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VisTracks fills a rather unique role in the world of ELDs. Rather than directly offering a hardware device for drivers, VisTracks provides an ELD software platform for resellers. Resellers then package the software with their choice of hardware to create an ELD product. The software includes an Android/iOS app for drivers, and a cloud-based web portal for fleet managers. Resellers can pair the software with a wide variety of telematics devices (from CalAmp, BAFX, Pacific Track, and many others) to make their own fully functional ELD.

Resellers are allowed to completely white-label and brand the ELD software as their own. Many of the ELDs currently on the FMCSA’s list of self-certified devices are actually running VisTracks software under their own brand name. VisTracks has 60+ resellers, and over 20 of those are already offering self-certified ELDs on the FMCSA registry. So while it goes by many names, VisTracks software is quickly becoming a prevalent force in the ELD market.

The software is primarily focused on hours of service, with only a few extra features. There is a customizable DVIR tool for recording vehicle inspections, and an IFTA feature for recording taxable gallons and miles. Individual resellers often provide additional features such as messaging, navigation, GPS tracking, and engine diagnostics, but these are not part of the core software.

This focus on simple hours of service has helped VisTracks create a very smooth and user-friendly ELD experience. The driver app feels slick, modern, and very intuitive. Drivers can easily keep up with their remaining hours and make log corrections when needed. There are a lot of nice conveniences that are missing from many ELDs, such as the ability to easily view a list of recap hours that will be coming back to the driver’s cycle time over the next several days. Drivers can use the device camera to capture images of documents, or take pictures of defects during a vehicle inspection. The app also has a mode which locks down access during a roadside inspection, so that the officer can only view relevant log data. In addition to US federal rules, the app supports a wide variety of state-specific and Canadian rule sets.

The web portal for back office staff is similarly modern and easy to use. It’s simple for safety managers to make suggested corrections to a driver’s log, or assign unidentified driving time to the proper driver. There is a really nice tool for keeping track of suggested edits, so that managers know which corrections are still pending and which have been accepted or rejected by the driver. The system even allows users to specify which units will run in true ELD mode, and which will remain on AOBRD rules. This makes it easy for fleets to use the grandfathered AOBRD extension until 2019, and then simply switch to full ELD rules when they are ready.

VisTracks provides an easy way for organizations that already service the trucking industry to add ELDs to their product lineup. Carriers or drivers interested in using a VisTracks-powered ELD can contact VisTracks to be referred to a reseller.

For more information, visit the VisTracks website


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