FreightWaves Ratings cuts through the noise of freight technology product reviews to make you a smarter buyer

Our Purpose

FreightWaves Ratings is dedicated to empower and inform fleets and drivers to understand the complicated world of fleet management by providing ratings and reviews simplifying the product research process. FreightWaves Ratings offers ratings and reviews on numerous technology products used in supply chain, freight, logistics and fleet management, such as Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), dashboard cameras, and more.

How We Review

As a community site, most of our content comes from the freight market, our fellow pros in the freight trucking and transportation industry. We encourage anyone with experience using a particular product or service to add their own review. The primary review, derived from analyzing thousands of data points and reviews, provides an objective, honest, and detailed write-up of products that aim to help you make an informed purchase. In addition to the primary review, several user-provided reviews will give you a round and complete review of each product shown.

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For Vendors

There are many vendors that serve the freight management industry, and it is vital that buyers are able to turn to a central resource, like FreightWaves Ratings. We cut through the noise of freight technology product reviews and spec comparisons to bring you the product that best fits both fleet management requirements and budget.