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Best air compressor parts and accessories 

Purchasing a new air compressor can be exciting, as it is a versatile machine that can power all sorts of devices and help you work more efficiently. But the big question is which air compressor parts and accessories you should buy first.

FreightWaves Ratings has created an extensive “best of” series to help logistics professionals and individual consumers get the most out of tools like air compressors. Some of the most popular articles include the best driver tracking apps and the 10 best must-have truck driver tools. The latest entry discusses air compressor parts.

Quicklook: best air compressor parts & accessories

Best 8 air compressor parts & accessories

When composing our list of eight top air compressor parts and accessories, we made sure to include a broad range of components from top manufacturers, as well as a few budget-friendly items. The parts that made our list include the following:

Ingersoll Rand air compressor lubricant

Ingersoll Rand air compressor lubricant

Keeping your air compressor properly lubricated is critical to maximizing its lifespan and avoiding unnecessary wear, and Ingersoll Rand’s all-season lubricant is designed to minimize friction and support optimal performance in a wide array of environments.

Pricing: $38 for a one-liter bottle on Amazon

Air couplers kit

Air couplers kit

Air couplers connect — or “couple” — a hose and tool or pair of hoses. Without the right air coupler or plug, all your other equipment will be virtually useless. Therefore, we’ve selected a kit with 36 different pieces, including various plug sizes and coupler styles, for our list.

Pricing: $38.99 on Amazon 

Air hoses from DP Dynamic Power

Air hoses from DP Dynamic Power

When purchasing air hoses for your compressor, pay close attention to the length and diameter. While you can conjoin hoses, it is best to use a single hose whenever possible. The item we decided on showcasing is a 25-foot hose manufactured by DP Dynamic Power and features a handful of accessories.

Pricing: $19.98 on Amazon

Backup pressure regulators

Backup pressure regulators

The pressure regulator of your air compressor will reveal how much force or tension is currently built up inside your machine. Though your air compressor will include a pressure regulator, it is always good to have a spare one on hand, and you can also upgrade your factory-installed regulator to something like the NANPU filter and regulator combo. 

Pricing: $15.99 on Amazon

NANPU air dryer/regulator combo

NANPU air dryer/regulator combo

If you really want to protect your investment, you may want to consider investing in an air-drying system. The NANPU unit includes a pressure regulator, dual filters and a drying function. The system limits wear and rust by keeping moist air out of your compressor’s storage tank. 

Pricing: $46.99 on Amazon

DEWALT Pneumatic Nailer

DEWALT pneumatic nailer

The DEWALT pneumatic nailer is a powerful system that can drive nails ranging from ⅝” to 2” in length. It has a maintenance-free motor and is extremely user-friendly, even offering depth-of-drive adjustments and a nail removal feature. 

Pricing: $89.54 on Amazon

Industrial air blower with adjustable nozzle

Industrial air blower

No collection of air compressor parts & accessories would be complete without an industrial air blower, a simple device that features an adjustable nozzle and three different extenders that allow you to quickly clean surfaces with compressed air. It is great for general household cleanup or blowing dirt and debris away from your work area. 

Pricing: $18.59 on Amazon

Ingersoll Rand pneumatic impact wrench

Ingersoll Rand pneumatic impact wrench

The Ingersoll Rand pneumatic impact wrench may be lightweight, but it packs plenty of punch for tough applications. The wrench can deliver up to 600 foot pounds of torque and is capable of removing even the most stubborn fasteners. 

Pricing: $159.68 on Amazon. 

What is the purpose of an air compressor?  

An air compressor generates compressed air via an electric pump, which is then routed into a storage tank. Users can tap into this stored energy to power their pneumatic tools and accessories. Air compressors are also used in several industrial applications.

3 considerations when purchasing air compressors and parts

If you haven’t purchased your air compressor yet and need a little guidance in doing so, we recommend checking out this video from the Compressed Air and Gas Institute. In it, industry experts provide some useful tips for choosing your air compressor, a few of which include the following:

Air pressure

The air pressure of your unit will be expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI). Most applications require a pressure of approximately 90-100 PSI, though if you’re using your air compressor for heavy-duty applications or plan on running multiple tools off of one system, you may need a machine that offers a higher PSI level. 


The airflow of an air compressor is expressed in the form of cubic feet per minute (CFM). The faster the airflow, the more efficiently the compressor can power your tools. 

Amount of air storage

The air storage capacity of an air compressor is listed in gallons. Small, portable units designed for residential-use tanks may have a capacity as low as 10 or 15 gallons, whereas a commercial unit can hold up to 500 gallons.

Which air compressor parts & accessories should you buy first?

When choosing which air compressor accessories to buy first, you should consider the items you will need most frequently and begin building out your collection of components from there. For instance, you should stock up on essentials like backup air hoses and oils. Once you have the basics covered, you can then shift your focus to “nice to have” items, such as tools that you will use less often but still want to own. 

By leveraging our list and following these simple tips, you can get the most out of your new air compressor. 


What are the important parts of air compressors?

The four core components of an air compressor are the tank, receiver, pump and electric motor. 

How many CFM is a good air compressor?

Generally, you should purchase a compressor that provides five CFM. If you plan on using your air compressor in an industrial setting, you may want to purchase a more robust unit with a higher CFM output.

What are common problems with air compressors?

A few common air compressor problems include inadequate air pressure, too much or too little lubricant or total equipment failure. You can mitigate these issues by purchasing a high-quality unit and following relevant manufacturer guidelines. 

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