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Utech GPSTab ELD Review

GPSTab ELD is a top rated, no-contract FMCSA-approved electronic logbook that helps fleets easily manage their hours of service without overpaying for costly contracts.  

Built to help fleets and truckers easily maximize profits and safety, the software closely follows the FMCSA’s guidelines, especially regarding hours of service, and stands above the rest for usability, features, service, and pricing. Read on to explore the features and benefits of GPSTab’s ELD in the full review below.

How Does the GPSTab ELD Work?

The GPSTab ELD provides fleet owners and truck drivers with a user-friendly dashboard to quickly and accurately track HOS. While other ELDs make it difficult to manage split sleeper berth, GPSTab’s clocks make it simple for dispatchers and drivers to implement this feature, helping your drivers stay safe, and your company gets your full driving hours each day. 

Live, 24/7 customer support is available 365 days a year to help you with any questions that you may have. While other companies tend to charge an extra $20 monthly for this service, it is included in the $29 monthly fee with GPSTab.

GPSTab is ideal for larger fleets, and flexible enough to be used in small fleets. With a dedicated account rep, your onboarding process is simplified to ensure that your installations and integrations are set up smoothly. 

Downloading information for IFTA reporting is free of charge, unlike other companies who charge $15 for you to receive your IFTA information monthly. GPSTab knows that picking the wrong ELD can lead to expensive surprises. Many customers tell them that they’ve overpaid up to $3420 annually per truck with other providers. 

GPSTab maintains a “no contract, no problem” policy, where they work for you each month to earn your business for a flat $29.   If you’re looking for the ability to prove that freight damage was not your drivers’ fault, their dash cameras are the most affordable to own over a 5 year period and provide more recording incidents than competitors. 

Additionally, GPSTab has helped their customers lower their insurance premiums by up to 30% annually with the installation of covert tail light trackers. GPSTab has helped recover hundreds of thousands in stolen cargo and equipment through their platform. The benefit to you is that all of these systems integrate into one easy-to-use dashboard. You can locate your trucks and other assets in minutes.


Before purchasing the GPSTab ELD, you should review some of the most frequently asked questions about the product. 

Is the GPSTab ELD Certified?

Yes. The GPSTab ELD is FMCSA-approved and registered. 

How Do I Download the GPSTab ELD on My iPhone? 

To download the GPSTab ELD, open the Google Play or Apple app store. Search for “GPSTab ELD” and then select the blue button labeled “Get” to download the app.

How Do I Add a Pin to my GPSTab ELD Account?

You can find your profile icon in the top right corner of your GPSTab ELD account. Select the icon to go to your admin portal. Under the list management tools, you can find the option to change your PIN along with other credentials.

Can My Cell Phone Be Used As an ELD Screen?

Your cell phone will be used to connect to the ELD system, which will then be used to track your hours of service and offline hours.

What GPSTab ELD Hardware Is Available?

To utilize the GPSTab ELD, you will need a tablet with the GPS Tab ELD app installed on it. While the tablet is recommended, you are able to use a phone as well. You’ll also need to plug the ELD  device itself into your vehicle. GPSTab has easy installation videos available on their website at, available in 7 languages.

Does the GPSTab ELD Have Automatic IFTA Reporting?

Yes. You can access the reporting in the app by selecting the Reports section in the main menu. You can then click on New Report, select your desired date range, choose your number of vehicles, and then click to generate a full report.  While other ELD providers charge a $15-$20 monthly fee for this service, it is included in your $29 monthly subscription for no extra charge with GPSTab.

Can I Make Legal Log Edits with GPSTab?

Yes, you can make legal log edits on the platform. Unlike other providers who either do not allow this functionality or who charge you $250 monthly per driver, this service is free with your GPSTab subscription. This means that your drivers’ HOS will not be jeopardized for things like yard moves, which can add up to thousands of dollars annually for your company.  

How Has the GPSTab ELD Improved?

GPSTab ELD has a dedicated team of developers and product support specifically dedicated to ensuring that customer feedback and industry best practices are integrated into the platform. Utech stays on top of their software to ensure that the usability of the system is fully functioning for their drivers and administrators. 

They’ve created numerous app updates to change how hours of service are displayed and have a second set of clocks to inform drivers of remaining hours if they’re using the split sleeper berth rule. GPSTab has also optimized its Bluetooth functionality and has a customer-centric user interface upgrade released in Q3 of 2022.

Best For 

GPSTab’s no-contract ELD and simple, upfront pricing saves fleets up to $3420 annually in comparison with other providers. In addition to 24/7, 365 live customer service, they offer a growing library of video tutorials and support guides.

Trucks on the road mean more money for your business. They're guaranteed in-stock devices, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and simple DIY installation set them apart from the rest. GPSTab could be the right fit for your fleet if you are one of the below:

  • No contracts, no problems 
  • Fleets of all sizes
  • Transparent pricing
  • 24/7 live support
  • Asset tracker
  • Asset protection
  • ELD compliance
  • GPS tracking 
  • Mobile integration 

Utech GPSTab ELD for Compliance and Asset Tracker

Having one product that can check off numerous boxes, like compliance and asset tracking, is an incredible benefit to truck drivers and fleet managers. The GPSTab ELD could be the perfect solution for you! 

This comprehensive transportation software is packed full of fleet management tools to help streamline your paperwork, increase efficiency, and decrease insurance costs and theft. You can’t go wrong when you work with software that packs all of these fantastic benefits into one! 


  • GPSTab ELD: $199 for the IOSiX ELD
  • Monthly App: $29

Pros & Cons


GPSTab delivers ease of use, FMCSA compliance, and increased profitability to fleets of all sizes.  They keep customers’ needs at the forefront by: 

  • Having a dedicated team for product maintenance and upgrades
  • 24/7, 365 live support
  • Can reduce insurance rates by up to 18%
  • Industry-leading ELD solution
  • Created with drivers in mind and tested thoroughly by drivers


Nothing is perfect. No matter how incredible of a piece it is, there will always be room for improvement. Here are a few cons of utilizing the GPSTab ELD:

  • Mobile app is better than desktop app
  • Occasional bugs pop up in-app, that requires and receives an update, however, these are addressed by their product team
  • Only works in landscape mode, however, an update is in progress to release a portrait mode on the phone.

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