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Simple Truck ELD Review

Simple Truck ELD is an excellent option for trucking companies. Trucking companies of all sizes will find the ELD affordable and it syncs to any Android or iOS device running the latest operating systems.

While some users complain about the app crashing or that customer service is not as helpful as they could be, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to this device. Read the full review to learn important considerations and answers to several of the most common questions prospective buyers ask.

How Does the Simple Truck ELD Work?

Simple Truck ELD is one of the easiest devices to install and start using. It takes 4 steps to begin using the service.

  1. Attach the ELD device to the ECM port on your rig.
  2. Install the mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Begin running the app.
  4. Start your truck and begin your delivery process. 

The service will help you comply with the electronic logging device mandate. It is compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

You can track your hours of service (HOS) based on a 60- or 70-hour rule set. If a driver faces a roadside inspection, they can pull up their hours of service log for the day or the week. And with one click, the driver can transmit that data to FMCSA to prove compliance. 

Data transmits to the app in real-time, unless you’re in an area where there is no cell coverage. When this happens, the data is stored on the ELD until you are back in range of cell towers.

Access the past 6 months of data on the app or web portal. Your office team can download these logs for use beyond the 6-month period.

Simple Truck ELD FAQs

Customers looking for information on how Simple Truck ELD works ask these common questions.

Where and For How Long Is Data Stored?

The ELD device can hold up to 7 days of data. You can access up to 6 months of data on the mobile app or web portal and download it for future use.

What Are the Set Up Fees?

There are no setup fees, but you will need to pay a one-time hardware cost of $100 in addition to the monthly subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any time, but you won’t be refunded for the $100 hardware expense.

Is the Simple Truck ELD system an AOBRD, EOBR, ELD, or other? 

The Simple Truck ELD is an electronic logging device that is FMCSA compliant. It is not an AOBRD or EOBR.

Does the Simple Truck ELD Have Built-in the Capability to Automate HOS for Short Haul Drivers?

Yes, the device supports automatic HOS for short haul drivers.

Is Data Collected When the Unit is Outside of Wireless Communication Coverage?

Yes, if you’re in an area where there is no cell coverage, the ELD will store the data locally until you return to an area with cell coverage.

Does the Simple Truck ELD provide vehicle location and tracking even when the unit is not powered on and/or a mobile device is not linked with it at that moment?

The Simple Truck ELD provides location data even when the device is not powered on or connected to a mobile device. It provides this data using the hardware’s built-in GPS. However, it does not track unless it is on.

Performance Factors of the Simple Truck ELD

Most users report an outstanding experience with the Simple Truck ELD and mobile app. From the reporting and analytics that the office staff can see to the easy-to-use Android and iOS mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, it’s a prime choice for many trucking companies.

Some of the most helpful and insightful features the service offers include the following.

  • Signature capture
  • Fleet carrier management support
  • Device location tracking
  • Charts and tables for viewing data
  • Sending alerts and notifications to drivers
  • Driver behavior/violation alerts for speeding and other risk factors
  • Fuel tracking
  • Daily and weekly HOS tracking
  • Voltage and temperature tracking
  • Dispatch and routing

How Has the Simple Truck ELD Improved?

When you choose new technology for your company, you want to know that the manufacturer will keep it up to date. Here’s a look at some of the features Simple Truck has added over the last few years.

  • Change duty status from one mode to another using Amazon Alexa voice commands
  • Added partnership with Ready Response crash investigation app to notify local officials in case of an emergency
  • Added dispatcher app features for the office to communicate with drivers and send notifications based on live tracking data

Best For

As you look for an ELD, make sure that the one from Simple Truck will match your company size and unique needs. Here’s a look at the companies that will benefit from Simple Truck ELD the most.

  • Fleet managers
  • Transparent pricing
  • Simple installation
  • Small, medium and large trucking operations

Affordable, FMCSA-compliant ELD

Simple Truck ELD offers an affordable hardware and subscription price compared to other products on the market. The installation is incredibly simple and the mobile apps are intuitive and easy to use. Overall, the device is of good quality for the price. For more product reviews and industry news, subscribe to the FreightWaves e-newsletter.


Pay $100 one time for the hardware when you subscribe to Simple Truck ELD for $228 per year for the basic plan, which is highly competitive based on what other ELD companies charge. You have additional plans and service options that you can add to your subscription.

The ELD does not require a special device to view the data. Instead, it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices, though if you don’t have a device, you’ll need to purchase one to sync with the ELD for reading the data.

Pros & Cons


Simple Truck ELD is simple to install, use and export data from. Here’s a look at some of the largest benefits users report.

  • No hidden charges, contracts or cancelation fees
  • Support for Android and iOS devices
  • Real-time tracking that the office staff can view from a desktop or laptop
  • App is very user friendly
  • IFTA tracking
  • Violation alerts
  • Simple export for audit reporting


While the ELD has many great benefits, it also has some challenges associated with its use. Here are some of the detractors of Simple Truck ELD.

  • The app crashes from time to time
  • Live truck tracking may not always be up to date
  • Customer support is not always as helpful as they could be

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