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Master ELD Review

Due to the electronic logging device mandates set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSA), trucking companies everywhere are searching for a reliable ELD. While there are many options available, one popular choice is the Master ELD. But is this electronic logging device as reliable as it is made out to be?

If you have been considering the Master ELD for your ELD fleet, then you have come to the right place. Below, we’re breaking down every detail about the Master ELD so that you can find the best equipment for your fleet.  

How Does the Master ELD Work?

The Master ELD functions much like other brands of electronic logging devices. Once installed, it digitally tracks trip data by syncing up to the Engine Control Module (ECM). 

The Master ELD tracks everything from Hours of Service (HOS) to IFTA-related data. It also offers GPS tracking, displays vehicle diagnostics, and creates a “driver scorecard” so that you can learn more about your employees’ driving habits.

Master ELD FAQs

Before making the leap to the Master ELD, it is important that you understand the ins and outs of this technology. In order to help, we have identified some of the most frequently asked questions that users have about this ELD.

Is the Master ELD DOT-Compliant?

Yes, the Master ELD is DOT-compliant. The device tracks all of the information required by the FMCSA’s electronic logging device mandate. It monitors mileage, downtimes, HOS, and much more.

How Do I Log HOS with the Master ELD System?

Once the Master ELD is connected to the vehicle, logging HOS is extremely easy. The driver will need to download and open the Master ELD mobile app. They will then be able to manually start their duty hours and the device will begin logging their time accordingly. 

When they’re done for the day, all they need to do is hit the orange “Off Duty” button on the app screen.

Does the Master ELD Come with GPS?

Yes, the Master ELD does include GPS functionality. You can track your trucks in real-time. It even gives you the ability to pull up past travel logs, which are stored on an external server.

How Do I Edit Driver Logs?

Once logs are downloaded to the server, only authorized administrators can edit the driver logs. This prevents any unauthorized parties from altering official driving logs that are used for DOT compliance. 

Logs can be edited from a web-connected device, once you sign in with the appropriate administrator credentials.

How Do I Install the Master ELD?

Installing the Master ELD is extremely simple! First, the driver must connect the device to the diagnostic port inside the cabin of the vehicle. The truck should be turned off during this step.

After the device is attached, the driver needs to download the Master ELD application and open the app. Next, they will turn on the vehicle. The ELD and the app should connect automatically using Bluetooth. Once they are synced, the device will be ready to use.

Performance Factors of the Master ELD

The Master ELD offers a variety of features and performance capabilities that make it extremely appealing to users. The top features include:

  • Order creation
  • FMCSA compliance
  • GPS tracking
  • Customer updates
  • Driver scorecard
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Historical reporting

In addition, the Master ELD is extremely easy to install and requires virtually no maintenance. Should you encounter a technical issue with the product, the company offers prompt customer service and troubleshooting.

How Has the Master ELD Improved?

The Master ELD has remained relatively unchanged since its release. However, there has been no cause to make modifications since the product itself is fairly new and functions reliably. 

In the coming months, the developers will undoubtedly release routine bug fixes for the app to keep it working as designed. The product and associated software work together seamlessly, especially when considering the extremely affordable price.

Best For Fleets of Any Size

The Master ELD is a great all-around choice for fleets of any size. It is especially useful if your organization is not accustomed to using the latest technologies in daily operations. The Master ELD can easily be adapted to fleets of all ages and requires a minimal learning curve.

Is the Master ELD Right for My Company?

If you want a reliable ELD with a low start-up cost, the Master ELD is a great choice. It has lots of great features, scalable pricing, and is easy to use. Perhaps the biggest draw for this option is the intuitive nature of its mobile app.

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Unlike many other electronic logging devices, the Master ELD does not include a mandatory monthly subscription. Instead, you can purchase the device outright for approximately $180.

In total, it will cost you about $300 to use the device for three years. However, you can upgrade to the premium plan, which will run you approximately $1,080 for a three-year period.

Pros & Cons


The Master ELD offers many benefits, including:

  • Affordability: The Master ELD is extremely affordable. While you must purchase the equipment outright, the lack of a monthly subscription cost quickly offsets this initial investment.
  • Free App: Master’s free app makes this device a great addition to your ELD fleet. The app is easy to use, even for less tech-savvy drivers.
  • FMCSA Compliant: When you use the Master ELD, you can rest assured that you are adhering to the electronic logging device mandate. That is because this device is fully FMCSA-compliant.
  • Tons of Features: The Master ELD is also loaded with features like messaging, GPS, driver log edits, and driver scorecard. It has everything you need to track valuable data about your fleet.


The Master ELD is a great all-around device. However, it also has a few shortcomings, which include:

  • No Split-Sleeper Feature: The split-sleeper berth rule is highly useful for drivers that need to make longer hauls or accommodate warehouse hours. As you know, this rule allows drivers to split their 10 hours of downtime into two separate shifts. Unfortunately, the Master ELD does not register this split-sleeper downtime and will still show an overage in hours.
  • No Offline Mode: Without an internet connection, you cannot access data from the device or log trip information. While there are very few instances when you would want to operate in an offline mode, it is still a nice feature to have.

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