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Highest paying diesel mechanic salary in the U.S.

As an aspiring diesel mechanic, you may wonder what the highest paying salaries are in the industry. With a solid entry-level pay, becoming a diesel mechanic is a great career choice for those who are interested in heavy-duty equipment. 

There has been a continuous rise in demand for diesel mechanics and it is expected to continue to grow by 2030. This position is crucial for upkeep maintenance of any type of vehicle that uses a diesel engine. 

What Is a Diesel Mechanic?

A diesel mechanic is someone who repairs, inspects, and maintains any vehicle that has a diesel engine. Their responsibilities can range from running diagnostics tests on vehicles to inspectings a vehicle’s performance. 

Diesel mechanics tend to work standard business hours throughout the week, including weekends. However, mobile diesel mechanics tend to have longer hours since they are on call 24/7.

How Do You Become a Diesel Mechanic? 

After completing high school, aspiring diesel mechanics require around three to four years of intensive training as a technician. However, this isn’t the only route. 

Some students can pursue postsecondary education in diesel engine repair and or service technology programs. This assists students in receiving a certification or an associate’s degree depending on the program. 

Is It Difficult To Be a Diesel Mechanic?

You can become a diesel mechanic without a degree and employers often provide training for new employees. However, one should have a general understanding of how a diesel engine functions.

Additionally, those who are hired without formal education on the subject do struggle in rising through the ranks. It can also be difficult to find a job outside of the company that trained them.

How Can I Improve My Salary as a Diesel Mechanic?

To start at a higher pay-level, it is essential to have some sort of formal education on diesel mechanics. This can be accomplished through three to four years of training, certification, or an associate’s. With formal training, it will allow you to have more job and pay-raise opportunities in the future. 

Is Diesel Mechanic a Good Career?

There is still a high demand for diesel mechanics, making it a good career choice. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of job opportunities for diesel mechanics will increase by 3% from 2019 to 2029. Moreover, most diesel mechanics do have to work at night time and consider this position as a stable job.

10 States with Highest Diesel Mechanic Salary

Here we outline the top ten states that have the highest diesel mechanic salaries and why.


Annual Salary: $62,710

Alaska is a great state for diesel mechanics due to how this job is essential for many of their popular industries. For example, the top economic industries in Alaska include oil, fishing, timber, mining, and agriculture, which all use diesel-powered equipment. Plus, if you love the outdoors, Alaska may be a good option to consider as a diesel mechanic.


Annual Salary: $55,594

Although this may seem like a smaller average, the cost of living in Wyoming is relatively low. This makes this salary go a lot further than in other states. Moreover, one of the top industries in Wyoming is mineral extraction which requires diesel mechanics. This state is filled with natural beauty and can be a great option for those who are interested in diesel mechanic opportunities.


Annual Salary: $57,958

Nevada’s top economies include the use of diesel mechanics. Nevada’s key industries include logistics, manufacturing, mining, information technology, and aerospace & defense. With three to five years of experience under your belt, diesel mechanics in Nevada make roughly $63,315 per year. 


Annual Salary: $58,219

With the most jobs for diesel mechanics, there are endless opportunities for those in this profession. The top 10% of diesel mechanics in this state make an average of $70,000 per year. Moreover, there are various positions opened from the United States Army Corps of Engineers in Maine for diesel mechanics.


Annual Salary: $61,200

Connecticut heavily relies on diesel mechanics since its top industries revolve around diesel engine equipment. Some of their top industries include manufacturing, bioscience, and green technology. Moreover, mechanics with six to nine years of experience make an average of $78,084 per year. 

New York

Annual Salary: $59,900

As one of the largest economies in the United States, there are endless opportunities for every profession. Since retail and manufacturing are two key competitive industries in New York, diesel mechanics have many opportunities. However, cost of living does need to be considered when it comes to taking a position in New York.


Annual Salary: $58,804

With various formal training programs in Texas, there are many opportunities for diesel mechanics. As cattle, cotton, lumber, and oil are the four main industries of the Texas economy, diesel mechanics are in high demand. With six to nine years of experience, diesel mechanics can make an average of $75,028 per year.


Annual Salary: $56,746

A large part of Ohio’s economy relies on manufacturing, making it a perfect place for aspiring diesel mechanics. Moreover, Ohio has many schools assisting students to become a diesel mechanic. With only three to five years of experience, the average diesel mechanic makes $61,991 per year in Ohio.


Annual Salary: $55,660

Louisiana’s economy revolves around oil, natural gas, commercial fishing, and chemicals. Moreover, these industries rely heavily on diesel engine vehicles. With endless opportunities, and warm weather, Louisiana is a great place for those who wish to become a diesel mechanic. Additionally, with three to five years of experience, the average diesel mechanic salary is $60,805. 


Annual Salary: $63,712

California has major industries that rely on the use of diesel mechanics. Some of this state’s top economies include transportation, manufacturing, and utilities. Due to this, diesel mechanics can make a sizable income in this state. It has been reported that the average salary of a diesel mechanic with six to nine years of experience makes $81,290.

Become a Diesel Mechanic Today!

With various opportunities throughout the nation, becoming a diesel mechanic is a great career choice to consider. A lot of industries rely on these individuals to ensure everything goes as planned. 

Since many diesel mechanics do not need a degree, this allows more opportunities for those without a formal background in the subject. With a flexible schedule, comfortable salary, and steady work hours becoming a diesel mechanic can be a great decision. 

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