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VDO RoadLog


VDO RoadLog is being SHUT DOWN effective May 1st, 2020

If you are a VDO RoadLog customer looking for a new ELD, we recommend you take a look at EROAD. They have a solid, reliable all-in-one device that doesn’t require you to use your phone or tablet. VDO RoadLog customers get:

  • No activation fee (normally $35)
  • 10% off your monthly charges

Description & Key Features (provided by VDO)

VDO RoadLog™ ELD from Continental is one of the few FMCSA registered ELDs that is available with no monthly fees. It can transfer log data by wireless, USB transfer, or an instant paper log from the built-in thermal printer. RoadLog ELD works with the compliance reporting and fleet management tool that Continental calls VDO RoadLog™ Office. It is also available with no monthly fees.

RoadLog users can choose to spread the cost of their RoadLog system out over 36 months with the FlexPay program. After 36 months, the user owns the ELD.

RoadLog ELD provides automatic recording for IRP, IFTA miles-per-state, and electronic logbook compliance for US, Canada, Alaska, and Oilfield regulations. Drivers can record pre- and post-trip inspections (DVIR) onscreen and the reports then become part of the log.

On-duty, Driving, Sleeper Berth, and Off-Duty status are tracked automatically, based on vehicle movement, and automatic warnings are provided as the driver is approaching HOS limits. Data- recording capabilities include driver log, vehicle events, vehicle tracking, trailer assignments, shipment documents, total odometer, refueling, vehicle speed, and idling analysis. The VDO RoadLog™ Office online tool helps automate compliance reporting and record keeping, and it provides the ability to map vehicle’s travel.

Data access is protected by password and RoadLog USB Keys, and a digital signature ensures authenticity/integrity of all data. No data is shared except data required by FMCSA compliance regulations.

Continental guarantees that RoadLog provides 100% ELD mandate compliance, and the company offers free software updates to maintain compliance as FMCSA regulations change. RoadLog ELD is FMCSA registered and has passed the FMCSA data transfer test.


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