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VDO RoadLog Plus


VDO RoadLog is being SHUT DOWN effective May 1st, 2020

If you are a VDO RoadLog customer looking for a new ELD, we recommend you take a look at EROAD. They have a solid, reliable all-in-one device that doesn’t require you to use your phone or tablet. VDO RoadLog customers get:

  • No activation fee (normally $35)
  • 10% off your monthly charges

VDO RoadLog ELD Plus is VDO’s upgrade from the RoadLog ELD. The ELD Plus adds wireless connectivity and a range of features not available on the RoadLog ELD. Designed primarily for individual owner operators and small fleets, the RoadLog ELD is a stand alone unit that does not communicate wirelessly with the back office. Drivers transfer their logs onto a USB stick and hand them to office staff in person to load log data into the back office software. This works well for an individual driver, or two or three trucks that return to home base frequently. But the by-hand transfer process quickly becomes unmanageable for larger fleets.

To address this shortcoming, Continental released the VDO RoadLog Plus. This device has cell capability so it can communicate with the back office to send logs and other data over the air. It runs on the same RoadLog platform as the older product, which is well respected and reliable. It also has the built-in thermal printer that allows a driver to quickly print off a paper log during a roadside inspection. Like the RoadLog ELD, the ELD Plus is hardwired to the data port with a single cable.

The RoadLog ELD Plus, like the RoadLog ELD, is designed for simplicity, so its telematics features are limited. It does logs, DVIRs, GPS tracking, and automates IFTA/IRP reporting. It is offered with options for text-based messaging to and from the fleet office, driver monitoring, and remote load and trip management. It does not provide any options for GPS navigation, document scanning, or engine diagnostics. So, without some of the bells and whistles offered by other systems, the focus here is clearly on simplicity and affordability.

The back office compliance tool is called RoadLog Office; the capabilities and features depend on the level you subscribe to. It’s available in three levels; Solo ($0/mo), Advanced ($20/mo), and Premium ($29.99/mo). Continental offers the hardware and the Office software bundled into a monthly payment through their FlexPay program. The up front hardware cost is around $700, putting the sticker price in line with larger dedicated ELDs like Omnitracs that may offer more features. However, does Continental also offer the hardware and the Office software bundled into a monthly payment through their FlexPay program.

Overall, the RoadLog Plus is built on solid, reliable hardware, and it has the potential grow and add more features over time. There have been some initial concerns from customers about the support experience, especially during the busy period immediately after the mandate deadline, but things on that front seem to be improving. If the product continues to move in a good direction, the unique ability to physically print logs makes this an interesting ELD for fleets to consider.




*plus install kit





Pros & Cons

  • Built in log printer
  • Stable hardware
  • Monthly FlexPay option to avoid up-front costs
  • Fewer telematics features for the price
  • Replacing thermal paper can be pricey
  • Some concerns about user friendliness and support


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