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Rand McNally ELD 50 Review

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) offer commercial drivers a way to record their driving time and other valuable data. These devices connect drivers and dispatchers to keep them in close communication during shipment routes.

Rand McNally ELD 50 offers an excellent option for ELD that’s easy to install, provides trusted GPS data, can lower your cost of fleet ownership, and seamlessly plugs into a truck’s diagnostic port. 

Learn everything you need to know about Rand McNally ELD 50 from this full, in-depth review.

How Does the Rand McNally ELD Work?

The Rand McNally 50 plugs into a truck’s diagnostic port. It does not require any complicated installation. And once plugged in, the device logs data via Bluetooth for the driver to review via a mobile app. 

Even if you can’t sync the device right away, you can store up to a days’ worth of data before needing to connect via Bluetooth to download the data. Before the device fills up, you’ll hear alerts reminding you to sync the data.

Rand McNally offers two ELD devices. Rand McNally 50 is ideal for commercial truck drivers. It provides excellent reliability and is incredibly easy to use. 

The DC 200 meets compliance regulations. It works with the 740 navigation device. That way, you have a fully compliant e-logging system.

The breadth of the product offering from Rand McNally makes it an ideal choice for your ELD needs. The devices integrate together to give you a full view of your trucking operation.

Rand McNally ELD FAQs

When evaluating ELD devices, potential customers often ask these questions about Rand McNally’s offering.

Is My Rand McNally Device FMCSA Certified?

Yes, Rand McNally devices are certified for FMCSA compliance. These devices are listed on the FMCSA registered device list.

How Do I View My HOS Logs?

View HOS logs in the Rand McNally DriverConnect app. These logs are also available within the DriverConnect web portal for 6 months.

What Are the Initial Setup Steps?

Setting up a Rand McNally ELD 50 device is fairly simple and the steps are as follows: 

  1. Find the diagnostic port on your truck and twist the device in until the pins align. Then push firmly to connect the device. You’ll see flashing white lights while the device powers on. 
  2. Next, the device will flash red lights to connect to JBUS, GPS and Bluetooth. 
  3. When the JBUS connection is detected, turn on the truck’s ignition. Then, once the device recognizes your GPS signal, the lights will turn green.

How Do I Upgrade the Software On the ELD 50 Device?

The ELD 50 device automatically downloads new software when paired with the Rand McNally DriverConnect app if new software is available. 

How Do I Connect the ELD 50 to Vehicle?

Under the hood of your truck, you’ll find a 9-pin round connector. Twist the ELD 50 into the space to secure it. 

How To Use Personal Conveyance on Rand McNally?

Go to the Rand McNally app to enable Personal Conveyance. From the toolbar, click on Driver Settings. There you’ll see a button to allow Personal Conveyance.

Performance Factors of the Rand McNally ELD

The Rand McNally ELD 50 is easy to install and maintain. Once installed and activated, drivers cannot deactivate it without making the fleet management team aware. 

Many features within the ELD make it an ideal choice for trucking companies:

  • Drivers can customize their dashboard for gauges and metrics at-a-glance
  • Advanced navigation with voice guidance
  • Truck routing based on truck’s dimensions, load, and weight
  • Warnings for sharp corners or speed limit changes
  • Assistance finding overnight parking options, food, repair centers, and more
  • Fleet managers get alerts when a driver engages in hard stops or starts to log unsafe driving practices
  • FMCSA certified
  • E-log history up to 6 months
  • View truck location and status
  • Monitor 10 diagnostic gauges

How Has the Rand McNally ELD Improved?

Rand McNally is constantly updating and improving its ELD devices, mobile app, web portal, and services. Here’s a look at some of the improvements the device has seen in recent years:

  • New navigation options tailoring to routes based on toll roads and road conditions
  • ELD devices with cellular connectivity
  • New ELD devices to meet the needs of various sizes of trucking companies
  • Magnetic mounts for devices
  • Audio out options to put navigation and prompts through the truck audio system
  • Increased storage capacity on the device in case the driver doesn’t have a connection to sync
  • Faster quad-core processor
  • Device compatibility to enable Android, iOS, and tablet use

Best For 

Rand McNally ELD devices fulfill the unique needs of a variety of trucking businesses. Here’s a look at some of the most ideal situations for when you should choose this company’s devices over the competition’s.

  • Small- to medium-sized trucking companies
  • Simple installation
  • Owner-operators
  • Price point options

Affordable ELD Devices with Outstanding Navigation

The best aspects of Rand McNally ELD devices are that they are affordable and feature industry-leading navigation. They’re an excellent choice for small to medium-sized trucking operations.

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The pricing for Rand McNally ELD devices varies depending on which device you select. Here’s a look at the pricing for its three options.

  • DC 200: $399.99
  • DC 200 S: $374.99
  • ELD 50: $149.99

To go with the device, you also need to purchase a monthly subscription to DriverConnect. Plans start at $19.95 per month depending on your needs and the size of your fleet.

Pros & Cons


Rand McNally ELD devices have many great benefits. Here’s a look at some of the areas where it really shines.

  • Affordable
  • Simple installation
  • Customizable gauges and views
  • Storage of 6 months of data
  • Excellent GPS routing


While Rand McNally ELD devices are outstanding for a variety of reasons, they also have their drawbacks. Here are some of the areas where these devices are not the best.

  • Some drivers report that the system can be buggy
  • Not as user-friendly as some other devices available
  • Rand McNally’s tablets have touchscreen issues making them tough to navigate
  • Some devices are bulky and might rub the driver’s legs
  • The device might lose connection from time to time


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