companies better manage their transportation process from start to finish.

Company experience

Working with a company that has experience in the world of expedited trucking will save you a headache down the road. That’s not to say that newer companies cannot prove that they are worthwhile over time, but knowing you are working with a company that has decades of experience behind them will improve your peace of mind. 

Find trusted, guaranteed expedited trucking solutions

When you need expedited trucking solutions, there’s likely a reason for the rush. Do not risk the chances of your cargo being delayed by choosing the wrong company. Instead, use one of the best expedited trucking companies for all of your expedited shipping needs.


What are expedited carriers?

Expedited carriers are companies that provide shipping and freight solutions with smaller delivery windows than regular transit options. They include same-day and next-day shipping options.

Is expedited shipping worth it?

Expedited shipping is more expensive than standard delivery, but if you need your freight to be delivered within a specific timeframe, then expedited shipping is worth the price point. 

Is priority or expedited shipping faster?

Expedited shipping allows freight and cargo to arrive at its final destination much faster than it would via standard delivery. Priority shipping is equivalent to expedited shipping but priority shipping is only fulfilled through the USPS. 

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