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Best Boat Shipping Company

A boat opens up exciting possibilities. You can explore the ocean, traverse rivers, and catch fish. Some people even live in their boats to save on housing and get more lifestyle flexibility. However, moving that boat from place to place can get exhausting. You can get help from a shipper to move your boats from place to place. We’ve outlined several boat shipping companies to help with your search.

Quicklook: Best Boat Shipping Companies

  • Best For Simplicity: uShip
  • Best For 12-Foot Boat Transportation: Boat Movers
  • Best For Large Boats: Joule Yacht Transport
  • Best For Global Boat Shipments: Peters & May Group
  • Best For No Hidden Fees: Interstate Haulers

5 Best Boat Shipping Companies Options

Looking for help with shipping your boat? These boat shipping options can transport your boat to its next destination.



uShip lets you post your request in a marketplace and receive bids from carriers. You will quickly receive several applicants who you can filter based on order history and other parameters.

Best For: Simplicity

Special Services:

  • Vehicle transportation
    • Cars
    • Boats 
  • LTL freight 
  • Marketplace to connect carriers and shippers 


  • Many quotes from the marketplace 
  • Cargo insurance included  
  • Flexibility with types of vehicles shipped 


  • Many shippers will compete for your offer without proper vetting 
  • Prices can get high 

Pricing: uShip prices vary for each assignment, but you can use their price calculator to estimate how much it will cost.

Boat Movers

Boat Movers

Best For: 12-Foot Boat Transportation

Contact Info: 

Special Services

  • A spreading network of drivers near major cities
  • Boat hauling and transportation
  • Transport for boats regardless of whether the boat is on a trailer or not


  • 24/7 availability 
  • Affordable shipping solutions for 12-foot boats and other vehicles 
  • Quick quotes 


  • Only delivers within the continental U.S. 
  • Gets more expensive for boats over 12 feet

Pricing: You can get a free quote on their website to see how much it will cost. Boat Movers is a relatively affordable company for 12-foot boats.

Joule Yacht Transport

joule yacht transport

Best For: Large boats

Contact Info: 

Special Services:

  • Insurance for up to $2 million for each boat transport 
  • Large boat transportation 
  • Sailboat and power boat transport 


  • Transports various boats, including large yachts 
  • Connects boat owners with manufacturers, dealers, and shipyards
  • Over 60 years of experience servicing the continental U.S. and Canada


  • Some customers weren’t happy about customer service while others enjoyed working with the company.
  • Communication mostly takes place via email, but you can call them as well.

Pricing: You can request a free quote through Joule Yacht Transport’s site to see how much your boat transport will cost.

Peters & May Group

Peters & May Group

Best For: Global Boat Shipments

Contact Info: 

Special Services:

  • Boat and yacht transportation
  • Freight forwarding 
  • Courier services 


  • International shipments 
  • Strong customer service  
  • Over 30 years of experience 


  • Storage costs 
  • Mixed reviews 

Pricing: You can request a quote through this website to see how much you’ll have to spend for boat transportation.

Interstate Haulers

Interstate Haulers

Best For: No Hidden Fees

Contact Info: 

Special Services:

  • Boat transportation 
  • Heavy equipment transportation 
  • RV transportation


  • Transportation services for a wide range of vehicles 
  • No hidden fees 
  • More reliability with quotes 


  • A mix of positive and negative customer reviews
  • Only works within the continental U.S.  

Pricing: You can request a free quote on their site to get details regarding costs.

What Is Boat Shipping?

If you want to move from Florida to California, your boat has to come with you. However, traveling in your boat from Florida to California isn’t a practical option by any means. 

People making this type of move resort to boat shipping. Boat shipping is the process of transporting your boat from one place to another.

How Does Boat Transportation Work?

Several boats get stored on a ship and transported to their intended port. After arriving at the port, these boats are then attached to trucks and delivered to their destinations from there. 

During this handoff, your boat will be placed in storage. The longer the boat stays in storage, the more it will cost you to transport your boat. 

What to Consider With Boat Shipping

Boat shipping simplifies the lives of boat owners. That’s because boat owners don’t have to worry about transporting their boats from one location to another on their own. 

While boat shipping is essential, prices and other factors can get out of hand. Consider these factors before working with a boat shipping company.


Each company’s boat shipping prices vary, but these costs should fall within a certain range. Boat shipping companies charge you by the mile, and longer boats cost more to transport. You may pay $1.63 per mile for a smaller boat and up to $3.75 per mile for a larger boat.


Your boat will sit in storage before a truck arrives. You will have to pay storage fees to keep your boat in a facility, and it’s an unavoidable part of the business. However, if the boat shipping company takes a while to get your boat, fees will accumulate. 

A slow timeline results in more storage fees, and you might need your boat in an urgent manner. Timeline issues can lead to higher costs and not having your boat in time for an important deadline.

Additional Services

Some boat shipping companies provide additional services such as boat shipment guides and large insurance policies to protect your boat. These services help companies stand out and give you a better deal.

Get the Right Solution for Your Boat Shipping Needs

Most people lack the resources for boat shipping, but companies can help. You can get your boat delivered from one point to another without worrying about the logistics. 

A boat shipping company’s team will handle your request. Make sure you browse through several companies and compare quotes before choosing the right solution for your boat shipping needs.


How much does it cost to ship a boat 1000 miles?

Boat shipping companies charge based on the mile. Most small boats have a rate close to around $1.63 per mile, which would result in a price tag of $1,630.

How much is freight on a boat?

The cost of freight on a boat varies based on weight and size. Boat shipping companies set a per-mile rate for freight.

How are large boats shipped?

Large boats are often delivered on yacht transport ships or with their own trailers.

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