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Rand Mcnally TND 750 Review

When looking for a quality GPS for truckers the Rand Mcnally TND 750 is a great option. Not only will it offer great tools right out of the box but it’s built to allow customizations for the best experience for the user. From weather reports to service alerts, the TND 750 will keep you on the road and on route to your destination. 

How Does the Rand Mcnally TND 750 Work?

The TND 750 is a GPS that offers much more than just directions. Once you have it out of the box and registered, you should take the time to set it up to your liking. This could mean turning on alerts regarding the road around you or adding locations to your address book that you frequent. It has an easy installation of a suction cup stand and a magnetic connection to make it easy to set and remove the TND 750. Keep yours up to date and you should have nothing but a smooth driving experience. 

Rand Mcnally TND 750 FAQs

There is a lot to know whenever looking at a new device. To make sure you know what is necessary, here are some of the most frequently asked questions from multiple search engines about the Rand Mcnally TND 750.

How Do I Update My Rand McNally 750?

Your device will let you know when updates are available with a little red dot that will show up on the ‘System Update’ icon. If that red dot is visible, you can simply tap on the icon to begin the update. Another way to go about this is going into the ‘Settings’ and under the ‘General tab’, you can select ‘System Update’. 

How Do I Register My Rand McNally 750?

To register your device, you will need to download the free software for the Rand Mcnally Dock on your computer. Once that is downloaded you’ll need to plug in the device via the USB cable and enter the information required. 

Can I Transfer My Old TND Address Book, Custom POIs, and Saved Trips to My Rand McNally TND 750?

Yes, you can! There is a complete walkthrough of this process on the Rand Mcnally website that you can find here

Can I Import My Own Custom POIs Into the Device?

Yes, you can as a CSV format file. The naming conventions requires can seem a little complicated but you can find an in-depth explanation of how to set up your files here.

How Do I Access Fuel Prices, Weather, and Traffic on My Tablet?

To see the fuel prices, weather, and traffic, you need to tap on the wifi connected services button and enable the corresponding sliders with what you want to be shown. Then you simply have to select the tab that corresponds with what you want to see. Keep in mind that these features require a wifi connection.

Performance Factors of the Rand Mcnally TND 750

The overall GPS capabilities of the TND 750 are on par with what you should expect from a professional GPS. There are live updates to traffic, alerts for new routes and it also can show a 3d layout of the surrounding area to help you find landmarks. 

One of the best aspects that the TND 750 includes is the alerts and warnings to the road ahead. You can be alerted to changes in the speed limit, sharp curves, overall road layout changes, and much more. It also will help you to estimate toll costs between routes and create custom routes with up to 10 stops per route. 

Technical Specifications

To have a better understanding of the Rand Mcnally TND 750, here are some of the specifications of the device so you know what quality and level of performance to expect. 

Technical Specifications
Dimensions4.5” x 7.5” x .75”
Resolution1280 x 800px
Display Type7” LCD
Mounting TypeMagnetic suction cup mount (included)
Voice command Yes
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorYes
Traffic ServicesYes
Battery4000 mAh

How Has the Rand Mcnally TND 750 Improved?

The TND 750 from Rand Mcnally is the better version of the TND 740. It has upgrades in almost every aspect such as higher screen resolution, more storage, larger battery, better Bluetooth, and more. The 740 also over time had an issue with the battery not holding a charge after little use and it seems that the 750 is doing better at maintaining the battery life. 

Between that and the software updates that Rand Mcnally makes easy to complete, the 750 seems to be a much better improvement over the previous and underlying versions. 

Best For 

When choosing your GPS you want to know that it is the right fit for you. The TND 750 excels in certain areas such as these to help out its users.

  • Tracking fluctuating factors on the road in real-time
  • Users with wifi in their trucks

Taking a Chance with the TND 750

As an overall item, the Rand Mcnally TND 750 is an improvement with which they recognized what could be improved. The tools and features that are offered with it are great although it can be annoying that some features require a wifi connection. But if you have a solution to this, the Rand Mcnally TND 750 is definitely worth the investment.

