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Best Buy Here Pay Here Semi-Trucks in Mississippi

If you have recently browsed the internet for new or late model semi-trucks in The Hospitality State, then you know that the prices of these pieces of heavy machinery have soared through the roof. These price increases are being fueled by an increase in demand, the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, and manufacturing delays. 

The rapid rise in prices may have pushed a new semi-truck outside of your budget, especially if you have less than perfect credit. Fortunately, you can still get yourself a reliable rig by purchasing a vehicle from a Mississippi semi-truck buy here pay here dealer. 

To help you navigate this process, we have composed a list of the top 5 places to purchase buy here pay here straight trucks and semi-trucks. 

Quicklook: Best Buy Here Pay Here Semi-Trucks in Mississippi

  • Best For Overall Quality and Reliability: Freightliner 
  • Best For Lease to Own Options: LG Truck Group
  • Best For No Credit Checks: Freedom Way Trucks
  • Best For Affordability: Bulldog Truck Sales 
  • Best For Personalized Support: Empire Truck Sales 

5 Best Buy Here Pay Here Semi-Trucks in Mississippi Options

Our picks for the best places to shop for buy here pay here semi-trucks in Mississippi include:


Freightliner is the largest truck manufacturer in the United States. America’s highways are filled with thousands of these well-built and ultra-reliable trucks. 

The company offers in-house financing and has plenty of vehicles to choose from at a wide range of price points. If you want a quality truck that is backed by a nationwide support network, you can’t go wrong with Freightliner. 

Best For: Overall quality and reliability 

Special Features

  •  Nationwide support network 
  •  Exceptional Reputation
  •  Top-quality trucks


  • Massive inventory
  • Trucks are fuel efficient
  • Late model vehicles have plenty of modern safety technology


  •  Acquiring parts for late model trucks is challenging due to supply chain shortage

LG Truck Group 

LG Truck Group 

Based in Gulfport, Mississippi, LG Truck Group does not offer true buy here pay here purchasing. However, the company does have a great lease-to-own program that requires no credit check. Instead, the company bases sales decisions on your motor vehicle record. 

Best For: Lease-to-own options

Special Features

  •  Lease to own program
  •  No credit checks


  • No credit check required
  • Decisions based on MVR 
  • Great for first-time buyers


  • Rates can be somewhat high  

Freedom Way Trucks 

Freedom Way Trucks 

Freedom Way Trucks sells genuine buy here pay here semi-trucks in Mississippi. The company has a great in-house financing program and a short approval process. All trucks are well-priced, meaning you can find a reliable rig regardless of budget. 

Best For: No credit checks

Special Features

  •  No credit checks


  • Easy purchasing process 
  • Simple repayment terms 
  • No credit checks required 


  • Small inventory 
Bulldog Truck Sales

Bulldog Truck Sales

Although Bulldog Truck Sales is headquartered in the heart of Georgia, the company also operates in Florida and Mississippi. Bulldog Truck Sales has a straightforward purchasing program and a good inventory. The company also offers short-term leases.

Best For: Affordability 

Special Features

  • Large inventory
  • Operations in multiple states
  • Lease to purchase program 


  • Affordable trucks
  • Great customer service team
  • Sizable inventory
  • Multiple purchasing options


  • The bulk of inventory is located in Georgia

Empire Truck Sales 

Empire Truck Sales 

Empire Truck Sales is located in Jackson, Mississippi. The company sells new trucks via traditional financing and has in-house purchasing options for used rigs. It also offers semi-truck service, technical training, and parts purchasing. 

Best For: Personalized support 

Special Features

  • Excellent customer service
  • Multiple locations throughout Mississippi


  • Good inventory
  • Well-priced trucks 
  • Offers repair and support services


  • Inventory is spread across over a dozen locations 

What Are Buy Here Pay Here Semi Trucks?

Buy here pay here semi-trucks are rigs that you purchase directly from dealers. All payments are remitted to the party that you bought the vehicle from instead of a third-party financial institution such as a bank or credit union. 

Most buy here pay here semi-trucks in Mississippi are typically priced lower than late model vehicles. However, the interest rate for this type of financing is usually higher because sellers are taking on more risk.

How Do Buy Here Pay Here Semi-Trucks Work?

When you purchase a truck using traditional financing, the lender pays the seller in full when you take receipt of the vehicle. You then repay the loan to the lender in installments. 

Buy here pay here purchasing — also known as in-house financing — eliminates the middleman. Sellers do not receive full payment for the vehicle in one lump sum. They allow you to repay them via monthly installments, much like you would if purchasing a rig using a lender. 

The primary difference between both purchase options is that buy here pay here deals require sellers to delay making a profit. One benefit is that they do not have to make sales decisions based on your credit. They can consider other factors when determining if you will be able to repay the loan, such as your MVR and annual income. 

In-House Financing or Short-Term Lease? What’s the Better Financial Move for Me?

If you’ve got bad credit or simply cannot afford a brand-new truck, shopping for buy here pay here straight trucks and big rigs is a great alternative. However, taking advantage of in-house financing is not the only option when you need a reliable and affordable semi. The other potential solution is to sign up for a short-term lease.

Both in-house financing and short-term leases involve a distinct set of pros and cons. One perk to leasing is that you can upgrade to a newer truck when supply chain issues are resolved, and semi prices stabilize. The advantage of in-house financing is that you can save some money and will eventually own your truck outright. When you want to learn more about these two potential solutions, check out our head-to-head comparison.


What Credit Score Do I Need to Finance a Semi-Truck?

Most lenders will require a credit score of 620 or higher. However, some lenders will allow you to finance a semi-truck with a score under 600. Be prepared for your interest rate to be on the higher side, though.

Is There a Shortage of New Semi-Trucks?

Yes, semi trucks and virtually every other type of motor vehicle are in short supply due to ongoing semiconductor chip supply chain issues.

What Is Considered High Mileage for a Semi-Truck?

Generally speaking, anything over 750,000 miles is considered “high mileage.” However, high mileage trucks can still be reliable if they are properly maintained during their service life.

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