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Utech GPSTab Dash Cam Review

Having a safe driver behind the wheel is half the battle when it comes to high-level commercial transportation. Truck carriers want to make sure freight reaches its destination, on time and cargo (and driver) in perfect condition. The Utech GPSTab Dash Cam helps carriers monitor each driver’s performance.

This technology allows carriers to detect dangerous driving activities and give you better insights into each driver’s behavior. Let’s take a closer look at the GPSTab camera with tracking capabilities and how it can enhance driver safety.

How Does the Utech GPSTab Dash Cam Work?

The Utech GPSTab is a camera that records the driver's behavior and location. On top of location tracking, this camera tracks dangerous activities in real-time, such as an unbuckled seat belt or texting while driving. If the driver continues unsafe driving habits, the footage gets uploaded to the cloud and management can then review the footage.

Additionally, the technology can prove a driver remained attentive during an accident. Research has found that 75% of trucking-related accidents are not the driver’s fault. Carriers and companies can easily deem a driver is at fault without these recordings. 

This safety feature has helped the GPSTab camera receive an average rating of 4.8 stars from 1,014 reviews.

Utech GPSTab Dash Cam FAQs

The GPSTab Dash Cam comes with many features to enhance safe driving. However, it’s natural for carriers to have questions. We covered some frequently asked questions about the dash cam to provide more context.

Does the GPSTab Offer Real-Time Tracking?

The GPSTab offers real-time tracking and driver notifications about dangerous driving behavior providing the opportunity to correct themselves.

How Is the GPSTab Powered? 

The GPSTab gets powered by the existing wiring loom from brakes and tail light circuits. The technology connects to 4G, providing more angles for less money. This software applies to all camera versions 3.9.6X and newer. 

How Do I Install the GPSTab?

Utech helps companies install the GPSTab into their trucks. You can also refer to online instruction manuals for additional guidance and verify a successful installation by viewing your camera settings. 

Does the Tracking Work in All 50 States?

Yes, tracking works in all 50 states.

Does Installation of the Taillight Require to Drill Holes in the Trailer?

No, you won’t have to drill holes in the trailer for the Taillight installation.

How Do I Access GPSTab Dash Camera Footage?

To access your camera footage, sign in to your GPSTab account

What Behaviors Are Tracked?

The GPSTab dash camera footage tracks dangerous behaviors such as:

  • Unbuckled seat belt
  • Texting while driving
  • Excessive eating and drinking behind the wheel
  • Cigarette usage
  • Distracted driving

Utech GPSTab Dash Cam Performance Factors

Not only does the GPSTab dash cam improves driver safety, but important notifications help drivers stay focused on the road. 

Also, this camera lowers costs throughout your company. Carriers will pay lower insurance premiums and reduce total thefts. The GPSTab Dash Cam will help improve driver safety scores across your fleet.

Technical Specifications

Below we’ve outlined important GPSTab camera technical specifications. 

Technical Specifications
ResolutionThe front camera resolution is up to 1080p. The driver camera resolution is up to 720p.
Display TypeBuilt-in display with adjustable 140-degree wide angle
Mounting TypeLocking bracelet
Voice command Yes
CameraRoad-facing and driver-facing cameras plus the ability to connect up to 4 additional cameras.
Lane AssistYes
Speed Limit IndicatorYes
Traffic ServicesEvent trigger button to capture events and night view distance features
BatteryHardware kit supplied with the AI-12 for continuous power

How Has the GPSTab Dash Cam Improved?

Utech has improved the GPSTab camera to provide more safety features such as AI detection and larger cloud storage capacity, allowing for storage up to 60 days. Additional upgrades include an interactive live map that tracks live video, recorded clips, and video events. Carriers quickly receive email notifications about instances of unsafe driving along with video clips and details.

Like all Utech products, the GPSTab camera will continue to update and improve the overall carrier experience, driver safety, and assistance in cargo protection technology. 

Best For 

The GPSTab can help many carriers promote safe driving and reduce costs.

  • All fleet sizes
  • Carriers striving to boost their driver safety scores  
  • Companies looking to reduce costs 

Promote Driver Safety with GPSTab

The most important feature to note of the GPSTab is the emphasis on driver safety. The software notifies drivers and reminds them to avoid distractions and unsafe driving. This software can help lower fatalities, costs, and claims on your company. Utech has emerged as an industry leader to help carriers feel more confident about their freight deliveries. Installing their GPSTab technology can provide your business with an extra layer of protection. 


  • $130 installation fee
  • $30 per month for the software–up to 2GB per month

Request a quote for additional storage fees.

Pros & Cons


  • 512GB of storage
  • Constant power connected even without ELD
  • 60 days of cloud storage
  • No contract 
  • Anti-tampering features
  • Sensors to alert drivers about unsafe driving and distractions


The GPSTab Dash Cam presents many advantages for fleet owners, carriers, and businesses. Despite its benefits, the GPSTab Dash Cam has some cons. We’ve covered them below:

  • Low monthly service fee – Note: most competitors have a monthly service fee
  • Basic app features 
  • Some bugs, but Utech frequently updates their app to remove bugs.

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