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Best driver tracking apps

In today’s trucking and logistics industry, companies need the right software and apps to stay competitive. Many helpful software solutions for trucking fleets are available, including transportation management systems (TMS), electronic monitoring devices (ELD) and truck parking apps. One essential application for trucking companies is a driver tracking app. Truck driver apps record driver location, route history and other key metrics. Learn about these apps and find the best ones for managing your fleet. 

Quicklook: Best driver tracking apps

  • Best for seamless integration: Motive
  • Best for load management: Trucker Tools
  • Best for fleet transparency: Verizon Connect
  • Best for customization: TSO Mobile
  • Best for managing mixed fleets: Trucker Path Command

5 best driver tracking apps

These five driver tracking apps allow you to track your drivers and operate your fleet more efficiently. 



For companies needing full integration across all aspects of their operations, Motive is worth a look. Along with driver tracking, its fleet management software includes smart dashcam integration, fuel, maintenance and ELD compliance data in one place. It offers 24/7 customer support, and its GPS tracking system can notify customers of delays with automatic ETAs.

Best for: Seamless integration

Special features

  • Live location sharing with automatic ETAs 
  • Smart dashcam to detect dangerous driver behavior 
  • Automated reporting 


  • Speeds dispatch
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Helps lower fuel costs
  • Simplifies ELD compliance


  • No transparent pricing 
  • Some bugs with Android app 

Pricing: Not available 

trucker tools logo

Trucker Tools

As the number one most downloaded commercial truck driver app available, Trucker Tools has helped 1.5 million drivers simplify their operations. This app helps owner-operators and carriers manage loads from start to finish. With the Trucker Tools load board, tracking is easy and secure. Rather than tracking vehicles, this app tracks loads and provides options for how to track them.  

Best for: Load management

Special features:

  • TMS and dispatch integration
  • Book It Now load search option
  • Routing and fuel optimizer
  • Truck stop guide


  • App tracking 
  • ELD and telematic integrations
  • Load tracking management 
  • Over 17 features for truckers on the road


  • No transparent pricing
  • Occasional crashes when tracking is active 

Pricing: Not available

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect

Fleet managers looking for a 360-degree view of their fleet’s daily operations should check out Verizon Connect. This driver tracking and fleet management app helps uncover hidden costs and makes suggestions to boost productivity and efficiency. Plus, the app’s high-resolution maps are easy to read yet powerful. 

Best for: Fleet transparency

Special features

  • Geo-fencing to prevent unauthorized use
  • Monitors vehicle diagnostics and maintenance 
  • Real-time fleet analytics 
  • In-cab alerts and driver scorecard


  • Dashcam video integration 
  • User-friendly
  • Smart dispatching 
  • Historical trend analysis 


  • No current mileage view for driver
  • A few customer service complaints

Pricing: Varies based on fleet size and features selected

TSO Mobile 

tso mobile

TSO Mobile is a powerful GPS software solution for fleets large and small. With real-time GPS tracking and historical route data, TSO Mobile helps fleet managers know precisely where their assets are and plan for the future. This app also offers dozens of dynamic reports and allows you to create customizable live alerts. 

Best for: Customization

Special features

  • Customizable geo-fencing 
  • Allows limited tracking access for selected third parties
  • Vehicle maintenance data
  • Historical route mapping


  • Live vehicle alerts
  • Mobile tracking app for Android and Apple devices
  • Dozens of data-rich reports


  • No transparent pricing
  • Reports of app crashing issues 

Pricing: Not available

Trucker Path Command

trucker path

Most commercial truck drivers are already familiar with the Trucker Path app, making it easy to get them set up with the Trucker Path Command TMS. This do-it-all app can track drivers’ locations, and its GPS mapping ensures the quickest and safest path, no matter how many stops are along the route. Trucker Path Command is also an excellent solution for trucking companies with fleet drivers and owner-operators hauling loads. 

Best for: Managing mixed fleets

Special features

  • Highly advanced GPS navigation
  • Open integrations with ELDs and other platforms 
  • Comprehensive load management


  • Tracks driver activity and compliance 
  • Accounting and back office functions  
  • Customizable interface 
  • High app store ratings


  • More functions than necessary for a driver tracking app 
  • Pricer than other options

Pricing: Starting at $99 per month

Why driver tracking is crucial for fleets

Tracking drivers is essential for effective fleet management. Carriers can improve on-time rates, save money and optimize operations with driver monitoring. 

Staying on schedule

Delivering loads on time is vital for maintaining positive customer relationships and keeping logistics operations running smoothly. By knowing exactly where all drivers in your fleet are at a given time, you can ensure accurate ETAs and help dispatchers manage drivers efficiently. 

Route optimization

By tracking drivers’ location and surrounding road conditions, driver tracking apps can help dispatch find the best possible routes. You can reduce downtime, prevent late deliveries and minimize fuel consumption through route optimization. Another fleet tracking option that aids route optimization is trailer tracking.

Observing driver behavior

Driver tracking apps give fleet managers better control over driver compliance by monitoring their routes, schedules and speed. Many tracker apps also allow trucking companies to track driver safety through their driving habits so that you can address behavioral issues before an accident occurs. 

Better visibility

Driver tracking allows trucking managers and dispatchers to get a big-picture view of every driver in their fleet. With this high level of visibility and valuable data reporting, managers can make better decisions about driver scheduling and develop long-term business strategies to improve key performance indicators (KPIs). 


Monitoring overall driver behavior and tracking driver locations ultimately saves trucking companies money. For example, responsible driving reduces vehicle wear, leading to lower maintenance costs. Insurance companies may also charge lower premiums thanks to these apps reducing drivers’ risks. 

What to consider when choosing an app

There are many driver tracking apps on the market, and not all are created equal. When comparing apps, consider these factors. 


As with any business investment, you should consider the price of implementing driver tracking apps into your fleet. Cheaper is not always better since less expensive apps may not have all the functionality needed to get the most out of driver tracking. However, you want to avoid overspending on unnecessary features.


Drivers and fleet managers are always on the move, so an effective tracking app should be accessible anywhere. Look for an app with a user-friendly interface, excellent mobile and desktop versions and cloud-synching capability. 


While all driver tracking apps will track truck driver locations, many other features available can increase visibility and help improve efficiency. Consider which features would be valuable to your operations to find the best app. 

Data storage

Driver tracking apps allow dispatch to know where drivers are and help management make informed business decisions based on KPIs. Secure, long-term data storage and automated reporting can help you compare data and trends to optimize the supply chain process.

Available integrations

If your trucking company is already using ELDs or a fleet management system, consider integrating your driver tracking app. Integrating with these other programs helps organize and streamline data collection for the best possible picture of your operations. 

Driver tracking apps for commercial truck drivers

By implementing driver tracking apps throughout your fleet, you can gain a big-picture view of your daily operations and respond to issues in a timely manner. Choose one of the best apps and know exactly where your loads and drivers are at all times. 


Can I set Google Maps to avoid low bridges?

Google Maps does not currently have a feature that can filter routes by height clearance. However, you can avoid low bridges by using a driver tracking app or trucking GPS navigation system.

Does Google Maps have a semi truck route?

Google Maps is not a good option for semi truck routing since it cannot account for truck-specific road conditions such as low overhead clearance areas or weight restrictions.

Do delivery apps allow the use of a mileage app for drivers?

Delivery drivers can use a mileage app to track their miles. Some delivery apps, such as DoorDash, automatically track mileage and send drivers a report during the tax season.

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