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The TND 750 truck GPS is not overpriced but it does have a price that reflects its value. The great thing about this is that Rand Mcnally did not create a bunch of additional pieces that are necessary for it to function at peak performance. 

In fact, the only add ons that are available are different mounts and additional power cables. Nothing is needed for it to work well. So overall the pricing seems to be fair and reflects the quality that you will receive.

Pros & Cons


The TND 750 is one of the top options in many ways. There are so many amazing factors that it offers to make your experience exceptional. Make sure you take advantage of all of these factors to have the best experience possible with the Rand Mcnally TND 750. 

  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Checks for the best fuel prices near you
  • Alerts you to road conditions and layout
  • Tracks mileage and fuel logs
  • Free lifetime map upgrades
  • In-depth and customizable navigation tools


With all that the TND 750 has to offer it was difficult to find any drawbacks to the device itself. It does not have many cons and even the few that could be found are fairly trivial. 

  • Suction cup mount is not always able to stick to your dash and is prohibited on windshields in some states
  • The user interface can be confusing for first-time users
  • Certain features require wifi

User Reviews

TND 750
Kerdouss — 12/07/23

GPS TND 750 has too many problems and most of them are charging and battery issues

Not useful for truckers
Rich — 07/03/23

First, very small characters.
Doesn’t recognize common addresses. Said, check spelling. Sitting in front of my house? Many times will not pull up addresses. Picks, out of the way routing. And will not update route. Wants you to get back on its route. Like it or not. Many other issues. Do not recommend.

Michael DAgnillo — 06/19/23

I just bought a tnd 750 Rand McNally GPS and I’m sending it back..WONT.REGISTER, NO WI-FI CO-OPERATION!

R/m 750
John — 05/08/23

Man oh man!! This product has issues, low battery life, wrong routing info… buyer beware!!

Not worth it
Alan — 11/07/22

Bought this 2 weeks ago on home time. Within 1 day it almost learned to fly off a West Virginia mountain. Poor routing, always trying to make me back track to take the route it wants.

As others have stated it doesn’t show rest areas or ETA.

This GPS is not worth the cost. I will be exchanging it for a Garmin asap.

TND 740 & 750
David jenkins — 09/09/22

I upgraded to a 740 from Tnd520,13 months the speaker quit,,in April 2021 I upgraded to the ‘new and improved’ Tnd750,14 months the speaker quit,navigation sometimes senseless,,after $1200 Cdn and no warranty,I’m done with Rand Mcnally

Not worth buying
Drac — 03/02/22

Riley McNally trucker GPS
It does not know the difference between North east or west
Tells you to get off at random access that you have no need to get off at
You no longer can find truck stops or rest areas near destinations
You no longer have route me
Tells you gas stations rest areas that don’t exist
And there’s a lot more issues


Thank all of you. I have the 740 and was looking to change up because of a few things I didn't like about rand mcnally. Now I know it's not me. Definitely will be getting a Garmin


Thanks for the info ,guess I will get a GPS made in America like a garmin not crap made in China

Complete Garbage
Dave — 02/23/22

The volume is horrible, plug it into the headphone jack then it gets even lower. Yet the stupid chime is ridiculously loud. What kind of moron does that? Now this new interface, forget about being able to find rest areas anywhere in the country they have all disappeared. The GPS signal since the new update in 2022 doesn’t work 50% of the time. It has absolutely no idea which lane you’re in 70% of the time. Rand McNally you had one job… one flipping job!!!

Ray Wiltfong — 02/06/22

I bought 4 Rand Mcnally gps’s in 6 years. They always fail the same way. On my dmdt70 you could revert to the old interface. On the 750 you can’t and the idiot that came up with this one never trucked a mile. It is actually worse than the Garmin interface. Bring back the old interface or go broke. I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER RAND MCNALLY AGAUN PERIOD!

Do not buy
Ray Wiltfong — 02/06/22

The new interface does not even have ETA. You can’t search for just rest stops etc. Buy an old one off ebay but don’t buy anything with the new interface. IT IS USELESS!

Technical Specs

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