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Lytx DriveCam

For fleets of five or more vehicles, the Lytx DriveCam provides a solid option. The company’s 20-plus-year history means you can rely on longevity of support. Furthermore, Lytx never stops innovating. With around 100 patents and others pending, the company has invested greatly in AI-enhanced video analysis.

Dash cams have become increasingly high tech in recent years. With cloud support software, they often perform far more complex tasks than simply recording road and driver video. Today’s dash cams can use artificial intelligence to analyze the video, alert drivers to potential hazards or even their own risky behavior in real time. Furthermore, they can gather data for meta-analysis of driving habits and patterns, providing money-saving solutions to fleet managers.

One such dash cam is the Lytx DriveCam. An industry standard, it ranks among the highest-rated of dash cams. The Lytx DriveCam is easy to install, offers wide-angle video recording, and provides software-as-a-service technology that improves truck and driver performance while reducing accidents, injuries, and liability insurance rates.

Who should get the Lytx DriveCam Dash Cam?

Any fleet of five or more vehicles could benefit from use of a Lytx DriveCam dash cam. DriveCam records both forward-facing video (what the driver sees) and rear-facing (recording driver behavior.) Additionally, Lytx DriveCam offers far more advanced, artificial intelligence-enhanced analysis for fleet management.

By recording both the road view and the driver, DriveCam helps decrease risky driver behavior such as texting or other distracted driving. This benefit alone helps save loss of both property and lives. DriveCam also provides additional analytics and support for cost-saving fleet management and safety.

What is Lytx?

Based in San Diego, Lytx provides fleet management systems, primarily video telematics products such as the DriveCam dash cam. The company serves 4,000 clients with 1.3 million drivers globally, compiling 120 billion miles of analyzed driving data, according to the site. The company goal is to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity through the use of recorded video and vehicle data.

Originally called DriveCam, Inc., the company changed its name to Lytx in 2013. It now boasts approximately 100 patents with more pending for its AI-enhanced fleet management and safety systems. Clients include a vast array of notable entities in trucking, government operations, and waste management. Just a few of these include Dart Transit Company, JBS Carriers, Cargo Transporters, and NFI Industries.

How to use the Lytx DriveCam dash cam

The Lytx DriveCam dash cam offers what you’d expect from any dash cam—both forward-facing and driver-facing video—recording up to 100 hours of video. Additional cameras may be installed simply through an adapter for side and rear views. Lytx can also collect data from your engine control module to provide fuel, speed, and other engine-related data to analyze behavior and reduce carrier costs.

Hardware and engine data analysis are just the beginning. AI technology analyzes the video, categorizing risky driver behavior and alerting drivers of such behavior in real time.

At the back office, the Lytx DriveCam provides much more than GPS information such as vehicle location and speed. Video is available at the office in near real time, and an on-board microphone additionally records verbal driver reactions for further data analysis in case of a collision or other accident while on the road.

The Lytx DriveCam system is relatively simple to install. The unit itself mounts easily to either the windshield or the rearview mirror. A wire leads from the unit along the windshield, down the door frame, and to a USB hub, itself connected to a power source provided by the vehicle.

FAQs about the Lytx DriveCam dash cam

Is Lytx a legitimate company?

Yes. Based in San Diego, Lytx was founded in 1998 and serves 4,000 clients with 1.3 million drivers globally, including top private corporations and government entities.

What is video telematics?

Video telematics is a system provided by Lytx combining video information from the DriveCam hardware, vehicle data events such as hard braking and vehicle swerves, and AI enhanced computer technology for ongoing analysis. Married to GPS tracking, video telematics provides solutions leading to route optimization, better fuel management, recognition of risky driver behaviors, and driver exoneration in case of collision or other accident.

Are dash cams legal?

Yes. That is not to say there are no controversies. Driver-facing dash cams are considered by some an invasion of privacy and have been met with some pushback from drivers. Also, dash cams must not obstruct a driver’s view of the road, and each state can have its own requirements.

Are truckers required to have a dash cam?

Use of dash cams are not required by law. Many companies and fleet managers, however, require use of dash cams for their drivers.

How do you install a dash cam?

Lytx DriveCam mounts either to the rearview mirror or to a clean windshield with an adhesive bracket. Wires run out of view along the windshield, door frame, and down to a USB hub, itself mounted beneath the dashboard to a vehicle power source.

Other dash cams to consider

Two highly rated dash cam alternatives to consider are produced by Samsara and KeepTruckin. Each offer AI-enhanced, fleet-management software similar to Lytx. Unlike Lytx, both Samsara and KeepTruckin solutions provide an iOS platform, should that be a major consideration. Samsara, notably, does not offer in-person training while both Lytx and KeepTruckin provide such support.

Only KeepTruckin provides online pricing, set at $20 monthly. All three options are highly rated overall. Lytx provides solutions for fleets of five or more vehicles, whereas Samsara and KeepTruckin are available to fleets of all sizes, including individual operators.

Bottom line

For fleets of five or more vehicles, the Lytx DriveCam provides a solid option. The company’s 20-plus-year history means you can rely on longevity of support. Furthermore, Lytx never stops innovating. With around 100 patents and others pending, the company has invested greatly in AI-enhanced video analysis. This means that the Lytx software will recognize distracted driving, hard braking, swerving, and other dangerous behaviors as they happen, alerting the driver before an accident happens.

Although a pricing quote requires a conversation with the Lytx sales team, the price seems very much in line within the industry. Basic features are also in line with other brands while offering superior, AI-enhanced technology.


Pricing varies depending on the number of units and subscriptions purchased, length of subscription, implementation, and training. As such, the company requests that potential clients book a Lytx DriveCam demo and contact sales for pricing.

Pros & Cons


  • Vast metadata to analyze risky behavior and reduce costs: With more than 100 billion miles of driving data collected, Lytx not only has AI, but also the data available to recognize risky behavior through an accurate, predictive risk model.
  • Longevity: With more than 20 years of service for over 4,000 clients, Lytx is a solid company. It’s accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating.


  • Software subscription required: Although Lytx provides a mobile app to access data from an iPad, the software is a proprietary, cloud-based software service. That is, you will need to subscribe to the Lytx SaaS rather than receiving information directly from Android, iPhone or other hardware.
  • Unclear pricing: Basic pricing structures are not available for comparison. You will need to contact Lytx for pricing.
  • Best for mid-sized or larger fleets: The Lytx DriveCam is provided for fleets of five or more. The backbone is in the software rather than the hardware, making Lytx scale well but not a solution for smaller fleets or independent drivers and carriers.
  • Excludes some features: Logistics management such as inventory, work order, and dispatch management are not included in the dash cam package.

User Reviews

John S — 10/04/22

Customer support and service are “Hands Down” the worst. Easier to get service from China on Amazon. Waiting for an additional camera for months now. Takes 3-4 days to hear back from them; IF YOU DO…..utilize at your own risk. Camera systems are great. They need NEW MANAGEMENT OR OWNERS.

As expected and nice features
Randy — 03/23/21

Happy the in cab camera does not always record.

Technical Specs

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