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Rand McNally TND 540 Review

There are dozens of navigation systems on the market today. This can make it difficult to sort out the pretenders from quality products that will perform up to your standards. For this reason, it is usually a good idea to stick with navigation systems from reputable companies like Rand McNally.

Rand McNally has an extensive line of navigation systems. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at one of their mid-tier models, the TND 540. Here, the experts at FreightWaves will answer common questions like “How to download a Rand McNally TND 540 update.” We’ll also highlight the pros and cons of this system so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

How Does Rand McNally TND 540 Work?

The TND 540 functions much like other GPS units that are designed for commercial applications. It includes both GPS functionality and Wi-Fi capabilities, which gives you access to additional features. 

The TND 540 is a compact touch screen device that gives detailed route information, including distance, estimated arrival time, speed limits, and much more.

Rand McNally TND 540 FAQs

Some of the most common questions that buyers ask about the TND 540 are:

How Do I Register My TND?

You can register the Rand McNally TND 540 by connecting it with your computer. You will also need to download the Rand McNally Dock, which is a free program. 

Once your device is connected, simply enter registration information. If you purchase your device secondhand, you may need to contact Technical Support to register your device.

How Do I Update My Rand McNally GPS with Wi-Fi?

Downloading a Rand McNally TND 540 update with Wi-Fi is actually quite simple. First, connect your device to reliable Wi-Fi. The device will notify you about any updates that are available. When the window appears to notify you about the update, approve the download and your device will take it from there.

If your device does not notify you about any updates, you can manually check for them from the home screen. Find and click on the “Update” icon. If there is a red dot on the icon, then updates are available. 

Once you have opened the update menu, click “Check for Updates” and start the download.

How Do I Connect My Rand McNally GPS to My Computer?

Your TND 540 will come with a USB cord. This cord is used for charging purposes and to connect the device to your computer. Simply plug the cord into an available port on your laptop. You will also need the Dock software on that computer in order to interact with your device.

How Do You Reset a Rand McNally TND 540?

At some point, you might need to know how to factory reset Rand McNally TND 540 devices. That is because a factory reset is the most effective way of troubleshooting problems and getting your device to a fully operational state.

To perform a reset, hold down the power off button for about 15 seconds. This will ensure that the device shuts down completely. This should remedy most Rand McNally TND 540 problems. If it does not, then you should contact tech support.

Why Does My Rand McNally GPS Keep Shutting Off?

While Rand McNally TND 540 problems are rare, they can occur. One of the more common issues is that the GPS will keep turning off. This issue is usually the result of a faulty charging cable or base for the power cord. Try replacing the base and cord to see whether that resolves the problem.

If replacing the cord and base does not eliminate the issue, then the battery itself may have gone bad. If this is the case, you will need to order a replacement battery in order to fix the problem.

Performance Factors of Rand McNally TND 540

The TND 540 provides fast live map updates and an intuitive design. It also allows you to connect the device to your truck’s speakers so that you can easily hear any routing information. 

The TND 540 can be paired with the mobile app in order to unlock even more features, such as route comparisons, fuel cost estimates, and fuel logs.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Dimensions5 5/16” wide, 3” height, 3/4” depth
ResolutionNot stated
Display Type5” LCD touchscreen
Mounting TypeSuction cup mount
Voice CommandYes
Lane AssistYes
Speed Limit IndicatorYes
Traffic ServicesYes
BatteryBattery and USB charging cord

How Has the Rand McNally TND 540 Improved?

The TND 540 is based on the 530 navigation system. This latest version features an upgraded processor and more memory. It also features live map updates and a better layout for icons. The 540 is a drastic upgrade over the pedestrian TND 530 GPS.

Best For

The Rand McNally TND 540 is best for fleets and owner-operators that need a reliable GPS that will not break the bank. The TND 540 offers some good features and can readily be linked with an ELD device.

Reliable Navigation On a Budget

If you want a reliable navigation system that is made by a reputable manufacturer, the Rand McNally TND 540 is as good a choice as any. It is priced reasonably, has a respectable number of features, and is easy to set up. 

However, it is not as versatile as some higher-end options, like the Rand McNally TND 740. Still, it strikes a good balance between quality and affordability.

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Pros & Cons


The benefits of the TND 540 include the following:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Intuitive design
  • Live map updates
  • Fuel logging capabilities
  • ELD compatibility


The potential drawbacks of the TND 540 are:

  • Updating process is a bit tedious
  • Locks up if not updated regularly

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Technical Specs

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